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For the last forty years, Sanctuary has been under the rule of Gigas. While their own council was nominally able to retain autonomy, they suffered under the harsh rule of the Gigan military. Despite having been conquered for a significant length of time, their culture has persisted. In May of 2015 (OOC date), a group of rebels from Sanctuary escaped from the city and pleaded for aid from the other civilizations around the world, leading to its liberation.

Sanctuary is home to the following major landmarks:
  • The Tower of Magi: The largest tower in the city, the Council of Magi both reside and conduct their business within this tower.

  • The Academy of Magical Research: A high-class academy for the most elite Magi, the Academy is known to be very expensive but produces some of the greatest Magi alive. Highly exclusive, admittance to the Academy is an enormous honor reserved for only those with the most talent - or coin.

  • Grand Bazaar: Located centrally within the city, the Grand Bazaar is where citizens meet to trade. Most common sundries such as food can be purchased here, as well as more exotic reagents for use in spellcasting. The Grand Bazaar is said to have once held some of the most strange and fascinating things before the conquest by Gigas. It is the hope of the citizens that one day this will again be the case.

  • Labor District: Those not blessed with the gifts of the Magi form the impressive manufacturing and labor base within Sanctuary. Forging, carpentry, and the various craft guilds are all housed within the Labor District.

  • Mage Towers: Scattered throughout Sanctuary, Mage Towers mark an ancient and powerful family. These days, many have fallen into disrepair as many political dissidents were taken by Gigas, either to be executed or tortured. While several families have had all members killed or taken, many of the formerly empty towers once again have life within them with the freeing of the city. Mage Towers tend to be remote structures, often protected by powerful spells that prevent entry to all but the most determined or foolhardy.

  • The Prison: A now abandoned prison on the outskirts of Sanctuary that formerly housed political dissidents and suspected rebels under Gigan rule.


Aside from the primary industries, there are many other businesses and amenities within the city. Players are encouraged to create their own by posting using the form below.

Sanctuary is an ancient city said to have withstood the cataclysm due to the divine blessings of the Holy Seer, a woman who foresaw the coming disaster and led her people to safety. The Magi that emerged in the days following the cataclysm took up the Holy Seer’s task, building the city into a thriving center of learning and knowledge.

Within Sanctuary itself, the city is very much a mageocracy. Mages, with their great power and influence, control the opinions and directions of the city. The most powerful will move to remote locations for study. Culturally, the city has taken something of a guarded approach to knowledge, and many Mages zealously pursue their research in solitude and guard their secrets with the utmost care. While Sanctuary is said to contain the greatest collection of knowledge known to man, very little is available to the public.

Sanctuary shares a long alliance with the city of Caldera, and even under the Gigan occupation, the two cities remained close, with regular trade conducted between them. Caldera has always welcomed Sanctuary refugees, and in times of old, Calderan smiths worked with Sanctuary Mages to create some of the greatest weapons known to mankind.

Sanctuary Enlightened have two designations: Magi and Sorcerers, although they typically use the more politically correct term of Earthkin for the latter, adopted from their Calderan allies. Magi are the ruling class, wise and learned with the capability of learning a wide array of spells. Magi are the most common Enlightened within Sanctuary, and the birth of a Magi is an auspicious occasion for any household. The oldest and richest houses are Magi houses, and they practice long-standing traditions steeped in history and the accumulated knowledge of unbroken lines that go back generations. Typically, Magi will only marry other Magi as that is the best way to produce an heir to the family’s craft. Sorcerers, or Earthkin, as they are often known, are more standard Enlightened. Sanctuary has a somewhat dimmer view on this expression of power, as they see it as more wild and untamed in comparison to the studious, knowledge-driven art that they practice.

Tenebris and Lumens (September): The traditional Sanctuary New Year happens on the vernal equinox and is a huge two week celebration. The week before is what is known as Tenebris, a week spent remembering the ancient cataclysm and the darkness of the world. The residents perform elaborate rituals and put out charms to deter the Dark One, a god rumored to haunt the minds of people and bring nightmares (Darkrai, but memory of this name is dependent on mod-approval). It’s a somber time, but there are silly games and lessons for children (and the child at heart).

People traditionally wear dark colors this time of year (and a lot of finals take place this week because no one wants to take finals on New Years) and everyone eats simple food. Most homes and businesses are thoroughly cleaned in preparation for the new year, and many people will create something representative of their anxieties and disappointments from the last year to be ritually burned or otherwise destroyed. Any visits to Sanctuary from outsiders aren't approved during this week, except for the last day.

The next week, however, is when things get fun. As soon as it hits midnight at the end of the week, the city is awash in color and lights. This symbolizes the founding of Sanctuary and the return of light (or knowledge) to the world. A big part of this week, called Lumens, is the city-wide Masque. Most people over a certain age wear beautiful masks, mostly themed around the twenty-two Major Arcana, and the city is one giant party that lasts most of the day, though it picks up at night.

Apart from the Major Arcana, people also wear masks designed to resemble the Bright One (Cresselia) and the Three (Azelf, Uxie, and Mespirit). The Bright One is said to have defeated the Dark One (likely a reference to some eclipse or something that occurred early in Sanctuary’s life) while the Three have many, many stories related to them. Most of the stories, however, involve the three rivers outside of Sanctuary and how their flow represents the flow of knowledge and spirit from the city.

The party officially ends at midnight on the equinox (when it turns from the equinox to the day after) though it usually lasts several hours longer. At midnight, the city gathers to release floating lanterns into the sky, carrying their hopes and dreams for the new year into the heavens.

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Former Inhabitants: Waver Velvet, Jericho Swain, Raine Sage


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