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Long ago, people and Pokémon lived in harmonious balance. Working as partners, an entire civilization was born of their union.

But in its arrogance, mankind sought not to coexist but to enslave. In their hubris, they sought to create new life, engineering Pokémon in their own image. They sought to be gods, surpassing their bounds. And so it was that the great gods of the world were captured by man and enslaved to their will, no longer respected as the great beings they were, but as no more than tools, servants to battle and to win.

This was man's folly. The gods bound in servitude rebelled, and in their fury, they awoke the rage of the earth itself. Pokémon rose up, turning upon their masters and casting down their mighty cities, until naught was left but shattered remnants. In their twilight, the last remnants of man retreated to their last and mightiest city, hiding behind the walls and shoring up their defenses.

For months the city stood siege. Finally, the greatest of mankind's warriors crossed the battle lines unarmed. Throwing herself before the mighty gods, she humbled herself before them. She apologized for the wrongs of her people, and offered her life in exchange for the lives of her kindred. Humanity had been wrong, but it would learn. It would grow. It would never repeat the mistakes of the past.

The gods grew quiet as the rage of the Pokémon subsided. One of the gods stepped forward, placing its hand upon her head. In an instant, she was surrounded by a cacophony of sound as the voices of the assembled Pokémon became audible. Intelligible.

"We shall acknowledge and bless you for your courage, human. To you we give the ears that may hear and the voice that may speak. Henceforth, it shall be your duty, and the duty of all who come after you to uphold your promise. We give you your lives that you may change, but if it comes to pass that humanity repeats its sins, then shall they truly perish."

And with that, the Pokémon left, and humanity lived.

It has been five hundred years since civilization was cast to ruin. Humanity has risen up from the ashes of near extinction. Within the towers of the mighty city of Union, the line of that great warrior continues to this day. Within Union there are humans, said to be her descendants, who cross the boundary between man and Pokémon. Blessed by the elemental forces, they possess the ability to understand and speak with Pokémon, as well as use their attacks. Humanity has grown, and it has again grown eager. Known as "Enlightened," they are the link between man and Pokémon, as well as a constant reminder of the past, and the great expectations upon humanity.

The Council of Union wishes to again explore the world and recover the history that was lost. It is now up to the Enlightened to go out into the world once more, explore it, make contact with any human settlements, and help restore the former glory of mankind while never forgetting the promise of their ancestors.


Brave New World is an AU game based around the Pokémon universe (and the Pokémon Special manga series in particular), but drawing inspiration from other works such as the Shin Megami Tensei series and the works of Hayao Miyazaki. It takes the base setting of Pokémon and makes use of the heavier accompanying mythology generally not found in the core series.

Players may play canon characters AU'd into the setting or create their own originals. While characters will not have their primary canon abilities, they will be able to take on elemental typing of Pokémon to simulate their canon abilities. Additionally, they will be able to forge alliances with Pokémon they meet in their travels, gaining steadfast allies to support them and follow them into battle if necessary.

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Legend has it that the Enlightened are descendants of the great hero who struck a deal with the gods and saved the human race. Whether or not this is true, what is known is that many people in Union share a number of unique gifts. The gifts appear to have a genetic component as most people who have an Enlightened parent will be Enlightened themselves. However, it is possible for it to occur in families who have no discernible lineage as an Enlightened as well.

Whatever the reason, Enlightened are truly the closest link between man and Pokémon. They share the elemental typing that Pokémon possess and can utilize powers normally only found in Pokémon. As with Pokémon, they can even evolve as they grow in experience and skill. Additionally, each Enlightened has a specialization that helps define their unique talents and brings them closer to Pokémon.

It is said in ancient days that Pokémon were captured by balls that would brainwash them into serving whoever bested them in combat. In modern times, such a method is unthinkably taboo. If a Pokémon is to join a human, it is as a companion, friend, or partner. It is difficult, however, to always reach such an agreement, just as it is difficult to travel with them all at your side. Thus, Enlightened and any ordinary humans who have the capacity to do so utilize a device called a Warp Band. Up to 5 Pokémon can be attuned to the band. It allows the trainer to summon their Pokémon from their home base and into battle.

The Warp Band also replaces the barbaric Pokéballs of ancient times. Instead, if a Pokémon is aligned within range, the band can be activated, releasing five prongs in a star-like pattern around the arm. While active, it can cause a direct link between the wielder and a Pokémon. This allows the two to communicate through thought and emotion. In this way, the supplicant can attempt to forge an allegiance with the Pokémon. Additionally, if they are battling with a Pokémon that is already their ally, they can activate the band to sync up and meld minds with the Pokémon, allowing them to move and act as one.

One does not have to be Enlightened to travel with Pokémon, nor do Enlightened have to travel with Pokémon. No matter the reason, those who choose the journey take up an old, somewhat archaic tradition and title. They are known as Trainers.

Enlightened Mechanics in the Game:

As Brave New World is an AU game, characters will not retain their original abilities when apped. Instead, the player may select up to two types for their character. These types define the way the character's supernatural abilities manifest. Typically, a character should have types that reflect their personal style in their canon, although players are encouraged to be creative with their picks. Enlightened are also not restricted to just attacks Pokémon are capable of in the games. By building their personal typing combinations, Enlightened may utilize any number of abilities they have in their personal canon. Pokémon that share a type with their Trainer will perform better than Pokémon that do not - trainers inherently favor their personal type. Additionally, characters may pick one of the abilities listed below:

Mastery of Battle: The Trainer is skilled at leading their Pokémon to victory in battle, utilizing daring strategies in combat. Masters of Battle can utilize unique strategies that can break through typing strengths and immunities and enhance their own typing advantages. While, for example, an Electric Pokémon facing a Ground Pokémon is considered next to impossible, the Battle Master knows how to make it happen while understanding the sheer difficulty of the task. Additionally, any attacks that would be super effective are even more powerful in the hands of a Master of Battle. In terms of efficacy, if an enemy is normally immune in a type match-up, it becomes not very effective. If it is normally not very effective, it becomes neutral. If a Pokémon is weak to a certain type, using that type against it becomes 1.5 times as powerful as it might otherwise be.

Mastery of Training: The Trainer is skilled at training and disciplining their Pokémon. Be it through stern discipline or a kind hand, they have the ability to draw out a Pokémon's true potential. The Master of Training is more efficient in leveling up their Pokémon and may distribute 4 additional levels each week (for a total of 16 a week, or 32 with an Intensive Training session). When using the Simplified Leveling System, the Master of Training may gain 1 extra week every 3 weeks. Additionally, due to their extensive knowledge of Pokémon, Masters of Training may teach a single Pokémon one Tutor Move or relearn one move a week.

Mastery of Evolution: The Trainer is inherently gifted in the mysteries of Pokémon evolution. The Pokémon they travel with are prone to evolving sooner and don't require any special factors such as stones or being traded. The trainer's presence is enough to cause them to evolve. All Pokémon that evolve via level will reach their first form 5 levels faster, and their second form 10 levels faster (example: Dratini normally evolves at levels 30 and 55. A Dratini under a Master of Evolution will instead evolve at levels 25 and 45). Pokémon that require a factor such as a stone or being traded may instead evolve at either level 30 or at 15 levels after their first evolution (example: Geodude evolves into Graveler at level 25. Since Golem requires a trade to evolve, it will instead evolve at level 40). For Pokémon that require 2 factors, such as being traded with a special item, the Master of Evolution may ignore one of those factors but not both.

Finally, Pokémon that evolve by stone and lose access to the attacks they learn in their lower form will retain the ability to learn these attacks in their evolved form. However, they will be learned 5 levels later (example: Vulpix evolves through the use of the Fire Stone, but cannot learn its original moves as a Ninetales. Under a Master of Evolution, it evolves at level 30 and can learn all of its attacks as normal, but five levels later, so Payback at level 36, Fire Spin at level 39, and so on).

When using the Simplified Leveling System, 5 levels = 2.5 weeks.

Egg Mastery: The Trainer is inherently gifted at raising Pokémon from eggs. Any egg hatched by an Egg Master will always yield the youngest infant stage of a Pokémon, and all eggs carried by an Egg Master hatch in one week, not two. Finally, Egg Masters may teach a single Pokémon an Egg Move once a week.

Mastery of Trading: The Trainer is skilled at working with Pokémon that were not originally theirs. A Master of Trading can re-attune their Warp Band with that of an ally, allowing them to trade Pokémon in the middle of battle. Additionally, any Pokémon that must be traded with special items to evolve can ignore the item requirement and will evolve once traded by the Master of Trading. This applies to both Pokémon involved in the trade. Masters of Trading are also better at working with Pokémon originally bonded to others, making it far less likely for traded Pokémon to disobey them. Masters of Trading do not need to revisit Union to change their team lineup. So long as they have an hour of uninterrupted time, they can change the alignment of their Warp Band remotely and swap out their current team if desired for a completely new one, so long as they remain in signal range.

