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What do you mean when you say this is an "AU Game"?

An AU, or Alternate Universe game allows players to bring in characters from all sorts of mediums, as a standard pan-fandom game would. However, in an AU game, players are required to alter the backstory of their character to fit the original setting of the game.

What kind of characters may I app?

Any characters from established media may be apped in, so long as they are altered to fit the setting. Additionally, original characters may be apped, but they must also be molded or specifically created to fit the setting.

Pokémon characters from any medium may also be apped and will be treated in the exact same manner.

Characters with very little canon material may also be apped so long as the proposed characterization and backstory are internally consistent with the source material and the proposed AU makes sense. This may be determined on a case by case basis as needed, although we will generally be flexible.

Is a moderator available to look over my app before I submit it?

No, moderators will not review applications before they are submitted. However, we will review a single section, if present. If your character has a Notes/Special Considerations section that involve adding backstory considerations, abilities or mechanics not commonly available to all players, the moderators will review, discuss, and pre-approve that if desired.

-What are the activity requirements?

Each character must have at least 10 comments in threads with 2 or more characters to meet the activity requirement. If desired, a character can substitute a post for part of the activity requirement. In this case they only need to make a post and have a thread with a single other character at least 5 comments in length. Any character that fails to meet the activity requirement is removed from the game and considered lost in the wilderness. Activity checks are held every month.

-When can I reapply for a character after failing activity check or dropping?-

If a character fails activity check or if a character is dropped, you may not reserve or reapply that character until the next application cycle, which is the 1st of the following month.

As a caveat, if we see repeated reapplications for the same character after multiple drops/idles, we reserve the right to ask you to wait a longer period of time until you're certain you can maintain the character within the game.

-How many characters may I have?

You may play up to 5 characters at a time. If you meet double the activity requirement with all of your active characters during an activity check, you may request an additional character slot. You may only gain one slot this way per month. If you possess any extra character slots above 5 and fail activity check with any characters, you will lose as many extra character slots as you had characters fail the activity requirement.

-There are multiple, distinct versions of the same character. May I app a different version of a character who already exists in game?

Since this is AU this can be a bit harder to manage, but we're willing to allow it with a few conditions. First and foremost you must speak with the player of the existing character - if they're OK with it then you may proceed. Both you and the initial player will need to work out a special consideration backstory (we suggest twins as the simplest route) which will need to be updated for the existing character as well as included for the new character. If you want to do this, we definitely recommend looping the mods in so we can provide assistance in making this work.


-How does the Capturing mechanic work?

In Brave New World, capturing a Pokémon is considered to be unbelievably taboo. Trainers do not catch Pokémon, they bond with them. To bond, the Trainer uses their warp band to link their minds together so they can communicate on an emotional level and attempt to convince the Pokémon to align with them. In terms of gameplay, a Trainer may bond with one Pokémon per week. For more information, refer to the Training, Bonding and Leveling page.

When Bonding, the Trainer activates their Warp Band, the prongs standing on end like a five-pointed star. When in active mode, the trainer can fire a pulse of light - if it strikes the target Pokémon their minds will touch, and the trainer can communicate with the Pokémon, typically on an empathic level as most Pokémon are not sapient. This bond only lasts a few moments, and in this time the Trainer must convince the Pokémon to join them.

-What about trading?

Pokémon may be traded at any time, but as in the games, happiness and affection will reset. Additionally, any Enlightened ability that entails 'Mastery' will not work on a Pokémon for the first two weeks after it's been traded. In IC terms, both Pokémon must agree to the trade; no Pokémon may be traded against their will.

-How many Pokémon may I have at a time?

Currently, the maximum amount of Pokémon you may have bonded with you is 60. This limit can be expanded via player plots and the Kindred Soul Enlightened ability allows characters to have 10 more Pokémon than normal.

-How does leveling up work?

