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Information Collective

As the game progresses, information about the world that the RP takes place in will be slowly uncovered and disseminated to the characters. In the interest of keeping everyone up to date, this post can be used as an informal collection of knowledge. The mods will generally not be updating this section unless there are vital pieces of information we feel the players (and the characters) should know that are being misinterpreted or otherwise not correctly represented.

We will create a general scaffold to use at the start of the game, but players are encouraged to make their own top level threads on anything they think is worth noting. The information collected here is OoC knowledge, but would be known in the context of the game with a minimal amount of poking around and questioning. If there is a piece of information that is known to a certain group of characters that is worth noting OoC, but would not be openly shared with the other characters, please mark [Private] in the header of your response.

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General Info

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Gigas is a large city located far to the northwest of Union,[Ref] named for the Pokémon that protected it during the war.[Ref] Like Union, Gigas is located against the southern sea,[Ref] but unlike Union the terrain is mountainous[Ref] and unsuitable for agriculture, requiring them to receive the majority of their food from Crescent.[Ref] The city is quite large in comparison to Union and the surrounding area[Ref] and does not possess walls[Ref], as its might is such that protection has not been an issue for them for centuries.[Ref] They have a very large population.[Ref] According to members of the Seekers, Gigas is the only civilization that they've encountered with no equivalent to Enlightened.[Ref]

According to Rory Donnachaidh, the people of Gigas are raised with an entitlement complex; as he puts it, "Gigas wants everything."[Ref] Strength is highly valued in Gigas,[Ref] and the citizens have something called "Paths",[Ref] which are given, not chosen.[Ref] Gigas operates on a class system, consisting of aristocrats, commoners, and servitors. Servitors are people who have been taught a craft and are valued based on how useful they are at performing it; they are treated as tools. Servitors are taken from Gigas or elsewhere, usually as children so as to mold their personalities easier.[Ref]

Gigas avoided most of the ill effects of the Cataclysm, and while they lost much of their infrastructure they retained their technology, which is far more advanced than what other human civilizations have.[Ref] They use Pokéballs and a series of computers and networks to transport Pokémon.[Ref] Gigas possesses compact, hand-held firearms "that can sustain continuous fire" and have strong artillery.[Ref]

They have a distinctive gray banner.[Ref]

There are a few smaller settlements near Gigas,[Ref] most of them fairly nomadic in nature[Ref] and originally splintered off from Gigas.[Ref]
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Livius Cassius

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Livius Cassius is the General commanding the army besieging Caldera. He has not been willing to communicate with Caldera. His clerk, Valeria, has handled all negotiations in his stead.[Ref]
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Valeria is the clerk to Livius Cassius. She handles all negotiations in his place and is decidedly intractable.[Ref]

Known Pokémon

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Military Action

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Many years ago (much more than 40), Gigas conquered Crescent.[Ref]

Around 40 years ago (as of 2014), Gigas conquered Sanctuary.[Ref]

Two years ago (as of 2014), Gigas began open battle with Caldera, and began their siege six months ago (as of May 2014).[Ref] Following negotiations with representatives of Union, during which Union's ability to supply and support Caldera indefinitely was raised and several strikes against Gigas's forces and supply lines occurred, Gigas agreed to withdraw from Caldera for the moment.[Ref]

Gigas claims that the cities that they attacked were under their control prior to the Cataclysm[Ref] and have official documentation to support their claim. Gigas sees the inhabitants of the cities as rebels.[Ref]
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