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After the war, most of humanity laid dead and the world was torn asunder. As the few remnants of mankind retreated behind the walls of Union to rebuild, they did as they always do - adapt and change to the new situation.

Society within Union is in many cases quite rigid. So far as they know, they are the only humans left on the planet. As such, they have developed a set of stringent rules for behavior. Only in doing so, they feel, can the human race be preserved.

All children in Union are educated to the same standards and within the same program. From early on, they are observed and evaluated by their instructors to determine their skills and aptitude. As they progress through their schooling, depending on their observations and test scores, they will be guided into roles appropriate to their skillset. While students have the opportunity to seek training and work that interest them, they must meet the basic requirements and exceed in their education, especially in high-demand industries. Ultimately, the Union elders and scholars place students where they will excel, and where they are needed.

While it is possible to move into different industries, once you have been placed on an education track and entered the work force, it is very difficult to deviate. Additionally, compensation for all positions is set based on the value of the service they provide to the city. Students placed in science and research, for example, are highly paid whereas those who end up in service-based industries are not as highly paid.

Individual entrepreneurship is allowed, but not highly encouraged. Most artists end up going into business for themselves, and while art and music are valued culturally the professions are paradoxically not considered vital to the city and thus those who wish to pursue work in those fields must seek it themselves.

Enlightened and those with high aptitude to bond with Pokémon are able to break free of these restrictions. Especially with the call for explorers, Trainers are highly valued. They are able to avoid or forestall their education to go into the world, explore, and make their own way. Trainers exist somewhat outside regular society, as they are able to go places and do things considered to be beyond the reach of others. As such, they have unprecedented freedom, but also risk their lives to bring greater prosperity to Union.

The legend of the Great Hero has been enshrined within Union consciousness. Her pact with the gods is well remembered, and a form of worship has been built up around it. The Hero herself is known as the Savior, and she is venerated as a holy person. The gods themselves are worshiped and entreated for mercy and kindness, but the Savior is central to the practice. While not considered a deity herself, she is held up as the paragon of Humanity who's intercession is greatly sought to guide the people of Union to heights not before experienced.

Religious expression is a bit of an odd thing in Union. There are formalized rules and rituals, but no regular services. There are a few temples and churches within the towers of Union that people go to as their spiritual needs demand, usually for festivals and holidays. That said, there is a core group of priests and priestesses who uphold the tenets of the religion. There is an Archbishop within Union who oversees the workings of the religion and the allocation of their funding. In general the church tends to remain somewhat in the background.

All citizens are generally said to be given the same opportunity as they all receive equal education, and it is true that social mobility is quite high due to this fact. However, richer families tend to have more resources to hire private tutors, and more connections to ensure their children end up in more advantageous positions.

Marriage is generally considered to be an expectation, there is a lot of social pressure to marry and many higher-class families tend to arrange marriages, although the input of the recipient is always considered. Because of the massive population losses, Union places great importance on the need to have children, and offers financial benefits to those who have at least 3 children. The average marriage age is about 18 or 19 for most inhabitants of Union. This again is where Trainers and Enlightened tend to differ. Due to their unique abilities and role in society, many have been known to put off marriage indefinitely or never marry at all. This is compounded by the fact that many Enlightened who travel a great deal gain very inhuman appearances and attributes, which can hurt their prospects of settling down and starting a family. Families in Union tend to be quite large, and the average number children per household stands at 4.4.

It is understood that same-gender relationships and families and others who are not able or willing to have children may contribute equally to society in other ways. Many will care for orphaned or abandoned children, but if anyone is also unable to do as such for any reason, no citizen will be stigmatized if they actively contribute to the future of Union - for the majority of our players, this means their work as trainers and as Enlightened. The question is addressed in full here.

All citizens of Union live in the same single district, but that does not mean there is a parity in housing. Richer homes take up more space in a single tower and are in more desirable locations, whereas poorer homes are much smaller and tend to be closer to undesirable locations such as the Industrial district.

Union does boast several noble families. While everyone is considered equal there is a definite social structure, and these families typically stand at the top. Supposedly tracing their lineage directly to the Savior, these families tend to have members seated in the council and have a great deal of influence within Union.

Union does not have a death penalty. All human life is sacred, and killing is utterly forbidden. The worst punishment the city can and will pursue is exile. As it's expected an exiled person will probably die in the wilderness, it is a bit of a hedge, but in the end Union considers removing people it considers to be dangerous or otherwise unfit for society preferable to outright killing them. Injury, damage or theft of property, and other such minor offenses can be punished by incarceration and/or reparations and community service. Union prisons are bleak, but not overly harsh, as prisoners are still considered to be members of society and are still expected to return to society after they have paid their debt.

