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Information Collective

As the game progresses, information about the world that the RP takes place in will be slowly uncovered and disseminated to the characters. In the interest of keeping everyone up to date, this post can be used as an informal collection of knowledge. The mods will generally not be updating this section unless there are vital pieces of information we feel the players (and the characters) should know that are being misinterpreted or otherwise not correctly represented.

We will create a general scaffold to use at the start of the game, but players are encouraged to make their own top level threads on anything they think is worth noting. The information collected here is OoC knowledge, but would be known in the context of the game with a minimal amount of poking around and questioning. If there is a piece of information that is known to a certain group of characters that is worth noting OoC, but would not be openly shared with the other characters, please mark [Private] in the header of your response.

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General Info

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Citadel is located at the far northern end of the Rolling Plains. It is a single tree, so enormous that it seems to touch the sky and isn't fully visible due to the cloud cover, with an entire city built into it,[Ref] made of an extensive network of ladders, ropes, and boardwalks that crisscross the entire breadth of the tree. There are many open air markets within the branches, with all kinds of jewelry, clothing, leatherwork, and other interesting items. There is also an open-air arena where Valkyries are constantly sparring and testing each other’s strength. These are open to all who care to come, and are usually quite exciting.[Ref]

Matriarch Frea's throne room is an enormous hall within the heart of the tree itself. Her throne is shaped of the living tree. The chamber is dark and comfortable, lit by flameless green phosphorus lanterns.[Ref]
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Frea, Matriarch of the Valkyrie tribes of the Citadel

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Frea initiated first contact with Union when she had her Valkyries raid caravans for food and captured around twenty citizens. After Union's trainers fought back, Frea used a captured Warp Band to request assistance dealing with a highly dangerous Pokémon.[Ref]
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