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Information Collective

As the game progresses, information about the world that the RP takes place in will be slowly uncovered and disseminated to the characters. In the interest of keeping everyone up to date, this post can be used as an informal collection of knowledge. The mods will generally not be updating this section unless there are vital pieces of information we feel the players (and the characters) should know that are being misinterpreted or otherwise not correctly represented.

We will create a general scaffold to use at the start of the game, but players are encouraged to make their own top level threads on anything they think is worth noting. The information collected here is OoC knowledge, but would be known in the context of the game with a minimal amount of poking around and questioning. If there is a piece of information that is known to a certain group of characters that is worth noting OoC, but would not be openly shared with the other characters, please mark [Private] in the header of your response.

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General Info

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The Seekers are an organization that searches for information on the old gods.[Ref] They've been around "for a while now."[Ref] They set up bases of operations in different cities, but are generally neutral.[Ref] They have bases "wherever it's convenient to have one - big ones in the cities, smaller ones out near interesting ruins",[Ref] including a relatively small one in Caldera.[Ref] They do not have a base in Gigas due to the city's refusal to allow it.[Ref] The Seekers did not know of Citadel prior to Matriarch Frea's announcement.[Ref]

The Seekers came to Union to investigate the Old City, curious if it's related to Union's continued survival[Ref] and it's high population of Enlightened.[Ref]
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A representative of the Seekers from the branch in Caldera who came to Union with her older brother Ceilto.[Ref] She is an Enlightened.[Ref]
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A representative of the Seekers from the branch in Caldera who came to Union with his younger sister Maeve.[Ref] He is an Enlightened.[Ref]
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Maxwell "Max" Akers, Head of the Department of Research, Calderan chapter

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Max prefers library research to field work, but knows that both are important.[Ref] He is Maeve and Ceilto's superior.[Ref]

At some point, Max came into possession of the fragments of the Magma Stone.

Max is not Enlightened.[Ref]

Known Pokémon

Torchic ♂
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