The council is comprised of the elders of Union, many of them coming from the upper echelons of society. An ancient and austere order, they have a reputation for being slow to change and even slower to action. Since the council controls the top-level decisions in Union, their decisions can have immense impact on the day-to-day workings of Union. Known for deliberating and debating for years, the council has, especially recently, had some growing opposition among the working class as they are seen as out of touch and unresponsive to their needs.

Union society, by and large, especially at the top, is very much focused on work and duty. However, it is human nature to seek the arts, music, and entertainment. Lacking the technological clout of industrialization, Union is limited in the ways they can transmit information. Since they rely so heavily on the Warp Transmission from the Signal Tower, Union makes heavy use of radio for their primary media consumption. Although the arts are not technically highly valued as a skill, they are popular among the general populace. Music especially, but also theater and books tend to be very popular.

Union also has a thriving sports culture. With limited space, they have had to get a bit creative with the sports they are able to play, but they have developed many that require smaller spaces. Whenever teams play, they always manage to draw large crowds. Matches are regularly broadcast over the radio, and tend to garner high ratings.

During the fall, there were some Pokémon that stood with humanity, protecting their masters and friends to the last. When the gods withdrew their forces, these Pokémon stayed with the humans, and have become pervasive fixtures of Union. These Pokémon, the available starters as listed here are all over Union. They live in harmony and even if they haven't specifically bonded with anybody all of these Pokémon within Union are completely domesticated. Typically, early trainers will bond with one of these Pokémon, often earlier in their life before they come of age.

The people of Union subside primarily on food prepared in the Agriculture Tower. Meat is a bit of a luxury and rarity - there's no real space to maintain livestock so most meat is obtained by hunters bringing down wild Pokémon in the wilderness. Due to the inherent danger and scarcity, it tends to be rather expensive.

Money in Union is typically represented by paper bills and coins. Known respectively as dollars and cents. The value of a dollar is roughly equitable to modern day America.

  • Guard: The Guard operates on the wall and by the entrances to the Old City. They are tasked with protecting Union from rampaging Pokémon.

  • Delver: Delvers descend into the depths of the Old City to find resources and materials for use in Union. Delvers are often trainers, and need to be prepared for just about anything.

  • Ranger: Rangers patrol the wilderness around Union tracking Pokémon migration and herd patterns, mapping the surrounding area, and sending advance signals to Union if they detect trouble. Rangers also try to help out any trainers in the area who run into trouble. Almost all Rangers are trainers, Enlightened, or both.

  • Pokémon Researcher: Pokémon researchers perform a great deal of field work in the absence of magical machines capable of automatically producing data. They observe and analyze wild Pokémon behavior and habitats, known moves and abilities, interactions with other species, etc., and compile this information for the rest of Union to use. The dedication of Pokémon researchers ensures that the people of Union are armed with the knowledge they need to deal with the myriad threats that wild Pokémon may pose. Pokémon researchers often work in tandem with Rangers on their projects.

  • Historian: Historians often work hand in hand with Delvers, analyzing artifacts found in the Old City and trying to make sense of what came before the war. They study the times of old, and their function is of great interest to the council as it tries to make sense of and recover the history of humanity.

  • Swords of the Savior: The Swords of the Savior are a group of Inquisitors that uphold the tenets of Union law and faith. Although officially a church group, they tend to act more as a police force, and their office is with the magistrate in the Council Hall. Swords of the Savior are powerful combatants, but like all in Union they are bound by the law not to take a life, although they can be authorized to do so in the most dire of circumstances. Their primary charge is protecting the peace.

  • Professor: Professors teach within the university, educating young students and helping guide them to a worthy profession. Professors are highly prized and require some of the highest test scores to be considered. Many are expected to work in at least one specialized industry for several years before they can move into the position, but with it comes great security and respect. Professors also often partake in research to help expand their field.

  • Engineer: Engineers are trained to take the salvage recovered from the Old City and find a way to make use of it. Many have become adept at repairing or re-purposing ancient artifacts, and many more have developed revolutionary new technologies such as the Warp Band by utilizing and altering old technology. Engineers are constantly striving to find more efficient ways to achieve what they want, especially as the salvage is beginning to dry up in the Old City.

  • Researcher: Where Professors focus on teaching and occasionally research, Researchers focus on research and occasionally give lectures or assist in teaching. The role of Researchers is to create new technology and unravel ways to duplicate old technology. They work side-by-side with Engineers to advance Union's standard of living.