Finally, Masters of Trading may temporarily swap abilities amongst their Pokémon and amongst their allies' Pokémon during battle to gain a tactical advantage. This will last for the duration of a single battle before the abilities revert. No abilities that cannot be Skill Swapped can be traded, however, which include Wonder Guard, Multitype, Illusion, and Stance Change. Unique abilities that cause appearance changes like Zen Mode, Forecast, Flower Gift, and Imposter can be swapped, but will have no effect.

Kindred Soul: The Trainer is seen by Pokémon as a true friend and an ally, not so much human as a fellow Pokémon. Kindred Souls can understand the speech of Pokémon to a degree and do not need to use their Warp Band to connect to Pokémon. They have the ability to attract and befriend many Pokémon, and can bond with one additional Pokémon companion every week. Additionally, the maximum number of Pokémon companions they may have is increased by 10.

Engineer: The Trainer is a master of crafting and utilizing items in combat. Engineers have the ability to, with the right components, craft a special item once a week (special items can include the specific Pokémon-based items such as Metal Coats, Water Stones or Charcoal, or they can be special equipment for Enlightened, such as a gun that shoots fire bullets). Additionally, items in the hands of their Pokémon are more potent; engineers gain two uses of single use items. If an Engineer is involved with a trade that would normally consume a single-use item such as trading an Onix with a Metal Coat, this ability applies no matter what side of the trade the Engineer is on.

A list of currently available special items for Engineers may be found here.

Analyst: The Trainer has an eye for detail. Many trainers possessing this ability have a razor sharp mind, able to pick up the smallest, most insignificant details in a situation and possessing a superb memory. They can, at a glance, tell what a Pokémon or Enlightened's strengths and weaknesses are. They can additionally discern all of the attacks available to a Pokémon or the capabilities of an Enlightened, as well as their level and physical capabilities (if a Pokémon or Enlightened is physically powerful or weak, etc). Additionally, Analysts can look at a Warp Band or Pokéball and discern what Pokémon are contained within it. They cannot, however, analyze the Pokémon's full abilities until it is released or summoned.

Child of the Verdant Forest: The Trainer is blessed by the green forest of myth, where Pokémon flourish at one with nature. A Child of the Verdant Forest can communicate on a deeper level with all Pokémon, sensing their thoughts, feelings, and emotions and communicating on a deeply empathic level without using a Warp Band. They also have the ability to transfer their own vitality and lifeforce to heal Pokémon, even in the heat of battle. Child of the Verdant Forest is unique to Union natives.

Child of Unyielding Steel: The Trainer is blessed by the great fiery mountain, where flame tempers unbreakable steel. A Child of Unyielding Steel has heightened defensive abilities, and are further resistant to elemental attacks. Any attacks that would normally be Super Effective are reduced in efficacy (x1.5 damage instead of x2 damage). Any attacks that would normally be not very effective are additionally reduced (x0.33 damage instead of x0.5 damage). This applies to stacked resistances or weaknesses as well. If an attack would be doubly Super Effective its damage is likewise reduced (x2 instead of x4). If the attack would be doubly Not Very Effective, the Trainer is instead immune. If the trainer is naturally immune to the element, they instead absorb it, regaining a small amount of health and vitality when they are targeted by it. Child of Unyielding Steel is unique to Caldera natives.

Child of the Howling Gale: The Trainer is blessed by the raging winds, swift and deadly. A Child of the Howling Gale has heightened speed and agility, far surpassing that of any other enlightened. Additionally, they have a natural control over and affinity for the wind. They can utilize attacks that generally employ the wind even if they lack the Flying typing as if it were one of their personal types. If they do possess the Flying typing, their wind-based attacks are that much stronger. When using wind-based attacks, they can use them with exceptional speed, and any such attacks that require time to set up (such as Razor Wind) do not require this when used by a Child of the Howling Gale. A Child of the Howling Gale can fly at faster speeds than normal if they possess the Flying typing, and can achieve limited flight through manipulation of the wind if they do not. Child of the Howling Gale is unique to Citadel natives.

Child of the Shifting Earth: The trainer is blessed by the earth itself that rumbles and roars beneath the feet of mankind. A Child of the Shifting Earth can sense motion and movement on the ground, so long as part of their body is touching it. Additionally, they have a natural control over and affinity to the earth, and can generally utilize attacks that employ the shifting or moving earth even if they lack the Ground typing as if it were one of their personal types. If they do possess the Ground typing, their earth-based attacks are that much stronger. Children of the Shifting Earth do not need to be touching or moving to manipulate the earth; if they are within a few feet, they can bend it through sheer force of will. Child of the Shifting Earth is unique to Refuge natives.

Child of Knowledge Unbound: The Child of Knowledge Unbound is a special class of Enlightened that is more commonplace than normal Enlightened within the city of Sanctuary. Unlike normal Enlightened, they don’t have access to a specialized ability set appropriate for their type, but are instead capable of learning moves from just about any typing in the form of 'spells'. Children of Knowledge Unbound select up to two types as normal and can master three specific moves within those types that they may use at will. These moves must be narrowly defined, be present in the initial app, have a very specific effect and are attained at levels 1, 30, and 55. However, to use moves beyond their base set of three, a character must memorize special spells. There is no limit to the amount of spells that a character may master, and a character may learn a new spell at a rate of once a week; requests for spells may be made on the Engineering Post. Any Pokemon attack that is not a Legendary signature move may be automatically approved as a spell, but all custom spells must be approved by the moderators when proposed. While there is no limit to the number of spells a character may learn, Children of Knowledge Unbound are restricted by the number of spells they may use in each scene or log. Initially, a character may memorize 2 spells in addition to their three base moves. 1 additional spell can be memorized at levels 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, and 100, for a maximum of 12. Spells of any type can be memorized, but spells of your character’s typing will be more powerful. Memorized spells can be used once per scene or log, and are expended for the rest of that scene or log. Children of Knowledge Unbound may select a secondary ability that is not Far from Ordinary, Child of the Verdant Forest, Child of Unyielding Steel, Child of the Howling Gale, or Child of the Shifting Earth.

Child of Ever-Changing Skies: The trainer is blessed by the skies and the weather above. A Child of Ever-Changing Skies can select two weather effects that they can initiate as a free action in battle (meaning it does not count toward the two-action limit in any logs). A normal Pokemon's attack cannot override the weather of a Child of Ever-Changing Skies, only weather initiated by another Enlightened or a creature of immense power such as a god can change it. If the chosen weather has any adverse effects, the Child of Ever-Changing Skies is immune to the effect. Additionally, they can select a single stat to receive a major boost in that weather, choosing from Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, or Speed. The stat that is boosted can be different depending on the weather. A Child of Ever-Changing Skies can change or reassert their weather as a free action.

Read more... )Homunculus: A Homunculus (plural: Homunculi) is a living being that has been mutated with magical and alchemical means. Often fettered to the mage that created them and having their own will crushed, some Homunculi retain memories and personalities from their human selves. Homunculi gain an increase in one of their type damage from 1.5x to 1.75x. In exchange, the character has some degree of physical impediment, such as claws instead of hands that make it difficult for them to interact with people without harming them, or an oversized arm that lacks full functionally. If desired, they may instead have a mental instability, typically having some kind of trigger that will set them off, a propensity to losing control, or other similar issues. Trainers who are Homunculi can access a secondary ability, but cannot select Child of the Verdant Forest, Child of the Howling Gale, Child of the Shifting Earth or Kindred Soul for their second ability.

Enhanced: The Trainer is an artificial Enlightened created by highly experimental Gigan technology. Enhanced may increase their resistance to a single typing by 1 step (super effective becomes neutral, neutral becomes not very effective, not very effective becomes immune). In exchange, the character has some degree of mental instability, typically having some kind of trigger that will set them off, a propensity to losing control, or other similar issues. Instead, they may have some degree of physical impediment, such as claws instead of hands that make it difficult for them to interact with people without harming them, or an oversized arm that lacks full functionally. Trainers who are Enhanced cannot select Child of the Verdant Forest, Child of the Howling Gale, Child of the Shifting Earth or Kindred Soul for their second ability.

Note: It is possible to have an Enhanced character ICly without having the mechanical disadvantages. In this case, the Enhanced does not gain the bonus resistance, but does not suffer the mental instability associated with the ability. They function as normal Enlightened for all intents and purposes.

God of War: The Trainer is exceptionally powerful in their own right. The trainer may select an additional type (for a maximum of 3), and is generally considered to be much stronger than any other Enlightened in personal combat. However, they may only hold 3 Pokémon in their Warp Band at a time. Additionally, Gods of War receive a +5 effective level bonus when adventuring in a dangerous area. Please see the map and exploration post for further details.

Shifter: The Trainer is one of two things - a Pokémon that gained the ability to become human, or a human that gained the ability to become a Pokémon. For mysterious reasons that seem to be connected to the Lake Shrine, some humans and Pokémon have gained the ability to cross over, transforming and becoming a being truly split between two worlds. Shifters have a Pokémon form that they can transform to and from. No matter the form, they can utilize all of their attacks and don't forget any attacks they might learn as a Pokémon. Additionally, they gain access to all available Egg Moves and Tutor Moves and may learn them at a rate of one every two weeks (TM moves are still learned via TM as normal). Shifters may pick any ability they want, even hidden abilities. As a human, their appearance tends to be closely linked to that of their Pokémon form, and many Shifters have "shiny" coloration. Shifters also retain the ability to speak to humans in either form and can speak to other Pokémon as easily as they would in their Pokémon form. Shifters are typically stronger than an average Pokémon of their breed, but no stronger than a standard Enlightened. Shifters must have only the types that their Pokémon form has and cannot have any other types.

