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Information Collective

As the game progresses, information about the world that the RP takes place in will be slowly uncovered and disseminated to the characters. In the interest of keeping everyone up to date, this post can be used as an informal collection of knowledge. The mods will generally not be updating this section unless there are vital pieces of information we feel the players (and the characters) should know that are being misinterpreted or otherwise not correctly represented.

We will create a general scaffold to use at the start of the game, but players are encouraged to make their own top level threads on anything they think is worth noting. The information collected here is OoC knowledge, but would be known in the context of the game with a minimal amount of poking around and questioning. If there is a piece of information that is known to a certain group of characters that is worth noting OoC, but would not be openly shared with the other characters, please mark [Private] in the header of your response.

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General Info

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"We are Team Evolution.

We represent a group of people with a common purpose - to restore humanity to the peaks it once ascended and to raise up all Pokémon alongside us. We call ourselves Team Evolution for the only path forward for both human and Pokémon is to evolve."

Team Evolution has several bases[Ref] far to the north of Union, the nearest of which is several weeks' travel away,[Ref] and currently has several hundred members, who are divided into multiple divisions, each of which has their own responsibilities.[Ref] They recruit from anyone who shares their common ideals.[Ref] The group has existed for a minimum of 40 years, though in the past they lacked the numbers and political power that they currently possess.[Ref]

First contact with Team Evolution was made on February 22, 2014.[Ref] The group encountered was a research division that made contact after they learned of Union's existence through the disappearance of their Evolution-Inducing Machines.[Ref] The group was led by Rory Donnachaidh and consisted of Crystal Verdine, Sakina, and several other people, none of whom were involved with building the Evolution-Inducing Machines.[Ref]

Team Evolution is an ally of both Gigas and Caldera but stands as a neutral party in their conflicts.[Ref] They share this relationship with other cities.[Ref]

There are "severe penalties for those who willfully choose desertion".[Ref]
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Rory Donnachaidh, Lead Director of Field Research, Exploration, and Surveyance

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Trainer Profile

Ability: Far from Ordinary (Fighting), Analyst

Rory Donnachaidh led the group that made first contact with Union, and was chosen for his skill as a Trainer in order to best represent Team Evolution's ideals.[Ref] He is from a settlement that no longer exists[Ref] and moved to Caldera after it ceased to exist.[Ref] He joined Team Evolution when he was around 18.[Ref] He has been assigned to Field Research for 15 years, and became a Lead Director of Field Research, Exploration, and Surveyance 3 years ago, as of 2014.[Ref] He has stated that he has an affinity for Fighting-types.[Ref] Immediately after the mission to Union, he was reappointed to help moderate the conflict between Caldera and Gigas.

Known Pokémon

Blaziken ♀ > Mega Blaziken ♀

Minimum Level: 36
Ability: Blaze > Speed Boost
Nature: Jolly
Characteristic: Alert to sounds
Known Moves: Sand Attack, Swords Dance
Held Item: Blazikenite
Notes: Rory's strongest Pokémon[Ref]

Hitmontop ♂

Minimum Level: 20
Ability: Technician
Nature: Adamant
Characteristic: Capable of taking hits
Known Moves: Fake Out, Revenge, Mach Punch, Bullet Punch, Rolling Kick, Foresight

Heracross ♂

Minimum Level: 10
Nature: Adamant
Characteristic: Likes to thrash about
Known Moves: Aerial Ace, Seismic Toss

At least four unknown Pokémon
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Crystal Verdine, Doctor of Pokémon Evolutionary Biology

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Crystal Verdine was a member of the group that made first contact with Union. She is from Gigas. While visiting, she was observed shopping, spending time at the University, and sedating Sakina.[Ref] Rory vaguely implied that Crystal is capable of initiating Mega Evolution[Ref], but she was not observed doing so, nor are any of her Pokémon known at this time.
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Sakina was a member of the group that made first contact with Union. She seemed to fill the position of a bodyguard for the group, stating that she was "to aid in the research and goals of Team Evolution and protect their members from danger"[Ref] with her primary purpose being protection.[Ref] She is from Gigas. One of her earliest missions was going out into an unexplored wilderness area with only her three Pokémon, during which she defeated multiple Tyranitar.[Ref] While watching the second round of battles in Union she began reacting oddly and was led away by Crystal Verdine[Ref] who took her to one of the group's tents and sedated her.[Ref] Sakina is a God of War Dragon/Steel/Fairy Enlightened who lacks the weakness to Ground-types that she should have based on her types, possibly related to an unknown trait that she posesses.[Ref] She is level 50.[Ref] Rory vaguely implied that Sakina is capable of initiating Mega Evolution[Ref], but she was not observed doing so.

