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( You can view the previous application page here! )

Interested in applying to Brave New World? Simply fill out the form below and submit it! We do have some rules, though.

• Brave New World is an Alternate Universe game. All canon characters must be crafted specifically into the setting in order to be applied. Additionally, Original Characters may be applied, they too must be specifically crafted to the setting.

• You are permitted to either post the application directly to this page in a comment or to post the application elsewhere (preferably your character's journal) and link it in a comment here.

• Applications may take up to one week to process, and revisions up to three days. We'll do our best to get to them as soon as possible, however.

• If you are asked for revisions, please re-submit them within 72 hours of mod response. If no revisions are received within that period of time, your character will be made available again and someone else may submit an application for them.

• If you are rejected, don't worry, you can always try again! We currently have no limits on how many times a person may apply for a character; however, we do reserve the right to ban a person from apping a certain character if it gets too far out of hand.

• We do not accept application challenges. If you apply for a character that already has been applied for or reserved by somebody else, the other person will receive due consideration first. If they are rejected, their reserve expires, or they fail to re-submit revisions within 72 hours of a mod revision request, then, and only then, will we consider your application.

    A Guide to Ease the Process of Applying - Skip if You Feel Prepared
    As there is quite a bit of information to get through, we do encourage everyone to read through all the pages in the Directory before applying. However, pages that absolutely need to be read include the following:

    Premise: A description of the game, and an introduction to the history of Union (the city in which the characters live) and what it means to be Enlightened.
    Rules and FAQ: A basic Q&A addressing game mechanics can be found in the FAQ, including a basic outline concerning Bonding with Pokémon and rules concerning levels and Pokémon attacks, a description of our communication network (Warp Bands), and a description of Enlightened and Enhanced Items.
    The City of Union: A post describing the physical locations within the City of Union. New areas may be added by players as they wish.
    Society & Culture: A post describing the culture and the social mores of the civilization within Union as well as a listing of important Union-specific professions. You may choose to have your character serve as one of these professions or as another less Pokémon-specific profession like 'waiter' or 'chef'. This post may be of particular importance for crafting a working AU for your character.
    The Enlightened: A post describing what it means to be Enlightened as well as Enlightened abilities you may choose for your character and how they affect game mechanics. As a note, any character who does not want to have special skills should choose the skill 'Far from Ordinary', which essentially means they do not have powers.
    Training, Bonding, and Leveling: While this post is not essential for reading before the app, the details given on bonding with Pokémon will need to be understood to get the most out of the game.
    Starter Pokémon: A list of all the starter Pokémon that may be chosen. Please pick one and note it in your application. Your starter does not have to share one of your character's types.
    AU Planning: Before applying, it may be helpful to glance through this post and see if you can make plans with someone to have prior CR or to otherwise plan for future CR. You may also post on our Plotting Comm, which is open to all, to see if anyone would be willing to hash out some AU details with you.
    Plot Timeline: As the game has been running now for several months, it may be helpful to glance through to see which events your character would logically have experienced as a citizen of Union before you begin to play them.

Prior to February 3rd, 2014, we asked that anyone who wished to apply a character from outside Union contact us first for approval. However, this no longer requires approval as long as the character is from a small, outside settlement and does not intend to return. If you intend to make use of a large civilization outside of Union, please still do contact us so we can discuss details. We generally prefer characters to come from settlements already established in game. We also ask that you contact us to talk things over if you plan to include any major actions by the NPCs of the city of Union in your application: for example, if you are attempting to app a murderer and you need to talk about how Union would respond to his crime.

Whenever in doubt, please feel free to contact the mods with any questions you may have! If your application includes some detail that conflicts with the established societal norms of Union, we'll respond to let you know. This does not mean your app is unacceptable! We absolutely want to work with everyone to make sure they can get an AU that they can enjoy. At the most extreme end, we can even accommodate things like people who want to work to bring down Union, but again, please do contact us to hash out details.

To submit an application, fill out the form below and submit it:

If you are filling out an application for a character that you played in the past, please add the form below to your application.

If you are filling out an awakening for a Far From Ordinary character to Enlightenment, please fill out the following form.

If you are filling out an application for a Mega Evolution, please fill out the following form.


Optionally you may fill out a Mega-Evolution Form as listed below if you would like your character to return with their Mega-Evolution

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