Shifters will evolve the same way their Pokémon forms do. Evolution by items will still require the items to evolve while evolution by trade or affection will require attaining Level 30 for two-stage Pokémon or attaining 15 levels after the first evolution for three-stage Pokémon. Evolution with trade and an item will simply requiring attaining the item. Shifter cannot be combined with any other ability that allows multiple abilities.

Far from Ordinary: The Trainer is not Enlightened and are, for all intents and purposes, a normal human. However, they may carry up to 7 Pokémon in their Warp Band and may select another trainer ability. Trainers who are Far from Ordinary cannot select Child of the Verdant Forest, Child of Unyielding Steel, Child of the Howling Gale, Shifter, or God of War for their second ability. Finally, trainers who are Far From Ordinary may select a single type to specialize in; however, they will not personally have any aspects from that type. Pokémon they train that fall under that type, however, will perform better. Trainers who are Far From Ordinary do not gain levels themselves, but may distribute an additional 2 levels among their Pokémon every week. Far From Ordinary trainers may also have two starters from the starter list and one more from a list of common Pokemon.

Far From Ordinary may awaken Enlightened abilities after some time in the game if they wish. The procedure is outlined here.

Enlightened, Evolution and leveling up:

As of June 14, 2014, all characters may begin at up to level 12, or 12 weeks using the Simplified Leveling System. Enlightened grow in power and ability like any Pokémon. As they grow in power, like their Pokémon allies, they might evolve into a more powerful version of themselves, gaining powerful and otherworldly abilities. For those that are manually tracking levels, all Enlightened gain levels at half the speed of a normal Pokémon. Enlightened typically evolve at levels 30 and 55.

For canon characters, at the start of the game they will typically have access to their lower tier, less impact abilities. As they progress in power, they will start gaining access to their higher level powers. Characters who have particularly potent abilities on the level of gods in their own canon will be restricted even at high levels in Brave New World. While high-level Enlightened can cause widespread devastation, warping reality or leveling entire landscapes will remain forever out of reach.

Enlightened Type Abilities:

While Enlightened might appear to be human, they are anything but. As they progress in ability, they become more in tune with the elemental types they possess within them, and many cease to truly resemble humans at all. For example, a Fire Enlightened may eventually be capable of bathing in magma, a Flying Enlightened might acquire the ability to fly and even grow wings, or a Water Enlightened will gain the ability to breathe underwater and grow fins to swim faster. These changes are by no means required, but in addition to being able to wield the powers their typing possesses in combat Enlightened can expect to have their typing affect their bodies in dramatic ways.

Enlightened that possess the Normal type typically will not have dramatic physical changes, so while a Water/Normal Enlightened might breathe underwater, they are far less likely to show physical signs of the ability.

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-As of June 14, 2014, all Starters can begin up to Level 12 maximum or 6 weeks using the Simplified System. This is regardless of backstory or other considerations-

Temporary Starters From the Breeding Center
Deerling x2
Squirtle x3
Cottonee x1
Baltoy x3
Inkay x2
Pancham x1
Swablu x2
Bagon x3
Emolga x1
Gible x1
Spinarak x2

If you wish to take a temporary starter, please make a note of this in your application. All starters from the Breeding Center come with 1 Egg Move.

The following are already starters, but the next one to be claimed may come with one Egg Move:
Flabébé x2
Venipede x1
Shinx x1
Golett x1
Hoppip x2
Bulbasaur x1
Riolu x5
Cubone x1

Starters marked with an asterisk were added after the start of the game due to player submissions in the Breeding Center.

List of starters ) | Azurill*
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The city of Union is the final bastion of humanity in an untamed world. It stores the sum of human knowledge and technological advancement. While the ways of old have fallen by the wayside, the rise of the Enlightened has opened new avenues of research. Built behind great walls meant to defend humanity, it could not expand outward, but has instead expanded upward. With enormous spires stretching to the sky, wide sweeping boulevards and interconnected walkways, Union is as much a thriving metropolis as it is a fortress.

Underneath the modern city of Union underground lies the ruins of the Old City. It is accessible through several routes and entrances across Union, although access is restricted and the full extent of the ruins have never been explored due to the dangers it poses.

Locations )
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Applications )
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To reserve a character, please fill out the following form. Due to entering Endgame, there will be no limit to the number of characters you can reserve so long as you have previously played them in this game, but the week long limit remains. No extensions will be granted after that week, and you will need to wait a week to submit your reservation another time.

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Declaring a hiatus of longer than two weeks exempts you from the next activity cycle for all characters. You may not declare hiatus for more than one month, barring special circumstances such as real life emergencies. To declare a hiatus for a second month, you must contact the mod team and inform us. To declare a hiatus, please post the form below:

Exemption from October 1st AC
Pamela Isley

Restricted from Hiatus due to Strike

Sometimes real life happens or a game or character doesn't click. While we're sad to see you or your character(s) go, we understand that these things happen and wish you all the best in your future RP endeavors. If you need to drop a character, please fill out the form and post it below.

Unless otherwise specified, all dropped characters will be considered lost in the wilderness and out of range of Union's network. All their Pokémon will be held for a month, after which they can be bonded with another trainer or released. If desired, you may specify what happened to your character, for example, they might take on a job within Union and stop active adventuring.

Drop Post

Dec. 7th, 2013 04:38 pm
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Sometimes real life happens or a game or character doesn't click. While we're sad to see you or your character(s) go, we understand that these things happen and wish you all the best in your future RP endeavors. If you need to drop a character, please fill out the form and post it below.

Unless otherwise specified, all dropped characters will be considered lost in the wilderness and out of range of Union's network. All their Pokémon will be held for a month, after which they can be bonded with another trainer or released. If desired, you may specify what happened to your character, for example, they might take on a job within Union and stop active adventuring.

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All Pokémon slowly gain in power and ability as they progress. Below are several guidelines for Pokémon leveling; feel free to use whichever version best suits you. You are not required to carefully track your Pokémon levels, and a general abstraction is more than sufficient. For those who revel in complication and number-crunching, though, there are firmer rules available if desired.

Every week, a trainer can gain some levels with their Pokémon and find a Pokémon to bond with. This happens automatically; you are not required to make any posts saying so. The bonding can be done on any day during the week, and the results of the leveling will be felt throughout the week (typically a level or two may be attained every day). This doesn't need to be tracked, but a new week begins every Saturday so if you've bonded with a Pokémon this week, you have to wait until the following Saturday before you can bond again.

The current level cap for both Enlightened and Pokémon is 65.


For those who want to track levels in depth, every week through the course of normal adventuring, you have 12 levels to distribute between any Pokémon you possess. For your character, using 2 out of these 12 levels is required for each 1 level they actually gain. New attacks and evolutions are gained at the exact listed levels as per the Pokémon X/Y Pokédex (again, found here).

If you choose to take part in an intensive training regimen, you instead have 24 levels to distribute. Those possessing the Mastery of Evolution can evolve their Pokémon 5 levels earlier than normal.

If you prefer, Pokémon levels can be more abstracted. An alternative to micromanaging levels is to use the Simplified Leveling System, based on the number of weeks that a Pokémon has traveled with a trainer. Please see that page for more details.

You and your Pokémon cannot gain levels beyond 5 over the Danger Level of the areas available for exploration. Typically, Pokémon should be able to use attacks based on their relative level. When figuring out what your Pokémon is capable of, refer to the Pokémon X/Y Pokédex, a good reference for which can be found here.


Every week, a trainer may bond with a single Pokémon. All areas will have a list of available Pokémon, as well as the chance of getting a specific Pokémon, which will be rolled on a random number generator by the mods. When attempting to find a Pokémon to bond with, the player may request a generated number to determine what they encounter, one for each character they play. If desired, the trainer may instead elect to simply bond with a specific Pokémon that has already been discovered in the area, in which case they can just add that Pokémon to their roster. Some Pokémon, even after being discovered, may require an intensive searching session to encounter. These are marked as Rares.

As new Pokémon are uncovered, the discovering player will have the option to have the mods NPC the first encounter with a new breed. If desired, a trainer can declare an Intensive Searching session in a region to look for a new breed of Pokémon. If they do so, the moderators will only include undiscovered Pokémon in their roll.

Trainers are not required to bond with the Pokémon they discover during their search, but they will not be able to bond with any other Pokémon that week.

For every request to bond, there is a very small chance that the resulting Pokémon will end up a different coloration, termed a shiny.

Intensive Searching and Training Sessions:

If desired, a player may devote an entire week to seeking out specific Pokémon to bond with or training their Pokémon. Trainers who take part in an intensive session can only either train or seek out Pokémon to bond with, not both, so if a trainer performs an intensive training session they will gain twice the normal levels but will not be able to bond with any Pokémon that week and if a trainer performs an intensive searching session, they will have more control over the Pokémon they discover and can bond with, but will gain no levels that week. Players are expected to track this themselves and are encouraged to have the characters make an IC post about their intent as an intensive training or bonding session generally involves descending into the wilderness and doing some hardcore training or searching.
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What do you mean when you say this is an "AU Game"?