Typically, through the course of your travels your Pokémon will gain levels. Typically, your Pokémon and your main character will gain up to 12 levels a week, distributed among Pokémon you are actively using. To level up your character, you must expend twice as many normal levels. You are not required to track your levels, and they can generally be abstracted so long as you don't overdo it. The highest level that may be attained as of the opening of the game is Level 25.

With the discovery of new areas, the current maximum level is level 65.

-This is too complicated! Do I really have to keep track of all these levels?

If you'd prefer not to micromanage everything, an alternative way is to use the Simplified Leveling System! Simply keep track of how many weeks your Pokemon has been with you and how many weeks your character has been in the game. However, if you use this system, the normal leveling tricks will not be possible, so the choice is yours!

-Are Pokémon restricted to 4 attacks?

Not really, but again, just don't overdo it. We're not going to require you to figure out a full moveset and most Pokémon should be able to use the travel abilities that come naturally to them (a Scyther can slice down a bush without needing Cut, a Pidgeot can fly you around, what have you).

-What about Egg Moves/Tutor Moves/Relearned Moves?

When bonding with Wild Pokémon, there will be a low chance that we will roll an Egg Move for it. Additionally, event Pokémon will occasionally come with Egg Moves. Pokémon born in the Breeding Center will also be able to come with Egg Moves. Tutor Moves and moves that need to be relearned can be taught by Mastery of Training Enlightened once a week. Shifters may gain access to any Egg/Tutor Move as they wish.

An item called Guru's Wisdom will also be given out as a reward that will teach one Pokémon an Egg Move, a Tutor Move, a relearned move, or swap its ability to its Hidden Ability. It is single use, but there is no limit on the number of Guru's Wisdoms that can be used on a single Pokémon.

-What about Hidden Abilities?

Normal wild Pokémon will never come with Hidden Abilities, but event Pokémon may be given away with them. Shifters may choose to have their Hidden Ability without any restriction if they wish.

An item called Guru's Wisdom will also be given out as a reward that will teach one Pokémon an Egg Move, a Tutor Move, or swap its ability to its Hidden Ability. It is single use, but there is no limit on the number of Guru's Wisdoms that can be used on a single Pokémon.

Additionally, with the opening of the Dream World on October 31st, 2014, Pokémon may be intensively trained for their Hidden Ability.

-Wait, what's the Dream World?

In BNW, the Dream World is a realm governed by Cresselia and Darkrai, as revealed in the October 2014 event. Due to the events of that time, the dream deities occasionally allow the trainers of Union access to the Dream World. Within the Dream World, extremely rare Pokémon may be found, and existing Pokémon may find their physiology altering. Dream World mechanics work as follows: trainers may either choose to intensively train one Pokémon to change their ability to the Hidden Ability or they may intensively search for an extra rare Pokémon that may not be available otherwise with a Hidden Ability and rare Egg Moves.

Whether or not the Dream World is open depends on the RNG. It will be posted in the Map Post when it is, and on average, is open twice a month.

-My Pokémon has Pickup! What can I get from it?

Please use the form on the Items page. You may respond once a week for your Pickup items and you will receive as many rolls for as many Pickup Pokémon as you have.

-How do I evolve a Pokémon through happiness or affection?

Pokémon are qualified to evolve through happiness or affection if a trainer cares for them and maintains a strong relationship for upwards of a month. Masters of Evolution may halve this time. If they are treated poorly, they may never evolve.

-Am I required to take a starter Pokémon?

Nope! You can choose to start without any Pokémon if you so desire.

-How many starters will I begin with and what level will they be?

As of June 14 2014, all incoming characters may begin at Level 12 with up to two Level 12 starters. They may pick one starter from the Starter List and one Common Pokémon from the Map Post. Commons are the first four listed Pokémon in any area. Far From Ordinary characters may pick two starters from the Starter List and one Common Pokémon.

As we progress through events, the starting levels and starters will continue to increase to help newcomers to the game get started.

-Why are there starter Pokémon at all?

