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Simplified Level System

The normal leveling system is explained in info posts through the game, but the Simplified Level System is an alternative option intended to help those who don’t want to deal with heavy bookkeeping still play and enjoy the game. This system is used in place of the hard level tracking; it has the advantage of keeping all Pokemon you own more or less even but the disadvantage of you not being able to micromanage what you really focus your levels in.

Instead of tracking levels, simply track the amount of weeks the Pokemon has been with the trainer. Each Pokemon will come with its own inherent “Week number”; add that to the amount of weeks you have had it bonded with you to discern its relative power level. For your trainer, if they are Enlightened, their personal level is equal to the amount of weeks they have spent in the game. This system is still subject to the level cap.

If you wish to Intensive Search, that week does not count toward your total weeks. If you wish to Intensive train, that week counts for two weeks instead of one.

All Enlightened begin at 12 weeks and all starter Pokemon begin at 6 weeks.

In order to effectively use this system, we suggest tracking the week your character joined the game, as well as the week you bonded with your Pokemon and any weeks you Intensive Search or Intensive Train.

Trainers with the Mastery of Training ability gain an extra week every 3 weeks.

Week to level equivalency for Pokemon:
1-5 weeks: Levels 1-10
6-10 weeks: Levels 11-20
11-15 weeks: Levels 21-30
16-20 weeks: Levels 31-40
21-25 weeks: Levels 41-50
26+ weeks: Level 52 (cap)