An AU, or Alternate Universe game allows players to bring in characters from all sorts of mediums, as a standard pan-fandom game would. However, in an AU game, players are required to alter the backstory of their character to fit the original setting of the game.

What kind of characters may I app?

Any characters from established media may be apped in, so long as they are altered to fit the setting. Additionally, original characters may be apped, but they must also be molded or specifically created to fit the setting.

Pokémon characters from any medium may also be apped and will be treated in the exact same manner.

Characters with very little canon material may also be apped so long as the proposed characterization and backstory are internally consistent with the source material and the proposed AU makes sense. This may be determined on a case by case basis as needed, although we will generally be flexible.

Is a moderator available to look over my app before I submit it?

No, moderators will not review applications before they are submitted. However, we will review a single section, if present. If your character has a Notes/Special Considerations section that involve adding backstory considerations, abilities or mechanics not commonly available to all players, the moderators will review, discuss, and pre-approve that if desired.

-What are the activity requirements?

Each character must have at least 10 comments in threads with 2 or more characters to meet the activity requirement. If desired, a character can substitute a post for part of the activity requirement. In this case they only need to make a post and have a thread with a single other character at least 5 comments in length. Any character that fails to meet the activity requirement is removed from the game and considered lost in the wilderness. Activity checks are held every month.

-When can I reapply for a character after failing activity check or dropping?-

If a character fails activity check or if a character is dropped, you may not reserve or reapply that character until the next application cycle, which is the 1st of the following month.

As a caveat, if we see repeated reapplications for the same character after multiple drops/idles, we reserve the right to ask you to wait a longer period of time until you're certain you can maintain the character within the game.

-How many characters may I have?

You may play up to 5 characters at a time. If you meet double the activity requirement with all of your active characters during an activity check, you may request an additional character slot. You may only gain one slot this way per month. If you possess any extra character slots above 5 and fail activity check with any characters, you will lose as many extra character slots as you had characters fail the activity requirement.

-There are multiple, distinct versions of the same character. May I app a different version of a character who already exists in game?

Since this is AU this can be a bit harder to manage, but we're willing to allow it with a few conditions. First and foremost you must speak with the player of the existing character - if they're OK with it then you may proceed. Both you and the initial player will need to work out a special consideration backstory (we suggest twins as the simplest route) which will need to be updated for the existing character as well as included for the new character. If you want to do this, we definitely recommend looping the mods in so we can provide assistance in making this work.


-How does the Capturing mechanic work?

In Brave New World, capturing a Pokémon is considered to be unbelievably taboo. Trainers do not catch Pokémon, they bond with them. To bond, the Trainer uses their warp band to link their minds together so they can communicate on an emotional level and attempt to convince the Pokémon to align with them. In terms of gameplay, a Trainer may bond with one Pokémon per week. For more information, refer to the Training, Bonding and Leveling page.

When Bonding, the Trainer activates their Warp Band, the prongs standing on end like a five-pointed star. When in active mode, the trainer can fire a pulse of light - if it strikes the target Pokémon their minds will touch, and the trainer can communicate with the Pokémon, typically on an empathic level as most Pokémon are not sapient. This bond only lasts a few moments, and in this time the Trainer must convince the Pokémon to join them.

-What about trading?

Pokémon may be traded at any time, but as in the games, happiness and affection will reset. Additionally, any Enlightened ability that entails 'Mastery' will not work on a Pokémon for the first two weeks after it's been traded. In IC terms, both Pokémon must agree to the trade; no Pokémon may be traded against their will.

-How many Pokémon may I have at a time?

Currently, the maximum amount of Pokémon you may have bonded with you is 60. This limit can be expanded via player plots and the Kindred Soul Enlightened ability allows characters to have 10 more Pokémon than normal.

-How does leveling up work?

Typically, through the course of your travels your Pokémon will gain levels. Typically, your Pokémon and your main character will gain up to 12 levels a week, distributed among Pokémon you are actively using. To level up your character, you must expend twice as many normal levels. You are not required to track your levels, and they can generally be abstracted so long as you don't overdo it. The highest level that may be attained as of the opening of the game is Level 25.

With the discovery of new areas, the current maximum level is level 65.

-This is too complicated! Do I really have to keep track of all these levels?

If you'd prefer not to micromanage everything, an alternative way is to use the Simplified Leveling System! Simply keep track of how many weeks your Pokemon has been with you and how many weeks your character has been in the game. However, if you use this system, the normal leveling tricks will not be possible, so the choice is yours!

-Are Pokémon restricted to 4 attacks?

Not really, but again, just don't overdo it. We're not going to require you to figure out a full moveset and most Pokémon should be able to use the travel abilities that come naturally to them (a Scyther can slice down a bush without needing Cut, a Pidgeot can fly you around, what have you).

-What about Egg Moves/Tutor Moves/Relearned Moves?

When bonding with Wild Pokémon, there will be a low chance that we will roll an Egg Move for it. Additionally, event Pokémon will occasionally come with Egg Moves. Pokémon born in the Breeding Center will also be able to come with Egg Moves. Tutor Moves and moves that need to be relearned can be taught by Mastery of Training Enlightened once a week. Shifters may gain access to any Egg/Tutor Move as they wish.

An item called Guru's Wisdom will also be given out as a reward that will teach one Pokémon an Egg Move, a Tutor Move, a relearned move, or swap its ability to its Hidden Ability. It is single use, but there is no limit on the number of Guru's Wisdoms that can be used on a single Pokémon.

-What about Hidden Abilities?

Normal wild Pokémon will never come with Hidden Abilities, but event Pokémon may be given away with them. Shifters may choose to have their Hidden Ability without any restriction if they wish.

An item called Guru's Wisdom will also be given out as a reward that will teach one Pokémon an Egg Move, a Tutor Move, or swap its ability to its Hidden Ability. It is single use, but there is no limit on the number of Guru's Wisdoms that can be used on a single Pokémon.

Additionally, with the opening of the Dream World on October 31st, 2014, Pokémon may be intensively trained for their Hidden Ability.

-Wait, what's the Dream World?

In BNW, the Dream World is a realm governed by Cresselia and Darkrai, as revealed in the October 2014 event. Due to the events of that time, the dream deities occasionally allow the trainers of Union access to the Dream World. Within the Dream World, extremely rare Pokémon may be found, and existing Pokémon may find their physiology altering. Dream World mechanics work as follows: trainers may either choose to intensively train one Pokémon to change their ability to the Hidden Ability or they may intensively search for an extra rare Pokémon that may not be available otherwise with a Hidden Ability and rare Egg Moves.

Whether or not the Dream World is open depends on the RNG. It will be posted in the Map Post when it is, and on average, is open twice a month.

-My Pokémon has Pickup! What can I get from it?

Please use the form on the Items page. You may respond once a week for your Pickup items and you will receive as many rolls for as many Pickup Pokémon as you have.

-How do I evolve a Pokémon through happiness or affection?

Pokémon are qualified to evolve through happiness or affection if a trainer cares for them and maintains a strong relationship for upwards of a month. Masters of Evolution may halve this time. If they are treated poorly, they may never evolve.

-Am I required to take a starter Pokémon?

Nope! You can choose to start without any Pokémon if you so desire.

-How many starters will I begin with and what level will they be?

As of June 14 2014, all incoming characters may begin at Level 12 with up to two Level 12 starters. They may pick one starter from the Starter List and one Common Pokémon from the Map Post. Commons are the first four listed Pokémon in any area. Far From Ordinary characters may pick two starters from the Starter List and one Common Pokémon.

As we progress through events, the starting levels and starters will continue to increase to help newcomers to the game get started.

-Why are there starter Pokémon at all?

These Pokémon are actually present and live within the city of Union and are often used for companionship or shared labor. It is not uncommon for someone to bond with one growing up. Any Pokémon that you see on the starter list are semi-domestic within the city of Union, even if there is not one specific person that they are bonded with.

-If Pokémon in the city of Union are considered companions, what do people eat?

Many Pokémon that are not bonded with humans have low-level intelligence about on average with a normal animal, although this varies between individuals. Any individual of any given species may be as intelligent as those commonly seen in other Pokémon medium. In general, some species of Normal-types and Flying-types are consumed within Union, but meat is very much a luxury.

-How do the Warp Bands work?

Warp Bands can transfer items or Pokémon nigh-instantaneously over long distances. The city of Union has a single Transmitter Tower that delivers a signal across the a defined area. So long as your character remains within the signal range, they can summon any of the Pokémon they have attuned to their Warp Band to their side, or return them with equal ease. When not summoned, Pokémon remain in the habitat. If a trainer leaves the signal area, no Pokémon can be summoned or returned.

-Is there a way to expand the signal area?

There is! As you explore the world and acquire resources, you can construct more signal towers to expand the network across the world.

-How does exploring work?