  • Farmer: Stationed in the Agricultural Tower, farmers are tasked with the tending, nurturing and harvesting of the crops that feed the entire city. While generally considered a low-education trade, farmers are still a vital part of Union's operation.

  • Smith: Smiths work the forge, smelting and forging recovered scrap metal into the many vital items that aid in Union's day-to-day function. Hot, heavy, and dangerous work Smiths are absolutely necessary in maintaining Union's standard of living.

  • Medic: Medics in Union work night and day to take care of the city's needs, with individuals specializing in both preventative care and emergency services. Using technology and medicine developed from natural resources and observed Pokémon behavior, the Medical Center is equipped to take on the majority of cases that require its attention. Those trained in the art of healing may also choose to become field medics, traveling with Rangers on their missions to safeguard trainers and Pokémon alike from the dangers to be found in the wild.

  • Caretaker: Those with a more nurturing soul may choose to become Pokémon breeders and caretakers, looking after the Pokémon in the Habitat and caring for those brought to the Breeding Center. Those with a lifetime of experience will come to understand each species of Pokémon intimately, knowing their individual capabilities, preferences, and physiologies. It is wise to listen to the advice of these citizens, as they may be able to encourage Pokémon to learn moves they wouldn't be able to normally learn, or simply inform trainers how to better relate to their Pokémon.

Throughout the year, Union celebrates a number of holidays. Many of these holidays have some tie to either the gods of old, the Savior, or to some other, much older festivities held over from previous civilizations. However, with more settlements being discovered, and with people migrating to Union from all corners of the known world, the city has begun adopting other cultures' holidays into their own parameters.

  • Soulfasting (Early November): The Soulfasting is a week-long festival celebrating the union between the living world and the spiritual world. It was said that once, these two were not able to communicate with one another, and because of this, the spirits of those that passed were angry and restless. People did not respect their ancestors, and because of that they rebelled. Spirits and Ghost-type Pokemon alike lashed out at the people, sorrowful and angry that they could not be together.

    The first masks were worn by channellers. Carved from a sacred tree, they allowed the channellers to be able to communicate with the dead and to try to quell their anger. A compromise was made: every year, the spirits of the dead and their ghost-type servants would be paid respect.

    Early ceremonies for the Soulfasting involved a person dressed in a mask (usually, although not always male), a person in a veil (usually although not always female), and a third person—often a priest/ess or other holy figure. The person in the mask and the person in the veil would be tied together with a cord or rope, to symbolize the tie between both worlds, in living and in death. This is followed by a week of celebration, dance, and spending time with one’s family. Many families would even display an ornamental knotted cord in their homes to show that, even in death, they are still one with their family and friends.

    Foods eaten during that time are often full of flavor, and there are offerings left out for those that have passed. These usually consist of sweeter berries and foods, as it is said that the spirits tend to prefer these. Families would often exchange sweet foods with one another to show appreciation for one another, as well as other families’ ancestors.

    As time has passed, many of the traditions have fallen to the wayside, but a few things have remained. The masks have become extremely popular of late, and have even given way to costumes. While those that first practiced the tradition only used masks of ghosts, stories have circled around that mischievous spirits like to trick the living during the holiday; because of this, ghost-type and dark-type Pokemon masks, and even entire costumes, have become popular. Celebrating with family and having parties with friends is not entirely uncommon. The spirits’ love of sweets has also translated over, and there has been a small following that has started to give away treats to those that visit them on the final night of the Soulfasting. Usually children are the ones that partake in this (often in masks or some form of costume), although it is not entirely unheard of for some older people to try to snag some sweet treats from others.


    Want to suggest a holiday for Union? Fill out the form below!


    Have a question about Union society? Want to ask about a profession? Feel free to do so below and we will update the page accordingly.

tonake: (...awkward silence)

[personal profile] tonake 2013-12-13 04:18 am (UTC)(link)
Can we get more elaboration on societal dynamics and relationships perception? Specifically queer relationships and families. Given the setting I'd guess it's either frowned upon or ignored, but it would still be nice to get actual information on it. Thanks in advance!
tonake: (...Froggy.)