These Pokémon are actually present and live within the city of Union and are often used for companionship or shared labor. It is not uncommon for someone to bond with one growing up. Any Pokémon that you see on the starter list are semi-domestic within the city of Union, even if there is not one specific person that they are bonded with.

-If Pokémon in the city of Union are considered companions, what do people eat?

Many Pokémon that are not bonded with humans have low-level intelligence about on average with a normal animal, although this varies between individuals. Any individual of any given species may be as intelligent as those commonly seen in other Pokémon medium. In general, some species of Normal-types and Flying-types are consumed within Union, but meat is very much a luxury.

-How do the Warp Bands work?

Warp Bands can transfer items or Pokémon nigh-instantaneously over long distances. The city of Union has a single Transmitter Tower that delivers a signal across the a defined area. So long as your character remains within the signal range, they can summon any of the Pokémon they have attuned to their Warp Band to their side, or return them with equal ease. When not summoned, Pokémon remain in the habitat. If a trainer leaves the signal area, no Pokémon can be summoned or returned.

-Is there a way to expand the signal area?

There is! As you explore the world and acquire resources, you can construct more signal towers to expand the network across the world.

-How does exploring work?

During the course of the game, there will be a number of plot and non-plot opportunities for characters to explore the world around them and reveal more of the map. Exploring will reveal new items, resources, and Pokémon.

-Is there a network? How does it work?

All Warp Bands have an intranet function based on the signal. While within range, characters can communicate via voice and text to anyone else who possesses a Warp Band, either on public or private channels. As of February 3rd, 2014, a video component has been engineered. The technology is slowly being distributed across Union, so as a default introduction, your character may introduce themselves by announcing that they've been incorporated into the video network.

The Warp Band receives power from the network. If a Trainer leaves the transmission area, they are not able to fully access the network. However, they can activate distress beacons and attempt to send text messages. The range is about 5 to 10 miles outside of the signal and the auxiliary power on the Warp Band lasts for about 72 hours.

-What exactly is an 'Enlightened'?

Most player characters are Enlightened. Simply put, Enlightened have special abilities and can take on two (or sometimes three) elemental types normally possessed by Pokémon. In terms of gameplay, players are encouraged to use this to duplicate the canon abilities of their AU character, or even come up with new and interesting takes on the characters. Enlightened may also have any number of abilities found within standard Pokémon, it's really up to the player to determine how the character's Enlightened abilities manifest. Enlightened have the ability to gain levels and evolve, gaining new abilities over time. Typically, this is used to fill out the higher level abilities the characters possess in canon and gain access to interesting changes as desired (a character might grow wings or gills, for example).

-Can I change my Enlightened ability if I don't like it?

No. The sole exception is for Far From Ordinary characters, who may choose to have their characters awaken as Enlightened if they wish over the course of the game. We will require these characters to respond on the Applications page with a justification for this process, reflecting the character's growth in game and explaining why it would be a logical step forward, as well as including new details on their Enlightened abilities. These characters will retain both the secondary ability that they possessed (such as Master of Evolution) as well as their primary affiliated typing as Far From Ordinary. The secondary typing may change as they continue to evolve. Finally, these characters will reset to Level 1 to allow them to grow and evolve normally as Enlightened.

All Far From Ordinary perks will be lost upon attaining Enlightened status.

-What about Mega Evolution?

Mega Evolution has been officially introduced into the game as of July of 2015. Both Enlightened and Pokémon have the capability of Mega Evolving. Enlightened may apply for a Mega Evolution on the Application page after fulfilling a few criteria. Candidates must have been in the game for at least three months, have achieved Level 55 (45 for Masters of Evolution), and have overcome some personal trial or shown some personal growth. Pokémon may not Mega Evolve without their Mega Stone. Mega Stones will be introduced into the game over the course of time and will be listed on the Items page.

-What is an 'Enhanced Item'?