During the course of the game, there will be a number of plot and non-plot opportunities for characters to explore the world around them and reveal more of the map. Exploring will reveal new items, resources, and Pokémon.

-Is there a network? How does it work?

All Warp Bands have an intranet function based on the signal. While within range, characters can communicate via voice and text to anyone else who possesses a Warp Band, either on public or private channels. As of February 3rd, 2014, a video component has been engineered. The technology is slowly being distributed across Union, so as a default introduction, your character may introduce themselves by announcing that they've been incorporated into the video network.

The Warp Band receives power from the network. If a Trainer leaves the transmission area, they are not able to fully access the network. However, they can activate distress beacons and attempt to send text messages. The range is about 5 to 10 miles outside of the signal and the auxiliary power on the Warp Band lasts for about 72 hours.

-What exactly is an 'Enlightened'?

Most player characters are Enlightened. Simply put, Enlightened have special abilities and can take on two (or sometimes three) elemental types normally possessed by Pokémon. In terms of gameplay, players are encouraged to use this to duplicate the canon abilities of their AU character, or even come up with new and interesting takes on the characters. Enlightened may also have any number of abilities found within standard Pokémon, it's really up to the player to determine how the character's Enlightened abilities manifest. Enlightened have the ability to gain levels and evolve, gaining new abilities over time. Typically, this is used to fill out the higher level abilities the characters possess in canon and gain access to interesting changes as desired (a character might grow wings or gills, for example).

Read more... )-Can I change my Enlightened ability if I don't like it?

No. The sole exception is for Far From Ordinary characters, who may choose to have their characters awaken as Enlightened if they wish over the course of the game. We will require these characters to respond on the Applications page with a justification for this process, reflecting the character's growth in game and explaining why it would be a logical step forward, as well as including new details on their Enlightened abilities. These characters will retain both the secondary ability that they possessed (such as Master of Evolution) as well as their primary affiliated typing as Far From Ordinary. The secondary typing may change as they continue to evolve. Finally, these characters will reset to Level 1 to allow them to grow and evolve normally as Enlightened.

All Far From Ordinary perks will be lost upon attaining Enlightened status.

-What about Mega Evolution?

Mega Evolution has been officially introduced into the game as of July of 2015. Both Enlightened and Pokémon have the capability of Mega Evolving. Enlightened may apply for a Mega Evolution on the Application page after fulfilling a few criteria. Candidates must have been in the game for at least three months, have achieved Level 55 (45 for Masters of Evolution), and have overcome some personal trial or shown some personal growth. Pokémon may not Mega Evolve without their Mega Stone. Mega Stones will be introduced into the game over the course of time and will be listed on the Items page.

-What is an 'Enhanced Item'?

Due to the prevalence of both Enlightened and Pokémon, humans have gained the ability to craft special items that possess properties of the elemental types found in the natural world. Union has used this to expand their technological abilities and make up for their lack of manufacturing capability. Enhanced items are used for both mundane and combat applications, they can be anything from ice swords to psychic guns to self-heating forges to gentle spring water hospital beds. Enhanced items are currently capable of possessing up to two elements. Each character may only have three active Enhanced items at a time, though they may own as many as they wish.

-How many Pokémon may I have at a time?

At the moment, all characters may bond with up to 60 Pokémon. This number can be increased as the game progresses and more habitat space is developed, and certain perks allow you to hold more Pokémon.

-May I release any Pokémon?

Yes, Pokémon may be released into the wild at will.

-Can Pokémon die?

Yes they can. Typically, the death of a Pokémon will occur at the player's discretion. Some events will be tagged as high danger, which means if it fits with your personal plot there is a higher likelihood that a Pokémon will be killed in battle. Some events will be tagged as extreme danger, which means if you do something particularly stupid and suicidal with your Pokémon (i.e. charging into the middle of fighting Legendaries) we're probably going to have to rule some consequences.

-Are there other Pokémon in areas than the ones listed?

Yes there are! You can assume that just about any Pokémon that can be found in an area has an evolved form in the area as well. Typically these Pokémon will only show up in Danger threads and tend to be pack leaders and other, established positions with the wild Pokémon. As such, they are simply unable to be bonded with. These may also occasionally become available to bond with during plot threads.

-How much does Union know about Pokémon in non-native areas?

Practically nothing. Discoveries of new Pokémon are, for all intents and purposes, equivalent to discoveries of new species of animals. However, Kindred Souls will be able to interrogate the Pokémon for information, Analysts will be able to scan them, and the Pokémon will make vocalizations similar to their name. People from Union should have no prior knowledge of non-native Pokémon species.

-How much does Union know about legendary Pokémon?

Also practically nothing! In this world, the legendary Pokémon are considered gods. While there are half-remembered myths and legends, they would generally be referred to in the vaguest of terms. As an example, it may be known that there is a deity associated with the sky and with rainbows in the form of a large bird, but the name Ho-oh and its connections to Lugia, Raikou, Entei, and Suicune would have been lost to time. In modern times, people may even have invented deities that don't actually exist or ascribed attributes to them that aren't true. The Agnostos Temple is where people go to pay respect to the gods; however, it isn't an organized religion in any sense and respect to the gods means something different to everyone.

-What happens if a character is dropped?

If the player wishes, they can specify what happens with their character as they are dropped, generally it involves the character returning to the city to work there. If unspecified, the character is lost in the wilderness.

-What happens if a character is killed?

No characters will ever be killed without the explicit permission of the player. If a character is killed, they are removed from the game permanently, although there is a way to partially return the character to play later.

-Can I app a character who was killed or dropped?

You may! There are two options. Option 1 is the character can emerge from the wilderness or return to active duty if they stopped traveling. If desired, however, Option 2 allows for the character to awaken within a small, ancient shrine located in the Verdant Forest. The character will be clad in white robes and any scars or markings on their bodies will be completely gone. The character will remember nothing of their former life (but will still retain their abilities, speech and language capabilities). The character will be reset to level 1 and any evolutions they acquired will be gone. If desired, the character may regain memories as time progresses, but this is not required. Characters who died can only be returned through the shrine. Regaining memories is at the discretion of the player.

-I want to apply a character from outside Union. How does that work?

As of February 3rd, 2014, applications for characters outside Union will no longer need special approval from the mods. You may feel free to create small settlements far away from Union from which your character hails, although you will need to describe them in some detail. We may also contact you to talk about the app if we have questions. If you require anything more substantial than a small settlement (~50 people), you will still need to receive approval before applying. If in doubt, please contact us to hash out details first. Thanks!

-There's a Pokémon that's perfect/crucial for my character to start with, but it isn't a starter! I'm not sure how to app without it. What should I do?

We've been able to make special accommodations for characters like this in the past; please feel free to contact us! If you require a high-tier Pokémon, we will not be able to give you this straight out, but we may allow some level redistribution. This will be on a case-by-case basis and we reserve the right to decline.

-I want to do this cool thing with my character, is that allowed?

Very likely! As with the previous question, we encourage all players to come up with interesting and unique backstories, abilities, and plot hooks for their characters. We've included a section in the application to request special considerations, and we'd also be happy to discuss these considerations through PM. Please be aware that while we will work with you as best we can to make your concept work, there are some things we will not be able to approve and if you include special notes there is a higher possibility that your app will require some back-and-forth before approval is reached.

-ORAS just came out and we really want secret bases!

This is definitely a real question we've received and not an excuse to include info that doesn't fit anywhere else, thank you for asking! Secret Bases were introduced on January 3rd, 2015, spurred by the discovery of TM94, Secret Power. Secret Bases may be stocked with Decorations and Dolls that can be created by Engineers. Characters may maintain a description of their Base on their journal if they would like, or they may use a generator such as this one. This link will be updated if a Gen VI generator ever appears.
Read more... )


-All players are to treat each other with respect and courtesy. This is non-negotiable; this game is open to all who can meet the standards of our application process, maintain our required activity level, and positively contribute to the game. We certainly don't expect you to like or play with everyone, but we expect politeness, if nothing else. Harassment, personal attacks, or other behavior with the express purpose of making someone feel bad or otherwise unwanted will not be tolerated. The moderator team will not police personal interactions outside of the game nor act as mediators in disputes, but our expectation is both that players respect each other and that if there are issues, players will work them out among themselves in a mature and respectful manner. Personal attacks, harassment, and other negative behavior against other players will not be tolerated and can result in suspension or banning from the community.

-Do not force other players or characters into unwanted situations, or use out-of-character knowledge as in-character knowledge. Often known as "god-modding" and "metagaming", these actions are unacceptable in a freeform roleplay. Nothing is more frustrating than having certain actions or interactions forced upon you by another player or character, or to have your carefully laid plots spoiled by other players using knowledge their character shouldn't have to foil your plot. Please don't do it.

-All moderator decisions are final. We welcome discussion and are open to questions regarding our decisions and are happy to provide clarification, decisions are not up to argument or debate.

-Remain in character. It is natural for characters to grow and change, but it is expected that players will generally be consistent to the personality and samples submitted, as well as the established personality of the canon character and the AU they have developed.