Known Pokémon

Male Gyarados
Minimum Level: 20
Notes: Sakina raised Gyarados from an egg.[Ref] He is exceptionally loyal to her.

Two unknown Pokémon[Ref]
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General Info

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Gigas is a large city located far to the northwest of Union,[Ref] named for the Pokémon that protected it during the war.[Ref] Like Union, Gigas is located against the southern sea,[Ref] but unlike Union the terrain is mountainous[Ref] and unsuitable for agriculture, requiring them to receive the majority of their food from Crescent.[Ref] The city is quite large in comparison to Union and the surrounding area[Ref] and does not possess walls[Ref], as its might is such that protection has not been an issue for them for centuries.[Ref] They have a very large population.[Ref] According to members of the Seekers, Gigas is the only civilization that they've encountered with no equivalent to Enlightened.[Ref]

According to Rory Donnachaidh, the people of Gigas are raised with an entitlement complex; as he puts it, "Gigas wants everything."[Ref] Strength is highly valued in Gigas,[Ref] and the citizens have something called "Paths",[Ref] which are given, not chosen.[Ref] Gigas operates on a class system, consisting of aristocrats, commoners, and servitors. Servitors are people who have been taught a craft and are valued based on how useful they are at performing it; they are treated as tools. Servitors are taken from Gigas or elsewhere, usually as children so as to mold their personalities easier.[Ref]

Gigas avoided most of the ill effects of the Cataclysm, and while they lost much of their infrastructure they retained their technology, which is far more advanced than what other human civilizations have.[Ref] They use Pokéballs and a series of computers and networks to transport Pokémon.[Ref] Gigas possesses compact, hand-held firearms "that can sustain continuous fire" and have strong artillery.[Ref]

They have a distinctive gray banner.[Ref]

There are a few smaller settlements near Gigas,[Ref] most of them fairly nomadic in nature[Ref] and originally splintered off from Gigas.[Ref]
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Livius Cassius

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Livius Cassius is the General commanding the army besieging Caldera. He has not been willing to communicate with Caldera. His clerk, Valeria, has handled all negotiations in his stead.[Ref]
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Valeria is the clerk to Livius Cassius. She handles all negotiations in his place and is decidedly intractable.[Ref]

Known Pokémon

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Military Action

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Many years ago (much more than 40), Gigas conquered Crescent.[Ref]

Around 40 years ago (as of 2014), Gigas conquered Sanctuary.[Ref]

Two years ago (as of 2014), Gigas began open battle with Caldera, and began their siege six months ago (as of May 2014).[Ref] Following negotiations with representatives of Union, during which Union's ability to supply and support Caldera indefinitely was raised and several strikes against Gigas's forces and supply lines occurred, Gigas agreed to withdraw from Caldera for the moment.[Ref]

Gigas claims that the cities that they attacked were under their control prior to the Cataclysm[Ref] and have official documentation to support their claim. Gigas sees the inhabitants of the cities as rebels.[Ref]
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Unknown Northwest Settlement/"Poachers"(?)

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Entry 001: The Fledgling

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Early February, Quinn explored the Verdant Forest after hearing rumors of a certain bird roaming around. Turns out that this bird is a friend from her childhood, a Rufflet named Valor.

He was discovered ([ref]) injured and a mysterious steel band on his leg. This steel band's function is currently unknown besides a mysterious transmission. It cannot be removed without heavy cutting ([ref]). Quinn successfully removed the steel band days later. The steel band is under study/observation by a few NPC Engineers, but still under Quinn's strict possession.

Valor confirmed that he was attacked by men in the Northwest, who were using him to lure other Pokémon towards them. ([ref])

On Team Evolution's arrival, Quinn questioned the leader, Rory Donnachaidh, on the steel band. ([ref]) He claims that his affiliates and himself have no wish to harm Pokemon in such a manner, as it doesn't affect their goals. Possible chance that could be a lie, but no confirmed evidence yet.