Due to the prevalence of both Enlightened and Pokémon, humans have gained the ability to craft special items that possess properties of the elemental types found in the natural world. Union has used this to expand their technological abilities and make up for their lack of manufacturing capability. Enhanced items are used for both mundane and combat applications, they can be anything from ice swords to psychic guns to self-heating forges to gentle spring water hospital beds. Enhanced items are currently capable of possessing up to two elements. Each character may only have three active Enhanced items at a time, though they may own as many as they wish.

-How many Pokémon may I have at a time?

At the moment, all characters may bond with up to 60 Pokémon. This number can be increased as the game progresses and more habitat space is developed, and certain perks allow you to hold more Pokémon.

-May I release any Pokémon?

Yes, Pokémon may be released into the wild at will.

-Can Pokémon die?

Yes they can. Typically, the death of a Pokémon will occur at the player's discretion. Some events will be tagged as high danger, which means if it fits with your personal plot there is a higher likelihood that a Pokémon will be killed in battle. Some events will be tagged as extreme danger, which means if you do something particularly stupid and suicidal with your Pokémon (i.e. charging into the middle of fighting Legendaries) we're probably going to have to rule some consequences.

-Are there other Pokémon in areas than the ones listed?

Yes there are! You can assume that just about any Pokémon that can be found in an area has an evolved form in the area as well. Typically these Pokémon will only show up in Danger threads and tend to be pack leaders and other, established positions with the wild Pokémon. As such, they are simply unable to be bonded with. These may also occasionally become available to bond with during plot threads.

-How much does Union know about Pokémon in non-native areas?

Practically nothing. Discoveries of new Pokémon are, for all intents and purposes, equivalent to discoveries of new species of animals. However, Kindred Souls will be able to interrogate the Pokémon for information, Analysts will be able to scan them, and the Pokémon will make vocalizations similar to their name. People from Union should have no prior knowledge of non-native Pokémon species.

-How much does Union know about legendary Pokémon?

Also practically nothing! In this world, the legendary Pokémon are considered gods. While there are half-remembered myths and legends, they would generally be referred to in the vaguest of terms. As an example, it may be known that there is a deity associated with the sky and with rainbows in the form of a large bird, but the name Ho-oh and its connections to Lugia, Raikou, Entei, and Suicune would have been lost to time. In modern times, people may even have invented deities that don't actually exist or ascribed attributes to them that aren't true. The Agnostos Temple is where people go to pay respect to the gods; however, it isn't an organized religion in any sense and respect to the gods means something different to everyone.

-What happens if a character is dropped?

If the player wishes, they can specify what happens with their character as they are dropped, generally it involves the character returning to the city to work there. If unspecified, the character is lost in the wilderness.

-What happens if a character is killed?

No characters will ever be killed without the explicit permission of the player. If a character is killed, they are removed from the game permanently, although there is a way to partially return the character to play later.

-Can I app a character who was killed or dropped?

You may! There are two options. Option 1 is the character can emerge from the wilderness or return to active duty if they stopped traveling. If desired, however, Option 2 allows for the character to awaken within a small, ancient shrine located in the Verdant Forest. The character will be clad in white robes and any scars or markings on their bodies will be completely gone. The character will remember nothing of their former life (but will still retain their abilities, speech and language capabilities). The character will be reset to level 1 and any evolutions they acquired will be gone. If desired, the character may regain memories as time progresses, but this is not required. Characters who died can only be returned through the shrine. Regaining memories is at the discretion of the player.

-I want to apply a character from outside Union. How does that work?

As of February 3rd, 2014, applications for characters outside Union will no longer need special approval from the mods. You may feel free to create small settlements far away from Union from which your character hails, although you will need to describe them in some detail. We may also contact you to talk about the app if we have questions. If you require anything more substantial than a small settlement (~50 people), you will still need to receive approval before applying. If in doubt, please contact us to hash out details first. Thanks!

-There's a Pokémon that's perfect/crucial for my character to start with, but it isn't a starter! I'm not sure how to app without it. What should I do?