-If a character elects to kill a character they just recently apped, the mods reserve the right to veto the action. Because of the nature of the AU game, it is unfair to kill off a character if you have no intention of sticking with them and do not put any effort into establishing them within the game.

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After the war, most of humanity laid dead and the world was torn asunder. As the few remnants of mankind retreated behind the walls of Union to rebuild, they did as they always do - adapt and change to the new situation.

Society within Union is in many cases quite rigid. So far as they know, they are the only humans left on the planet. As such, they have developed a set of stringent rules for behavior. Only in doing so, they feel, can the human race be preserved.

Culture and Society )

Throughout the year, Union celebrates a number of holidays. Many of these holidays have some tie to either the gods of old, the Savior, or to some other, much older festivities held over from previous civilizations. However, with more settlements being discovered, and with people migrating to Union from all corners of the known world, the city has begun adopting other cultures' holidays into their own parameters.

Holidays )
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This post tracks past and ongoing plots in the game. New players are encouraged to look this over for plots to get involved in and to get an idea of what has occurred in the game's past.

Plot Timeline:

January 11th, 2014:
The game opens with an announcement from the Council. Union is depleting its supply of iron ore and requires more.

[Player Plot: The Iron Mines]
January 16th, 2014:
The Ranger, Jade Curtiss, organizes an expedition to the mountains in search of an iron mine. On January 16th, they set off and split into three groups upon arrival. The first group encounters a tribe of Aron, the second runs into a strange magnetic cavern filled with Nosepass, and the third interrupts a battle raging between native mountain Pokémon and Ice-types from higher up. In the end, the iron mine is only just barely opened when an earthquake shakes the land.

[Event: The Signal]
January 24th, 2014:
An earthquake strikes Union and leaves significant damage to the city. Panic spreads and wild Pokémon flee the Old City, swarming into the streets of Union. The aftershocks continue long after they are expected to die down.

January 27th, 2014:
The earthquakes continue. In desperation, the Council of Union sends out an urgent message asking the citizens of Union to investigate the eastern mountains in search of the origin of the quakes. In addition to being the likely epicenter, a strange signal has been detected from that area. They further request that the Old City also be examined due to the unusual activity of the native Pokémon. The people of Union set forth to see what they will uncover.

January 30th, 2014:
After some mishaps and hardship, the explorers eventually begin to stumble onto the truth: the source of the signal is a collection of strange machines, and the earthquakes are caused by rampaging Pokémon. Other disturbances are seen in the Old City. In the end, the people of Union work hard to disable as many machines and to calm as many of the raging Pokémon that they can.

February 3rd, 2014:
With the recovery of some of the machine parts, an incredible truth is made known: there are more human civilizations out there than Union. The machines are man-made and the script is clearly different than that of the old civilization. The Council issues an announcement and encourages the people of Union to look ahead to the dawning of a new era.

After this event, technology from the machines were reverse-engineered to produce Video Capability for the Warp Bands. The people of Union are slowly being added to the video network.

[Player Plot: The Fledgling]
February 2nd, 2014:
The Ranger, Quinn, reunites with an old friend made in her childhood and finds that he has been gravely injured. He reports that he has seen men, far off to the northwest, personally confirming the existence of societies outside of Union.

[Area Unlock: The Mausoleum]
February 11th, 2014:
The Mausoleum is discovered following the earthquakes in the depths of the Old City.

[Mini-Event: The Pageant]
February 14th, 2014:
Union holds a pageant in celebration of Pokémon beauty and talent.

[Event: Team Evolution]
February 22nd, 2014:
As Union slowly recovers from the damage induced by the earthquakes, a group of strange men and women arrive at Union's gates, inciting no little amount of panic. They call themselves Team Evolution, and they claim ownership over the machines recovered from the iron mines. Asking for the return of their technology, they apologize for the damages and explain their creed and motivations to the people of Union...

February 23rd, 2014:
Representatives from the Council meet with Team Evolution and come to a decision. The team is to be treated as guests for the duration of their stay. They will be allowed to hold a demonstration as well - a tournament of sorts. The Council believes this to be an opportunity to showcase Union's own strength, derived from the bonds between trainer and Pokémon.

February 24th - February 28th, 2014:
The tournament begins. The first few rounds are held amongst Union's trainers, and go relatively smoothly as the Enlightened demonstrate their strength. Then something goes awry. A single member of Team Evolution, Rory Donnachaidh, challenges the elite of Union alone. Many fear a set-up.

These fears prove to be validated when he calls forth a devastating new power called Mega Evolution, easily tearing through his opponents with minimal effort. What was this new power? And what did Team Evolution intend with this demonstration?

Simultaneously, a group of intrepid citizens follow the other two apparent leaders of Team Evolution and witness a terrifying sight.

March 4th, 2014:
On the 10th day, Team Evolution departs with some dubious gifts and words of advice.

[Area Unlock: The Tropical Island]
March 1st, 2014:
The Tropical Island is discovered by Squid Girl whilst capriciously avoiding Team Evolution. The discovery of the island leads to the ability to produce Good Rods and the incentive to build a port.

[Player Plots: Signal Expansion & Area Unlocks]
March 14th, 2014:
Offscreen, the Engineers of Union determine that it may be possible to expand the range of the Signal Tower, allowing trainers to call their Pokemon from further out in the wilderness. Unfortunately, some interference seems to be preventing the project from reaching completion.

Different groups investigate the Verdant Forest, the snowy peaks of the western mountains, the caverns beneath the mountains, and the iron mines. As the groups successfully bypass the interfering signals, they report back about the Moss Rock and the Ice Rock. Other results remain to be seen.

In the meantime, Banzu begins to initiate proceedings to make Union a seafaring society by building a ship and a port while other groups venture into Scorched Forest and the Tropical Island to investigate some other anomalies.

[Event: The Announcement of Spring]
April 5th, 2014:
Early one spring morning, the citizens of Union wake up to discover that flowers have invaded the entirety of the city. The reasons behind this remain to be seen.

April 7th, 2014:
The flowers continue to spread, and some other strange effects crop up as well. Certain types of Enlightened are exhibiting... unusual behavior, and the city is filled with foreign Grass, Bug, and Fairy-type Pokémon. No matter how fast they're clipped, they grow back just as quickly. Union resigns itself to waiting this out.

April 10th, 2014:
A few days into the flower invasion, most of Union is beginning to grow tired of the strange things going on. But late one night, a few night owls will spot a strange pair of silhouettes hovering over Union.

April 14th, 2014:
Another few days and the flowers have gone, leaving no trace behind. The Enlightened return to normal and the non-native Pokémon wander away. What was really happening? Some claim that they saw the strange silhouettes once more...

[Mini-Event: The Stageshow]
May 2nd, 2014:
The Kricketune Theater holds a night of amateur theater to compete for a grand prize of some strange scales.

[Player Plots: Signal Expansions & Area Unlocks, Pt. 2]
May 9th, 2014:
As Union finishes exploring and neutralizing many of the anomalies in the region, new areas are uncovered for exploration, including the Magnet Cave in the Mountains (first discovered January 11th), the Deep Mines in the caverns, the Hot Springs in the Scorched Forest, and the Volcano on the Tropical Island.

Thus, the field work necessary to expand Union's signal range concludes and the Engineers get to work on upgrading the system.

[Event: The Siege]
May 23rd, 2014
The expansion of the Warp Band signal completes! ...And almost immediately, the people of Union pick up an SOS from an unknown people. A shocked Council immediately convenes and decides that they need to attempt to send aid to the city of Caldera. Simultaneously, they explain that the Engineers have been working on a means to use the Warp Band technology to also transport humans. The Warp Marker could be set up for easy transport once an advance party was sent to Caldera.

Shockingly, a new resident of Union also reveals that she once served as a Servitor in Gigas until her escape.

May 25th, 2014
The advance party travels as quickly as they can, coming across a vast desert on their way.

They arrive at the foot of Caldera to find a city besieged. The troops of Gigas are at the gates, and it is difficult to even find a means to enter. Upon arrival, they are greeted by a man who introduces himself as General Ironbrand. He explains that they have been at war for the last two years and are on the verge of defeat.

May 26th, 2014
Union sets up the Warp Marker and begins to bring through refugees. A concerted effort to aid the injured begins. Amongst the workers include a pair of what appear to be Chansey Shifters.

May 27th, 2014
In Caldera, a war council meets after a few days' assessment. To the surprise of the people of Union, Rory Donnachaidh makes another appearance as a representative of Team Evolution, claiming that the Team desires peace as well. He himself explains that he lived in Caldera after his own village was destroyed. Two strategies are proposed: sabotage and diplomacy. With the appearance of the warp technology, Rory believes that the siege could go on indefinitely, a reason for Gigas to settle for some sort of truce. Meanwhile, a group of Enlightened propose a daring plan to take over a siege engine and cause havoc.

May 28th, 2014
As Union prepares, a woman named Barb Flannigan leads the effort to secure more supplies for the people of Caldera.

May 30th, 2014
The time for action is nigh, and the people of Union set out to do what they can to save Caldera. As the efforts grow stronger, news reaches Valeria, secretary of Livius Cassius, and she is forced to agree to a withdrawal of Gigas troops. ...For the moment. She promises that they will be in contact with Union again.