Given that Gigas lies in the same direction as these men, it's possible that Gigas does have it's own shady characters or the entire city poaching wild Pokémon. The lack of evidence right now makes it hard to make assumptions.
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General Info

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Caldera is located in the Western Desert, midway up a towering mountainside. The city's walls are smaller than Union's and appear to be made of raw iron that was formed instead of forged around the city. The buildings are rough-hewn from stone and steel. Although it is about the size of Union it lacks the tall towers that Union has, so it has a smaller population of around 200,000 people.[Ref] There are caverns beneath the mountain that Caldera is built upon.[Ref] Within those caverns is a lake of lava[Ref] with a small shrine in oddly good condition on an island in the middle, connected to the shore by a land bridge. At the time of its discovery by Haruka([personal profile] actsmagnificent), Hotaru ([personal profile] threemoms), Michiru ([personal profile] incousinswithyou), and Usagi ([personal profile] inthenameofthemoon) it contained shards of some sort of broken machinery, a Technical Machine, and some scrolls written in old script.[Ref] The shrine is guarded by a shiny Arcanine[Ref] that can speak telepathically and refers to the shrine as belonging to his master,[Ref] "the lord of this domain, the master of earth and the bringer of flame and destruction. He rules this land, and abides yet to mete out suitable punishment should the arrogance of humans again come to bear."[Ref] He demanded that something of value be tributed in exchange for the Technical Machine and the scrolls,[Ref] thus there is now a "limited edition one-of-a-kind artisan Caldera lamp",[Ref] the sword of one of Gigas's soldiers,[Ref] a Prism Scale necklace,[Ref] and a pair of "simple, but eye-catching and well-worn and well cared for" earrings in a small box[Ref] left at the shrine.

Caldera's forces are divided into three groups: the Battalion of Steel, the Rock Legion, and the Earthkin. The Battalion of Steel is Caldera's crack troops, consisting of several hundred trained gunmen and swordsmen. The Rock Legion is the volunteer citizen's levy, not as highly trained as the Battalion of Steel but not weak either. The Earthkin are few in number but very strong, wielding the power of earth, steel, and flame; they are what Caldera calls Enlightened.[Ref]

Caldera doesn't use technology to aid in bonding with Pokémon, instead they "gain allies with our hearts and our fists."[Ref] As few of them can speak with or understand Pokémon, this is accomplished by simply talking to or fighting with Pokémon.[Ref] Their word for "bonded" is "aligned".[Ref]

Prior to Gigas's military action against them, there had always been tension with Gigas[Ref], but there had still been limited trade between the two cities, as Caldera's steelcraft is apparently highly valued in Gigas.[Ref] Caldera appears to value its steel highly and while they will sell it or give it if the cause is just, they refuse to surrender it and are willing to kill anyone who tries to take it from them.[Ref]

According to legend, Caldera was built by the survivors of another city that once stood where Caldera does now. The previous city is said to have been destroyed by a red giant that rose out of the mountain. The red giant is not worshiped.[Ref] The Earthkin are said to have come from that time; when the Red Giant rose, there were special humans who could bend the earth to their will who protected the other humans. As the name implies most of the first Earthkin were Ground-type, but since then have evolved into other types.[Ref] The Red Giant is said to have been Ground-type.[Ref]

Gigas's name for the location is "Deathfire Mountain".[Ref]

The demonym of Caldera is "Calderan".[Ref]
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General Brand Ironborn

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Brand Ironborn sent the distress signal that alerted Union to Caldera's existence.[Ref] He is an Earthkin with the ability to eject freshly-forged swords from his arm[Ref] and has defended Caldera for around 50 years (as of 2014).[Ref]
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Earthkin Clash

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One of the biggest sports in Caldera is Earthkin Clash. Earthkin Clash would be a battle of skill and strength between teams of Earthkin. The objective of the sport is to gain as much territory within the ring as possible within three minutes, or, alternatively, to drive the members of the opposing team over the edge of the ring. Because of Caldera's focus on strength and skill, this is a very popular sport and the best teams are held with high regard. Teams are only allowed three members on the court at a time, though teams can actually consist of multiple members, up to six. Some teams concentrate on specific types, while others go for a more mixed approach in developing a well balanced team. Unbeknownst to most, this is a hold over from the Pokemon Gym challenge of pre-Savior times.
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Barbara "Barb" Flannigan

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An Earthkin who was in charge of the refugees and the incoming supplies during Gigas's siege of Caldera.[Ref] Her "closest partner" is Fighting/Steel-type.[Ref] She dislikes Fire- and Ground-types.[Ref]
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Otonokizaka Academy