[personal profile] tonake 2013-12-18 02:32 pm (UTC)(link)
Thank you! Also can I just say I really appreciate how you're handling this and I am sorry if the debate gets too big. You've more than answered my question.
somnambulatory: (Default)

[personal profile] somnambulatory 2013-12-29 03:53 am (UTC)(link)
How much, if anything, is known about Pokémon other than the ones that live in Union and can be used as starters? Would there be generalized knowledge that other Pokémon exist but largely in the realm of rumor/myth/legend, or is it well established that there are a lot of different types beyond the familiar ones around the city? Additionally, in the case that other Pokémon are known about, how likely would it be that religious or pseudo-religious beliefs and/or superstitions would have sprung up around the Pokémon that the people are less familiar with? Would this sort of thing be frowned upon or quietly tolerated by mainstream society?
britannicide: (Default)

[personal profile] britannicide 2013-12-29 08:10 pm (UTC)(link)
Given that there's a high value placed on having children, what would be the society's impression on polygamy and/or illegitimate children? Is that a thing that would be considered a stigma, or is it not so much a problem? Are there specific laws in place for those those sorts of things?
britannicide: (Default)

[personal profile] britannicide 2013-12-31 03:29 am (UTC)(link)
Definitely makes sense!

Another, unrelated question-- How does gambling factor into society? My initial impression is that betting on battles between Pokémon and/or Enlightened would probably be looked down on, but is this a thing that exists, even if under the radar?
overliber: Icons by <user name=mhari> (Default)

[personal profile] overliber 2013-12-29 08:12 pm (UTC)(link)
What is Union's thoughts on dueling? Like, formal "ten paces turn and fire" to the death kind of dueling?
overliber: (Ours are a romantic people)

[personal profile] overliber 2013-12-31 09:09 am (UTC)(link)
That's about what I was expecting, thanks.
mopedsandtofu: (My sweet!)

[personal profile] mopedsandtofu 2014-01-04 08:49 am (UTC)(link)
What is the honorifics style of choice in Union? Mr./Ms.? -San? Senor? Frau?
Edited 2014-01-04 08:49 (UTC)
stardunes: (neutral - curiosity)

[personal profile] stardunes 2014-01-15 12:29 pm (UTC)(link)
Has the language or writing system changed since the fall, such that special knowledge would be required to read material from the Old City etc.?

...Also, is the writing system alphabetic or logographic? and if the language has changed then same goes for the "old" script
all_onis_are_true: (Bored now)

[personal profile] all_onis_are_true 2014-02-02 10:10 pm (UTC)(link)
Are cameras a thing in Union? I'm just double-checking the tech level.
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Welp I'm late with this

[personal profile] at_too_low 2014-02-16 02:17 pm (UTC)(link)
Still not sure if this is a question for this thread, but... Exactly how much is known about Pokemon? How is the information categorized? I don't mean on general public level, but more advanced, science-y level. Because Atsuro is aspiring to be a researcher and an expert on Pokemon, but I'm never sure exactly how far I can let his knowledge go, and I get nervous about going too far. Are Pokemon moves or types a clearly defined thing, too, like in canon(s)? How many Pokemon Union scientists know about? Thanks in advance!
actsmagnificent: (helmet)

[personal profile] actsmagnificent 2014-03-01 03:26 am (UTC)(link)
Potential apper with a question about sports, mostly due to space concerns....

Would Rhyhorn racing (like we hear about gen 6) have been re-established in this society? It does rely on partnership with a Pokémon, but I can't tell if there'd be room for a circuit since it sounds like most of the other sports take place in stadiums.
silencesamurai: (neutral)

[personal profile] silencesamurai 2014-03-09 01:03 am (UTC)(link)
Could you tell me a bit more about the law system in Union? Are there courts, defense attorneys, prosecutors? Are trials held for people accused of crimes?
justicereigns: (born to be wild)

bizarrely specific questions

[personal profile] justicereigns 2014-12-10 09:45 am (UTC)(link)
1) What is the state of motorcycles, complete with the Pokemon-style gangs, jackets, etc. And can/do/would cops be allowed/able to use them, and/or how insanely expensive are they?

2) Cigars. Just.... cigars. Are they available in ridiculous quantities, and how expensive would they be? Are they banned indoors/certain places? Do most people frown upon them as far as "Get the hell out with that disgusting thing, and take the cigars with you" etc.? Could an Enlightened pretend to argue that they are totes legit healthy for him, guys, shut up, etc. and would anyone buy this story? And/or if someone were insane enough (yes my character is) to make a bandolier of cigars, at what point might he be forcibly taken into asylum, if at all? Annnnnnnd: would being a really good, albeit kind of Dirty Harry (but no lethality) cop and having good friends help get him out of this?

3) Re: Weapons. Do the swords of the Savior have actual swords, would anyone blink twice at A) a kid carrying around a baseball bat with nails in it from uh "the badlands" B) SEVERAL kids carrying around metal pipes from the same "Badlands" region and/or C) a cop using a metal jitte (big metal stick with tine) -- either because all three consider them less lethal than their pokemon and/or their pokemon aren't that strong [enough] yet.