We've been able to make special accommodations for characters like this in the past; please feel free to contact us! If you require a high-tier Pokémon, we will not be able to give you this straight out, but we may allow some level redistribution. This will be on a case-by-case basis and we reserve the right to decline.

-I want to do this cool thing with my character, is that allowed?

Very likely! As with the previous question, we encourage all players to come up with interesting and unique backstories, abilities, and plot hooks for their characters. We've included a section in the application to request special considerations, and we'd also be happy to discuss these considerations through PM. Please be aware that while we will work with you as best we can to make your concept work, there are some things we will not be able to approve and if you include special notes there is a higher possibility that your app will require some back-and-forth before approval is reached.

-ORAS just came out and we really want secret bases!

This is definitely a real question we've received and not an excuse to include info that doesn't fit anywhere else, thank you for asking! Secret Bases were introduced on January 3rd, 2015, spurred by the discovery of TM94, Secret Power. Secret Bases may be stocked with Decorations and Dolls that can be created by Engineers. Characters may maintain a description of their Base on their journal if they would like, or they may use a generator such as this one. This link will be updated if a Gen VI generator ever appears.


-All players are to treat each other with respect and courtesy. This is non-negotiable; this game is open to all who can meet the standards of our application process, maintain our required activity level, and positively contribute to the game. We certainly don't expect you to like or play with everyone, but we expect politeness, if nothing else. Harassment, personal attacks, or other behavior with the express purpose of making someone feel bad or otherwise unwanted will not be tolerated. The moderator team will not police personal interactions outside of the game nor act as mediators in disputes, but our expectation is both that players respect each other and that if there are issues, players will work them out among themselves in a mature and respectful manner. Personal attacks, harassment, and other negative behavior against other players will not be tolerated and can result in suspension or banning from the community.

-Do not force other players or characters into unwanted situations, or use out-of-character knowledge as in-character knowledge. Often known as "god-modding" and "metagaming", these actions are unacceptable in a freeform roleplay. Nothing is more frustrating than having certain actions or interactions forced upon you by another player or character, or to have your carefully laid plots spoiled by other players using knowledge their character shouldn't have to foil your plot. Please don't do it.

-All moderator decisions are final. We welcome discussion and are open to questions regarding our decisions and are happy to provide clarification, decisions are not up to argument or debate.

-Remain in character. It is natural for characters to grow and change, but it is expected that players will generally be consistent to the personality and samples submitted, as well as the established personality of the canon character and the AU they have developed.

-If a character elects to kill a character they just recently apped, the mods reserve the right to veto the action. Because of the nature of the AU game, it is unfair to kill off a character if you have no intention of sticking with them and do not put any effort into establishing them within the game.

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What about the main characters from the Pokemon games? Can they be AUed into the setting?

(Anonymous) 2013-12-09 02:34 am (UTC)(link)
I don't know if you're aware of this or not but the link for the world map in the directory just goes back to the directory.

(Anonymous) 2013-12-09 11:44 pm (UTC)(link)
Will sample apps be posted prior to applications opening? I'm sort of confused as to how to format the "Enlightened" part of the app.

(Anonymous) 2013-12-10 12:59 am (UTC)(link)
+1. Do Enlightened actually have moves, or just types and the occasional physical alteration?
stardunes: (positive - fond)

[personal profile] stardunes 2013-12-10 08:47 pm (UTC)(link)
Culture/setting questions! I wasn't sure whether to post them to the culture page or here, so here they are. Apologies for length.

- Are family lines prevalent in Union? Would anything that could be called a "clan" exist/is there any sense of family pride and tradition attached to some names despite the high social mobility, etc.?

- How...significant is the push for an Enlightened to go join the exploration efforts? How common is it for them to stay and pursue a career in Union, and what roles do they tend to fill when they do?

- Will you be providing initial IC knowledge on history, the Old City, etc. for characters who are Historians or similar?

- Are Historians based mostly in the laboratories or the University (or elsewhere?)

- Are there roads and walkable pathways on the surface of Union, or are the towers connected by aboveground walkways? It's a little unclear whether the towers form the entire habitable city and loom over the old city beneath, or whether the old city is literally underground.