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Founded by the Minami family once they moved to Caldera from their faraway hometown the academy has always been focused on arts and culture with the hope of spreading the benefits of other kinds of education to the Spartan town but it never gained popularity between the citizens. It has always been considered a luxury for the higher class however in recent years it seems to have managed to attract the younger middle class crowd as a nursery of sorts.
It has remained closed after the siege but the chairwoman insists it’s simply a temporal state while they establish relations with the Union and, hopefully, obtain new students from there.
It has a Deerling taming ranch, many classrooms, a kitchen and a nurse’s room.
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Located to the north of Caldera. Crescent was conquered by Gigas a long time ago[Ref] and are now the primary source of food for Gigas.[Ref] During Gigas's military action against Caldera, Crescent was the source of the besieging force's food.[Ref]
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Located to the south of Caldera. Sanctuary was conquered by Gigas around 40 years ago (as of 2014). Sanctuary's fall was so swift that Caldera couldn't even muster a force to aid them before they surrendered.[Ref]
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General Info

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The Seekers are an organization that searches for information on the old gods.[Ref] They've been around "for a while now."[Ref] They set up bases of operations in different cities, but are generally neutral.[Ref] They have bases "wherever it's convenient to have one - big ones in the cities, smaller ones out near interesting ruins",[Ref] including a relatively small one in Caldera.[Ref] They do not have a base in Gigas due to the city's refusal to allow it.[Ref] The Seekers did not know of Citadel prior to Matriarch Frea's announcement.[Ref]

The Seekers came to Union to investigate the Old City, curious if it's related to Union's continued survival[Ref] and it's high population of Enlightened.[Ref]
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A representative of the Seekers from the branch in Caldera who came to Union with her older brother Ceilto.[Ref] She is an Enlightened.[Ref]
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A representative of the Seekers from the branch in Caldera who came to Union with his younger sister Maeve.[Ref] He is an Enlightened.[Ref]
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Maxwell "Max" Akers, Head of the Department of Research, Calderan chapter

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Max prefers library research to field work, but knows that both are important.[Ref] He is Maeve and Ceilto's superior.[Ref]

At some point, Max came into possession of the fragments of the Magma Stone.

Max is not Enlightened.[Ref]

Known Pokémon

Torchic ♂
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General Info

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Citadel is located at the far northern end of the Rolling Plains. It is a single tree, so enormous that it seems to touch the sky and isn't fully visible due to the cloud cover, with an entire city built into it,[Ref] made of an extensive network of ladders, ropes, and boardwalks that crisscross the entire breadth of the tree. There are many open air markets within the branches, with all kinds of jewelry, clothing, leatherwork, and other interesting items. There is also an open-air arena where Valkyries are constantly sparring and testing each other’s strength. These are open to all who care to come, and are usually quite exciting.[Ref]

Matriarch Frea's throne room is an enormous hall within the heart of the tree itself. Her throne is shaped of the living tree. The chamber is dark and comfortable, lit by flameless green phosphorus lanterns.[Ref]
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Frea, Matriarch of the Valkyrie tribes of the Citadel

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Frea initiated first contact with Union when she had her Valkyries raid caravans for food and captured around twenty citizens. After Union's trainers fought back, Frea used a captured Warp Band to request assistance dealing with a highly dangerous Pokémon.[Ref]
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Evolution-Inducing Machines

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Five machines that caused several Pokémon in the caverns beneath the eastern mountains to evolve prematurely and cause earthquakes due to the pain that the machines caused. All five machines were disabled by trainers from Union, with two undamaged, one functional but with a badly damaged casing, one having its battery and much of its internal wiring torn out, and one damaged to the point of exploding. The machines were disassembled and transported back to Union for study.

According to representatives of Team Evolution, the machines were made specifically to induce early evolution in Pokémon[Ref] and were placed where they were because it was believed to be an area devoid of civilization, yet close enough that Team Evolution would still receive the signal.[Ref] There was no other purpose to the machines.[Ref] The effect that caused nearby Pokémon pain was a defect, and would be corrected now that it was known.[Ref]

Through examination in Union, it was discovered that the machines emit a high frequency noise audible to Pokémon but above the range of human hearing. They gather data on Pokémon in the area and transmit a signal with a range of over 100 miles. The machines were networked together using a frequency that had previously been unknown to Union.[Ref]

Appearance-wise, the machines are sleek in design, look very new and very advanced[Ref], and are between five and six feet tall and about five feet wide.[Ref] The machines have displays, lights, switches, buttons, and dials on their control panels, which are labeled in an unusual script. This script is different from that of the old civilization, but seemingly a relative of the common dialect in Union with a differing evolution. [Ref] Some words are similar enough to make out, including "Power Control", "Dispersion", and "Display Projection".[Ref] There are two panels, both initially screwed on tight, with one on the left side and one on the right side.[Ref] Inside these panels is a lot of wiring and a rectangular, thick, and hefty battery.[Ref]

When found, all of the machines were active, displaying "indecipherable numbers"[Ref] and blinking lights[Ref], and had all of their dials turned to the right.[Ref] Turning the "Power Control" dial all the way to the left stopped the machine from emitting sounds.