4) ^ About "The Badlands," while this would be an area outside Union, it would have a lot of Wild West / Unova / Hoenn's desert as if it had been destroyed by the legendaries after all etc. This would be in order to AU characters who find a Western helpful (if any more exist other than mine & those from my canon....) -- at what point should I submit a collaborated detailed write-up, and/or IS THAT ALLOWED?! Double plus is it okay to use that writeup/AU/Region-ish for the app?

Sorry for the bajillion questions, and thank you for the patience in advance!
justicereigns: (Thinking that over)

[personal profile] justicereigns 2014-12-11 03:34 am (UTC)(link)
1-3 Awesome thank you very much!

4) SORRY! I was very unclear! I was hoping to make/adjust an area named the Badlands in order to suitably AU One Piece characters! There are some particulars; ie: Gold Roger, One Piece, bandits, the infamous Straw Hat, etc. that become very difficult to AU without accounting for, and which simply don't fit into Union. I'm currently working out as many details with another One Piece player interested in apping, and it definitely wouldn't need maps, just an area that can't be accessed right now, and is in general "Worse" state than others. We debated using the Islands (like the Kingdom Hearts crew) but because of Smoker's age (mid-30s) and the general delinquency / OUTLAWED theme of the other characters, it makes less sense, not more.

If avoidable, we'd like to minimize all effort on your behalf, especially since we are familiar with the canon, I just wasn't sure if/how/WHERE to suggest the particulars of the AU region/history, and I wanted to make sure it was ALLOWED before trying to write up an app, since the app would be forced to take those things into consideration, of course.

So the question is:
Are prospective players allowed to suggest their own AU region which is not currently part of the game canon (mapless please -- several characters have a canon characterization significance in wanting to map it) & where can we suggest the most important parts of that to the mods?
justicereigns: (unfazed by the New world)

[personal profile] justicereigns 2014-12-11 09:47 am (UTC)(link)
Why I am hesitant to include the OP / others in the Islands/Archipelago: Gold Roger, One Piece itself, Trash Mountain/World Gov, and the not-executions.

One of the biggest parts of Smoker, and the pirates' pasts, is that Gold Roger was publicly executed in Smoker's hometown, which we figured a way to do without execution, but the chain of events Roger set off, including influencing Smoker, Luffy, Shanks, and the reason Ace's birth had to be kept somewhat secret require existence.

A lot of the characters have a specific Western theme & almost all of them are wanderers who met by wandering/getting lost.

^ All of which works with the islands, but, Trash Mountain and certain other regions are either completely flattened, or burned by humans/bandits. <- Even switching that to Pokemon, the other problem is that travel has to be enabled between regional parts so a single island wouldn't work, but the other islands would have to be disconnected? And even though the other islands would know the general "destroyed a lot" they wouldn't have heard of Roger or certain other cultural aspects which makes it fall apart. On top of which, some of the regions require specific desert/volcano/ice/mountain themes which gets ungodly expansive when making it different islands instead of just an unreachable (by Union) land region.

+ Most of the One Piece cast can't swim/handle water, and there's a huge fire theme for a lot of the characters. <- Which I guess could work for volcanic islands vs. fish-shifter/water specialist islands, BUT it would again require more specialization of lots of islands, and division of areas instead of inclusion, and then exceptionalism of some islands (ie: "THIS island is ~special~") which I'm personally not comfortable with, but others might also have a problem playing against and/or dealing with in comparison to the other islands. Especially since I don't want any of the already existing islands to feel lessened. -- Although I do realize the irony in asking for an exception in creating another region heh.

From the other prospective player: "Even among the lead cast, no one comes from the same island [in One Piece] and none of them share backstories, they're only connected through their present situations, so while we understand that you can't make regions for all the players, we're just stating we're having trouble trying to tie together all the dispirate parts in a small area that no one else has ever heard of."

For what it's worth, we wish to keep 90%+ as vague as possible so that non-OP characters can also use it; which is another reason why we wanted the ability for a wide variety of terrain.
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Potential app-er with a question

[personal profile] serenesuccessor 2015-04-17 02:05 am (UTC)(link)
I'm just curious - especially with the importance of marriage in Union - what is the view on divorce/is it even allowed?
serenesuccessor: (Default)

Re: Potential app-er with a question

[personal profile] serenesuccessor 2015-04-17 03:04 am (UTC)(link)
Awesome! Thank you!!