In the meantime, another group seeks answers concerning the matters of the past and discovers a strange shrine in a pool of lava.

Here and there, a strange creature flits in and out of the proceedings, invisible to either side.

June 6th, 2014
Gigas's withdrawal comes quickly, and the city of Caldera is spared. Union has made a staunch ally... but also a fearsome enemy.

[Mini-Event: The Seekers]
June 18th, 2014
Twins Ceilto and Maeve appear in Union representing an organization known as the Seekers, first introduced in Caldera. They explain their purpose and request volunteers.

June 27th, 2014
Maeve leads a group to explore some undersea ruins while Ceilto brings an expedition to the northern deserts. There, they find remnants of ancient civilizations and perhaps some clues as to the gods of old.

[Player Plots & Area Unlocks: Manifest Destiny]
Late June/Early July 2014
At last, the port project is complete and easy sailing to the Tropical Island is made possible and perhaps, even beyond.

Individual expeditions eventually lead to the discovery of the Crater Plains and the Coastal Valley.

[Event: A Baptism by Fire]
July 18th, 2014
Unexpectedly, a Councilman is mugged whilst out and about on the Plains, which are opened to exploration. The people of Union are given a directive to find the culprits and bring them to justice.

July 19th, 2014
Justice may be a short while in coming as the opponents prove to be fierce and capable fighters. Most skirmishes end with the bandits taking to the skies and leaving chaos in their wake. Where could they be coming from?

July 25th, 2014
An explanation comes by way of Warp Band as the technology of some captured citizens of Union are hijacked by the Matriarch of the bandits. They call themselves the Valkyries, and they have been recently beset by an unknown and fearsome assailant. Apologies are offered spuriously, the main issue being that this creature will doubtlessly move south towards Union next.

Their city, the Citadel, is opened to any who are willing to help them face this opponent.

Simultaneously, the leader of the Seekers, Max Akers, introduces himself and offers his assistance. He believes that they have previously gleaned information about such a creature living to the east, but he requires time to go back into their records...

July 30th, 2014
The enemy appears. Heatran, caught in slumber for these last hundreds of years, has awakened and seems none too pleased for some inscrutable reason. Some immediately leap to the belief that it is one of the gods of old... though its crass behavior and personality is suspect.

When it seems as if nothing can calm its wrath, Max appears to explain that it can be calmed with the use of an artifact belonging to the Seekers.

August 8th, 2014
Heatran, in a moment of clarity, seems to recognize its mistake and departs without much fanfare. In gratitude, the Matriarch offers rewards and compensation for the heroic efforts of the people of Union and Caldera.

August 9th, 2014
Spurred by their invaluable assistance during these events, the Seekers are granted permission to create a branch of their organization in Union. Ceilto enthusiastically begins active recruiting.

[Player Plots & Area Unlocks: Renovations and Expansions]
Late August 2014
As life begins to settle back into a normal pace, the people of Union attempt a few initiatives to improve their current facilities. One group makes an effort to build more Pokémon habitats, resulting in an increase in storage capacity for the people of Union, whilst another begins an arduous quest to create an interactive Pokémon database.

Adventurous souls venture out beyond the seas and stumble across a gargantuan foe before landing on the Archipelago. A second group comprised of the newly formed Seekers delves deeper into the Coastal Valley and discovers a series of ruins, as well as a frightening glimpse into the past.

[Event: Whispers of the Heart]
September 12th, 2014
Without warning, the people of Union awaken one day to find the city thrown into chaos. The vast majority of the citizens have fallen victim to some sort of alteration effect, resulting in a complete transformation in both physical appearance and Enlightened abilities. It's time to walk a mile in another's shoes...

September 19th, 2014
As quickly as it began, the changes revert, and a strange creature is glimpsed drifting through the night. It seems Union has been the subject of another divine prank, though the purpose of these ever-more-frequent intrusions is beyond comprehension.

[Player Plots & Area Unlocks: The Wild Blue Yonder]
September 21st, 2014
Swapping bodies isn't enough to deter Union's intrepid Rangers and immediately after a return to normalcy, they embark on a long-planned trip into the Wildwood. Ghosts are once again the story of the day. After battling their way into a ruined town, they discover a strange tunnel leading underground... The network of underground passageways appears expansive, and the expedition is delayed for another day.

In the meantime, a proper ship - the only proper ship in Union - heads out to the Archipelago in search of civilization.

[Event: What Dreams May Come]
October 11th, 2014
The Soulfasting is almost upon Union, and the citizens begin to make preparations for one of the larger festivals of the year.

October 15th, 2014
Midway through the month, a strange fog begins to roll into the city and refuses to relent. Each day, it grows thicker and thicker.

October 18th, 2014
The more savvy amongst the citizens are proven right as an eerie night falls. People begin to vanish from their beds in the night, turning up in the dreams and nightmares of those remaining. The affected pop in and out without any seeming rhyme or reason, and it soon becomes clear that the fog is a symptom of a weakening of the boundary between worlds - the world of reality and the world of dreams.

October 25th, 2014
There seems to be no way to dispel the fog... but a full week after the disappearances begin, the nature of the Dream World changes. Those trapped within the dreams are sucked into a maze preying on their fears while those remaining in the outside world find themselves traveling into a labyrinth reflecting strange memories and dreams.

November 1st, 2014
Two creatures make themselves known: the ruler of nightmares, Darkrai and the bringer of hopeful dreams, Cresselia. Having conflicted over the fate of the humans, Cresselia hid herself away and the boundary of the Dream World was weakened. The two gods were brought back together after some... mortal intervention, and the Dream World was restored.

Cresselia and Darkrai infrequently allow the humans access to the Dream World for the purposes of training.

[Player Plots and Area Unlock: The Soulfasting and the Soulfinding]
November 3rd, 2014
Finally, the Soulfasting can be celebrated properly and the people of Union have a spectacular celebration, particularly the inhabitants of Ninetales Vale. Lenna Charlotte Tycoon and the robotic Kagamine twins hold a benefit concert to raise money.

November 7th, 2014
Almost simultaneously with the festival, the Rangers return to the Wildwoods to uncover the secrets of the ruined village... Incredibly, they discover a long lost people who had retreated deep into the bowels of the earth during the great war of 500 years past. Convinced that the world above had become inhospitable, the people of Refuge, as they called themselves, had hidden themselves away for centuries. Though wary, they are ready to integrate themselves back into the world once again.

November 24th, 2014
More intrepid explorers venture north past the swamps to find the heart of the Northern Wetlands.

[Mini-Event: Salvation]
December 6th, 2014
The arrival of the colder months marks the start of the Salvation season in Union, a time to celebrate the Savior and the cessation of the ancient war. The holiday is celebrated with gifts, feasts, and festive cheer all around.

December 20th, 2014
This year, however, an uninvited flock of guests takes it upon themselves to spice up Union's celebrations. Gift-bearing Delibirds stealthily enter Union in the dead of night and scatter around adorable dolls for the people of Union to enjoy...

January 2nd, 2015
As the flock of Delibird make their departure, the mystical power animating the dolls fades away, leaving them inert. The Delibirds leave one more gift, though: TM94, Secret Power. With this, the people of Union now have the ability to create their own Secret Bases wherever they please.

[Event: The Enhanced]
January 24th, 2015
There is no rest for the weary, and shortly into the New Year, the environment around Union begins to warp in strange and dangerous ways. Rangers urge civilians to stay within the city when possible.

January 25th, 2015
On a completely unrelated note, familiar guests return to Union, claiming to be performing follow-up studies on the experiment that went so badly awry the previous year. Rory Donnachaidh and Crystal Verdine both seem on edge as they fend off suspicions and outright hostility.

January 27th, 2015
The environmental effects grow more severe and all civilians are advised to take extreme precautions as the observed anomalies could potentially result in fatal injury.

January 29th, 2015
And eventually, pressured by the thought of the situation growing entirely out of hand, Rory Donnachaidh explains the truth after a few shots of liquid courage. The observed environmental anomalies were due to the escape of several artificially created Enlightened, termed the Enhanced, from the city of Gigas. Gigas had developed a technique by which to bestow normal people with Enlightened abilities; however, early attempts at the process resulted in irreparable psychological damage. Initially unaware of the drawbacks, Team Evolution had enthusiastically lent their aid to the research until the truth had come out. Regardless, there was no choice but to assist Gigas in containing these early Enhanced subjects as they were impossible to rehabilitate. With their escape, their extraordinary powers were spiraling out of control as their mental instability increased; Rory thus requested the aid of Union in calming - or terminating - the unstable Enhanced.

The next morning, Dr. Crystal Verdine spoke, pressuring Union even further. She had been instrumental to the development of the Enhanced technology and was extremely invested in the safe return of each of the escapees.

January 30th, 2015
And so the people of Union set out to meet the Enhanced, scattered across nine different areas: Caldera, the Desert, the Ruins, the Rolling Plains, the Flower Grove, the Mountains, the Forest Shrine, the Old City, and the depths of the Ocean. The Enhanced were out of control; success would be an uphill battle...