None of the machines were returned to Team Evolution. An intact and functional machine, along with all components from the other four machines, currently resides in a laboratory in Union. The functional machine has been carefully disconnected from its battery to prevent accidental activation.
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Legend: The Warrior and the Gallade

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While the following legend isn't at all hard to learn of, most people who don't have at least a passing interest in old stories won't know it, since the story of the Savior overshadows it.

As the war raged on and the Pokémon pushed humanity back to Union, one of the strongest Pokémon was a Gallade. This Gallade possessed strength far greater than his peers and could use moves that other Gallade could not. He was a terrifying opponent, and dozens of human warriors fell to his blades whenever he appeared.

One day the Gallade attacked a group of warriors, who were no match for him and fell one by one until only two remained. One of the two refused to fall and fought him with all her might. Against all odds they were evenly matched and fought until they were both exhausted. Finally the warrior could no longer hold her sword and steeled herself for death, but the killing blow never came. Instead, the Gallade healed her and helped her stand, returning her sword to her. The warrior did not understand why the Gallade had not killed her, but she took her companion and left.

The next morning the Gallade appeared at the gates of Union, to the terror of all present. When he made no move to attack, the warrior went out to meet him, whereupon he bowed to her and pointed to the horizon, where many Pokémon were approaching the city. The warrior and the Gallade faced the attackers together, fighting back-to-back, and the attacking Pokémon fled when they saw that their champion was no longer an ally.

From that point on the Gallade never left the warrior's side, and together they protected many humans as they fled to Union. Other Pokémon would single out the Gallade, but the warrior always protected the Gallade, and the Gallade always protected the warrior. The Gallade was not invincible, however, and it is said that shortly after the Savior made her fateful journey to stand before the gods the Gallade's body was discovered, possibly the final casualty of the war.

Reading anything more in-depth about the legend will reveal that there is some uncertainty about the Gallade's fate. All versions agree that he died, but the details vary. The most recent version found specifies that he fell under a horde of Pokémon while protecting the warrior, but this is generally considered to be a distortion, and the earlier versions, where he is found by the warrior surrounded by the bodies of dozens of Pokémon, is generally considered the correct ending. Notably, however, is that the earliest known version specifies that he was found with a noble's sword through his back. In that version, the name of the sword's owner, as well as that of the other individual who was present when the Gallade and warrior first fought, is specified but thoroughly erased from the document beyond all hope of recovery, as is the individual's gender. The general consensus is that that version was part of a political maneuver to make a certain individual look bad. Further digging reveals that the older copies of the legend note that they were written based on the contents of a particular book. No copies of that book are known to exist.

The validity of the legend is disputed, as there is no physical evidence of the Gallade's existence, nor any references to him in any documents besides the different copies of the legend.

Note: If you want to use any of this in a plot, please contact [personal profile] whateveryoueatliveitspart first.
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The Ruins

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The Ruins contain a series of cave paintings and carvings, perhaps depicting history or legend from a time well before the Savior. The first recognizable carving depicts a spherical blue-green ball, with a humanoid figure standing above it with its arms raised. The floor on the first level down are decorated similarly, but the carvings here are too degraded to tell what they're depicting. Some script is present, some of it the same as what can be found in the Old City, but some of it written in symbols unseen elsewhere.

The passage through the rest of the Ruins have been marked by a Woobat's Heart Stamp along the walls, following the path Jinxie and Maya took when they investigated there. Following this path, the next most intact picture depicts an enormous, blue crystal-like stone, surrounded by people looking afraid. The crystal is dotted with yellow throughout. This message can be found on this painting.

Near the end of the passage, there is a series of paintings telling the end of the story. The creature from the first image standing over the blue ball is back, moving around little green and brown pieces on the ball. The next panel shows it standing in front of large stones like the one depicted before - one blue, one brown, and one grey. The stones are shaped vaguely like humans, but more statuesque and geometric. The creature and the three stones are surrounded by people with fearful expressions, and each in turn are depicted being attacked and chained.

The next several walls are blocked by crumbling stone, but the next visible wall shows the creature from before standing guard over a group of cowering humans. The images after this are happier in tone, with the creature being worshiped and revered by the humans. And underneath it all, there is one last message.

All of the above has been provided to the university for study by Jinxie and Maya.

(For OOC reference, the original exploration log is over here and the OOC post with this information is here.)
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