- Are there specific named gods, or is it a vague pantheistic thing?

- I may have just skimmed over this somewhere, but what's the IC rationale for characters receiving their starter Pokemon? Are they ones they've naturally bonded with that coincidentally are one of the available species, or are they actually handed out somehow from a starter pool?

edit: psst, the application copy-paste has a broken link to the starter pokemon selection page
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This is a sort of mundane question, but! For the artist types who'll undoubtedly wind up drawing their characters in this setting, is there a particular period/style that the clothing is based in?

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A question for possible backstory purposes - can Shifters that were originally Pokemon have human children from their human form?

(Anonymous) 2013-12-11 04:03 pm (UTC)(link)
A few questions:

1) What usually happens with orphans in Union? Is every effort made to find a caregiver or are they left to their own devices?

2) How much info is there on Pokemon in Union? If a character sees a Pokemon in the wild can they go to the library and find out what it evolves to and the moves it learns?

3) Is there an equivalent to the move relearner, so that, say, Vespiquen can learn Defend Order?

4) What kinds of special items can Engineers make?
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1) You talked about tattoos up there what about piercings?

2) ... What's crime like in the city? Like I know there are jails and a large/order system but are there gangs or any sort of organized crime or the like?

3) How and in what circumstances would one actually receive a warp band? Like... who makes them and who controls the distribution and etc?

4) Are there still any human tribes or societies on the outside of the city (perhaps in the process of filtering in, idk)? Just for reference.

5) I don't imagine TMs exist and/or are common in the setting but is there a methodology for pokemon to pick up moves they could learn through TMs or move tutors or breeding or etc in the normal game's mechanics

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How is a character's ability set determined? Do they automatically know all the moves of their types? Can they know moves of any other type if they fit with the character's personality or canon?

Could you elaborate on the difference between Kindred Soul and Child of the Verdant Forest? It looks like Kindred Soul deals with wild Pokemon and Child of the Verdant Forest is restricted to Pokemon the character has caught but I'm not sure if I'm reading them right.

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(Anonymous) 2013-12-13 12:23 pm (UTC)(link)
How dangerous is the outside world? From the City of Union page, it seems like a harsh environment for humans, with the wall and all. Are people allowed to step outside of Union for a short period of time even if they're not Enlightened/Trainers/explorers/what have you?

Also, is it possible to enter the Old City ruins at all? What about illegally?

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(Anonymous) 2013-12-13 07:47 pm (UTC)(link)
I have a three questions about Shifters.

Firstly, are Shifters limited to starter Pokémon only?

Secondly, are Pokémon that become Shifters capable of breeding with humans? And if so, are there any noticeable difference?

(Anonymous) 2013-12-15 01:15 am (UTC)(link)
Hello! Teachers and staff are said to treat everybody equally, but would a child going through school be treated differently by their peers for being a normal human when others are Enlightened?
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[personal profile] snowpointvictor 2013-12-15 03:51 am (UTC)(link)
I've got two question from a potential apper.

1. How are anime characters treated as far as apping them? (like would they have any Pokemon that they had in canon?)

2. Would characters be allowed to age up or down? (Like making Zoey [this character] for instance instead of 11/12 years old, fourteen)
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This question has already been asked on the Society and Culture page, but I think you might have missed it? So I'll ask it again here:

How are different sexual and gender orientations perceived in the culture of the Union?

... sub-question. If queerness/queer culture isn't approved of, could Leaf possibly run a secret gay bar? :D

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(Anonymous) 2013-12-16 05:50 am (UTC)(link)
If a character would be a Ranger/Delver etc. before joining the game, would a player have some leeway about the team they might have (with approval from the mods)? Or would everybody be expected to have only one (or two for humans) Pokemon to begin with in the game?

(Anonymous) 2013-12-17 12:02 am (UTC)(link)
A couple questions!