In the meantime, during the confrontation at the Flower Grove, a strange scene plays out unbeknownst to anyone.

February 5th, 2015
As the field groups slowly begin to succeed in safely bringing home the Enhanced, Team Evolution quickly begins the medication they need to return to a more stable state. Several of the pacified Enhanced were given leave to wander around the city and familiarize themselves with the town.

February 6th, 2015
Finally, each of the Enhanced has been safely retrieved, and though success was not without its cost, no casualties were observed. On behalf of Team Evolution, Rory thanks the people of Union for their assistance and makes a proposal: Team Evolution would be willing to help build a facility in Union to contain and medicate any Enhanced who might wish to remain in the city. Such an action would not come without its costs, of course, and the Team requested that the people of Union carefully consider the decision...

February 13th, 2015
Eventually, the people of Union choose to build the facility. At the end of the month, it is complete and the assistants from Team Evolution depart. Near the end of construction, Hayato and Daisuke do some poking around.

[Rolling Event: The Servants]
March 8th, 2015
Unseen and unheard by the people of Union, a curious parliament congregates and discusses the reappearance of familiar faces.

March 13th, 2015
And with little further fanfare, the Servants of something or another arrive in the land that Union calls home. From this point on, the people of Union occasionally stumble upon these great beasts in the wild.

March 24th, 2015 - July 19th, 2015
The Watcher in the Blizzard, the Thunder Bird, the Thunder Beast, the North Wind, and the Fiery Beast.

[Player Plots: The Industrial Revolution]
March 2nd, 2015
Banzu digs a route from Union towards the port on the southern beaches, officially creating Route 1.

March 4th, 2015
Gilgamesh and company set out to explore the Old City and make a discovery that thrusts Union forward a few dozen years into the technological era.

March 15, 2015
Merrill leads an expedition that uncovers the final unexplored area within the current bounds of the Warp Band, the Grassy Knoll.

April 29th, 2015
With the lessons learned from the March discovery, Lucca, Gilgamesh, and Banzu succeed in creating working engines powered by Rotoms. The invention is dubbed the Rotomcycle.

[April Fool's!]
April 1st, 2015
With the discovery of the Armor Digi-Eggs, the citizens of Union now have the ability to protect their Digimon from the effects of the Dark Spire. On April 1st, the world temporarily shifted into something quite different altogether. As an OoC note, this was a non-canonical crack event for the game with no particular implications for the plot.

[Event: The Time Warp]
April 10th, 2015
Another parliament is conducted, and the results are slightly more ominous. There appears to be a consensus amongst those gathered that the people of Union need to understand something... Whatever that is, it appears yet another earthquake is vital to the whole affair.

April 14th, 2015
And as the people of Union venture into the tunnels cracked open by the earthquake, they find themselves somewhere far from home. Some stumble upon horrific monsters, others upon humans desperately in need of aid, but all come away from the experience with some valuable insights into the past. ...If not a few bumps and bruises.

April 21st, 2015
They are greeted by a perhaps familiar voice when they return home. Whether or not this makes things any better is unclear.

[Player Plots: Ruins, Ruins, Ruins]
May 3rd, 2015
So many ruins to explore! Yuuna leads one, Estelle leads another, discovering an unfriendly group of ghosts and a talking Kingdra, respectively. The mysteries of the past do not appear to be much closer to becoming enlightening.

[Event: The City of Magi]
May 22nd, 2015
General Ironborn of Caldera arrives at the city, this time requesting aid on behalf of another. A city called Sanctuary, long occupied by Gigas, wishes to break free of their shackles. They are led by Clement of Blackwatch. Team Evolution pledges their aid as well, sending a representative, Ryuuko Nishimura, to the city. Sanctuary is not within the radius of the Warp Band, and consequently, the people of Union must resort to Pokéballs.

May 23rd, 2015
When the hubbub has calmed somewhat, General Ironborn explains the eight plans of attack to take back the city of Sanctuary.

May 27th, 2015
The journey is quite long. Were they to travel alone, no doubt the people of Union could fly to their destination with ease, but to transport an army is slightly more troublesome. The Seeker twins, Ceilto and Maeve, natives of Sanctuary, come for the ride.

May 29th, 2015
The attack begins. And while the vast majority of the plans go smoothly, one group, in particular, finds themselves at a loss. It seems the Magi of Sanctuary had deliberately kept back some information...

June 6th, 2015
Victory is within their reach. But even as the troops of Gigas begin to retreat from the city, the troubling news that the Magi of Sanctuary are reanimating and conducting terrible experiments on captured Gigan soldiers dampens the cheer slightly. Would Union have helped if they had known? The combatants, weary from battle, return home to reflect on how they ought to proceed.

June 16th, 2015
The first forum of discussions concerning attitudes towards Sanctuary is held.

June 27th, 2015
The second forum is conducted, and the results are clear. The people of Union make the following demands of Sanctuary, and after some deliberation, the Council of Magi agrees. ...Whether or not they will keep to their word is a different matter altogether, but for the time being, diplomatic relations are cautiously optimistic.

[Player Plot: The Day of Fire]
June 20th, 2015
The Calderan Summer Solstice is traditionally celebrated by bombing friends and enemies alike with powder and rolling around in the hot sun. Seems legit.

[Event: Mega Awesome Super Upgrades]
July 4th, 2015
In his usual blunt manner, Ceilto demands that someone accompany him to explore a new set of ruins discovered by the people of Refuge. Oddly enough, there are plenty of volunteers.

July 5th, 2015
Within the ruins, the Seekers discover quite a lot of strange things. Odd accessories, odd stones, and an extremely odd crater imprint in the ground... The results are collected and sent back for examination.

July 17th, 2015
The result is an odd signal. Are odd signals ever a good thing? Will the overly brave people of Union ever learn? Apparently not, as when they arrive at the signal in question, they are trapped within a nightmarish cave of labyrinths, filled with their worst fears and their greatest shame.

July 27th, 2015
But when they have emerged victorious against these shadows, they arrive at the heart of the cave and meet the gentle god, Diancie, patiently guarding a treasure of vast value on their behalf for eons. Mega Evolution is officially unlocked.

[Event: World's Fair]
August 22nd, 2015
With everything that's occurred in the last few months, the heads of government around the world decide that it would be a good idea to foster inter-civilization harmony. And thus, the World's Fair is born! Running for a week, even the people of Gigas have been invited, for better or for worse. They bring with them representatives from a place heretofore only briefly mentioned, Crescent.

Pokémingle 1: June 11th, 2014
Pokémingle 2: August 11th, 2014
Pokémingle 3: January 13th, 2015

Mantyke Touches Down: June 16th, 2014
Foongus Spores Into Action: August 2nd, 2014
Bulbasaur Whips Up a Frenzy: August 17th, 2014
Scyther Cuts In: August 24th, 2014
Carbink Polishes Off the Foe: August 31st, 2014
Tropius Goes Bananas: September 14th, 2014
Bidoof Doof Bidoof Ooof???: September 14th, 2014
Bunnelby Hops into Battle: October 5th, 2014
Torchic Fries the Competition: October 19th, 2014
Solrock Lights it Up: November 23rd, 2014
Murkrow Heralds a Thrashing: January 4th, 2015
Venonat Comes to the Light: January 4th, 2015
Misdreavus Brews Up a Plot: January 17th, 2015
Petilil Dances to Victory: February 7th, 2015

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The Breeding Center is a special part of the Pokémon Habitat dedicated to producing more Pokémon eggs. Trainers can submit Pokémon to the breeding center which goes into a pool. Every 2 weeks, a clutch of eggs is produced. Any Pokémon that has been submitted to the breeding center can be produced, no matter the gender of the input Pokémon (there are always at least a few Ditto in the Breeding Center owned by NPCs at any given time). When a Pokémon is submitted, they will return with an egg randomized amongst every Pokémon submitted to the Center within the last two months.

If you want to submit a Pokémon, please fill out the form below. Each cycle will be 2 weeks; at the end of cycles on Sundays, the mods will reply to your check-in post with the egg(s) you drew. You must submit your Pokemon at least 7 days prior to the end of the cycle to give them time to exchange pleasantries and such. All Pokémon will be returned to the trainer after the 2 week period alongside an egg. You may choose the egg you'd like or you can go for a random roll. You don't have to accept the eggs you draw. If you don't, they will go into a pool and become available as starters for new players. If 5 eggs of the same species are placed into a pool, the base form of the species will become a permanent starter for Union.

Additionally, there is a small chance that you may roll one of the rarer starter Pokémon, your pick.

Eggs take an additional 2 weeks to hatch. Those with Egg Mastery only require 1 week.

Pokémon eggs currently able to be produced in the Breeding Center (Pokemon listed more than once have an additional chance of occurring):


Starter Pool
Deerling x2
Squirtle x2
Cottonee x1
Baltoy x3
Inkay x2
Doduo x4
Pancham x1
Riolu x4
Cubone x1
Swablu x1
Bagon x2
Emolga x1
Gible x1

To submit a Pokémon to the breeding center, simply fill out the form below. You may check in multiple Pokémon if desired, to a maximum of 3.

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