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In the icy steppes of the north lies the Glacier Confederation, a group of smaller fishing villages that banded into a larger city in order to face the harsh conditions as a unified people. The people of Glacier are hearty and brave, and their experience in shipcraft has given them a great deal of mobility along the coastline.

The people of Glacier make their homes in stout stone homes to shield them from the elements. Though the city appears to an outsider to be frozen, colorless and lifeless, inside each home is a place of warmth, with a constantly roaring fire pit in the center providing heat to those that dwell within and bright, colorful and warm rugs, quilts and pelts adorning the floors and walls.

The Harbor: The Harbor is seen as the lifeblood of Glacian society. During the winter months the water freezes completely, grounding the ships. In the spring, summer, and autumn months, the Harbor is a bustling place of constant activity, with fishing fleets coming and going with the tides.

The Crystalshard Lighthouse: While flame Frostlords are exceptionally rare, they do exist in Glacier and the birth of one is a cause for great celebration. Fire is seen as a great ally of Glacian society, and there is always a team of Frostlords with command over fire live and work in the Crystalshard Lighthouse. The lighthouse is an immense, imposing stone structure looming over the harbor, and at the top rests a crystal of never-melting ice. The Frostlords of fire who dwell within the lighthouse constantly man a giant bonfire, the light of the flame reflecting through the crystal and casting wide beams of light across the harbor and out to sea, providing the fishing fleets with a guiding light to return them safely to Glacier.

The Hunter’s Longhouse: Be they Frostlord or not, many of the men and women of Glacier are skilled at arms and hold membership with the Hunter’s Longhouse. While there are many career hunters who ply their trade and help keep larders overflowing with food to last the winter months, many people within Glacier hunt for sport. While the game they bring back is still consigned for food, trophies of the great Pokemon brought down on the tundra are displayed proudly in the house of any hunter. The Longhouse serves as a guild for those who seek to hunt, and is often a place for hunters to sit around the fire, drink mead and tell stories.


Aside from the primary industries, there are many other businesses and amenities within the city. Players are encouraged to create their own by posting using the form below.

Glacians are fierce, loyal people who live in an egalitarian society that places emphasis on where a person fits into the greater picture. The northlands, with the fierce weather and harsh climate, require a certain outlook of strength, and Glacians as a whole value strength, be it physical or mental. A Glacian will experience a number of different responsibilities as they move through life, as youth they learn and find their way, as adults they perform their duties for the good of the people, and as elders they pass on the knowledge they have acquired and the skills they have learned to the next generation, as well as evaluate the youth to find where their skills fit into the greater scheme.

Glacians are above all else extremely adaptable, their close connection with the wild and unpredictable weathers that often sweep their homeland have manifested quite literally in their Enlightened ability, known as Child of Ever-Changing Skies, which give them a deep understanding - and control - over the weather patterns. Enlightened in Glacier are known as Frostlords and are commonly Water or Ice types, although all types are represented in Glacier to some degree. Enlightened mechanics can be found on the Enlightened Ability page.

Beartic Plunge (Winter): A curious tradition in Glacier popular among the mad and/or daring citizens (in this case: pretty much all of them). Glacier citizens will, as a test of mettle, enter the water during the coldest months of the year wearing scant swimming attire. Considering the extreme conditions of the water, this is usually undertaken by those who are inebriated, have lost a bet, or, more likely, both. It is seen as bad form for Ice Frostlords to partake in this event.

The Thawing (early May): A celebration of the coming of spring and the loosening of the icy grip of winter. The bay waters begin to thaw, giving the docked ships access to the sea that they were denied in the winter months and the celebration is typically held with the return of the first fishing fleet.


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