1) If I wanted to have a shifter that was a ditto, could they have the potential to duplicate the look of a human? It doesn't have to be something they can do right as the game opens, but something they can train up to do, or would they be regulated only to Pokemon?

2) If someone is a Breeder type, are they preferred to stay in the city or can they still go out and explore? Are there any certain types in general that the society expects to stay in the city, or is everyone who is willing to do it encouraged to?
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ALRIGHT some questions.

Maya here in her canon is a ghost-channeller. If I chose for her to be enlightened and tried to have her do, well, her ghosty-shriney-thing, would that fit into any of the Noble Profession categories?

I'm thinking not, but I want to make sure. Heck, could I have Kurain Village (the family of chanellers) be a thing, and she is one of their descendants? Like a small, obscure shinto-esque institution, as it were. EDIT: otherwise, could she act as a channeller/medium Trainer class?

Sorry if this is a confusing question-- I'm basically trying to see if Maya's usual role, which is a cool part of her personality, would fit in.

...and a question about shifters: you mentioned the shifters would start as the first evolution and work their way up. Does this count for pokemon with pre-evolutions? (for instance, Banette is found in the wild but its pre-evolution, shuppet, is not; the same goes for Pikachu and pichu)
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My plan with Beast Boy was to have him be a Ditto shifter, to mimic his animal shapeshifting abilities from canon. I'm the exact opposite of a pokemon expert, but I have been told that dittos can only transform into a pokemon if there is a version of it in the area, though, which takes out a lot of the fun of playing Beast Boy in action scenes, where he normally rarely spends more than five seconds as the same animal. I was wondering if, since he is not just a ditto but a crazy awesome enlightened dude, we could reach some sort of compromise.

Perhaps he can turn into any pokemon he knows of, but he always counts as normal type. Perhaps he gets all the type bonuses, but isn't any good at the special moves (like, he can turn charizard whenever he wants, but can only punch and kick and bite, no fire breath). Perhaps he has a few pokemon forms that he memorized and can use whenever.


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Perhaps an oddly specific question, but I'm assuming type advantages/disadvantages also affect Enlightened of those types? So someone with Normal would be unable to physically touch Ghost types, etc? Perhaps there being some friction if say, an Ice Enlightened came in contact with a Fire Enlightened...? Please say yes.

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Do all players have to be Enlightened? Can people apping normal, ability-less humans still be enlightened? Do they only gain access to the abilities on the Enlightnened page?
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Sorry if the answer to this question is obvious, but how often are activity checks done? Will the requirements have to be met every month or week or ...?

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Mostly science and researcher type questions here (since I can't find a Laboratory information page - I'm assuming it hasn't been created yet?):

1) Would it be possible for dangerous/unethical experimentation to be carried out in secret (say, in the Old City)? Said experiments would probably have involved harm to Pokemon.

2) Is there cloning technology of any sort?

3) Would there have been research into more combat-based technologies or is it just communication, warping, etc?

Aaaand for backstory purposes: what sort of penalties would there be for a 12 year old child accidentally committing murder, either because they lost control of their abilities or for some other reason? (Preferably I'd go with the "lost control of abilities" route but I understand it might be considered too overpowered!)

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How long does it take to evolve a Pokemon with happiness, on average?

Do God of War characters begin at a higher level than others, or is it just that their stats are higher, so to speak?

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Are legendary pokemon assumed to be unique/off-limits to players?
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Hello! I'm considering apping Makoto Ogami from Ghost Hound, but I have a bit of a question.

Makoto is the... grandson of a woman who leads a Shinto cult in his canon, and he has OBEs--Out of Body Experiences. By a more spiritual definition, this means he performs astral projection and can interact with the Unseen World. (The science/spirutuality thing coexists in canon so it's really just up to what you wanna call it.)

I was thinking of making him a Sableye shifter, but I was wondering if there was a way his ghost type would allow him to leave his body behind in some capacity? If not, that's fine, he'll just play a lot of hooky as a Sableye I guess. :V

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