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Premise & Concept


Long ago, people and Pokémon lived in harmonious balance. Working as partners, an entire civilization was born of their union.

But in its arrogance, mankind sought not to coexist but to enslave. In their hubris, they sought to create new life, engineering Pokémon in their own image. They sought to be gods, surpassing their bounds. And so it was that the great gods of the world were captured by man and enslaved to their will, no longer respected as the great beings they were, but as no more than tools, servants to battle and to win.

This was man's folly. The gods bound in servitude rebelled, and in their fury, they awoke the rage of the earth itself. Pokémon rose up, turning upon their masters and casting down their mighty cities, until naught was left but shattered remnants. In their twilight, the last remnants of man retreated to their last and mightiest city, hiding behind the walls and shoring up their defenses.

For months the city stood siege. Finally, the greatest of mankind's warriors crossed the battle lines unarmed. Throwing herself before the mighty gods, she humbled herself before them. She apologized for the wrongs of her people, and offered her life in exchange for the lives of her kindred. Humanity had been wrong, but it would learn. It would grow. It would never repeat the mistakes of the past.

The gods grew quiet as the rage of the Pokémon subsided. One of the gods stepped forward, placing its hand upon her head. In an instant, she was surrounded by a cacophony of sound as the voices of the assembled Pokémon became audible. Intelligible.

"We shall acknowledge and bless you for your courage, human. To you we give the ears that may hear and the voice that may speak. Henceforth, it shall be your duty, and the duty of all who come after you to uphold your promise. We give you your lives that you may change, but if it comes to pass that humanity repeats its sins, then shall they truly perish."

And with that, the Pokémon left, and humanity lived.

It has been five hundred years since civilization was cast to ruin. Humanity has risen up from the ashes of near extinction. Within the towers of the mighty city of Union, the line of that great warrior continues to this day. Within Union there are humans, said to be her descendants, who cross the boundary between man and Pokémon. Blessed by the elemental forces, they possess the ability to understand and speak with Pokémon, as well as use their attacks. Humanity has grown, and it has again grown eager. Known as "Enlightened," they are the link between man and Pokémon, as well as a constant reminder of the past, and the great expectations upon humanity.

The Council of Union wishes to again explore the world and recover the history that was lost. It is now up to the Enlightened to go out into the world once more, explore it, make contact with any human settlements, and help restore the former glory of mankind while never forgetting the promise of their ancestors.


Brave New World is an AU game based around the Pokémon universe (and the Pokémon Special manga series in particular), but drawing inspiration from other works such as the Shin Megami Tensei series and the works of Hayao Miyazaki. It takes the base setting of Pokémon and makes use of the heavier accompanying mythology generally not found in the core series.

Players may play canon characters AU'd into the setting or create their own originals. While characters will not have their primary canon abilities, they will be able to take on elemental typing of Pokémon to simulate their canon abilities. Additionally, they will be able to forge alliances with Pokémon they meet in their travels, gaining steadfast allies to support them and follow them into battle if necessary.