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A foray into the Wildwoods led to the discovery of a subterranean people hidden beneath the surface of the earth since the time of the Savior. Believing themselves to be the last human survivors, the people of Refuge had never dared to venture back out on the surface for fear of invoking the wrath of the Pokémon. Their reintroduction into the world has moved slowly, and they largely continue to keep to themselves.

Aside from the primary industries, there are many other businesses and amenities within the city. Players are encouraged to create their own by posting using the form below.

Refuge is less a city and more a vast collection of tunnels and caverns underground deep within the heart of the Wildwoods. The people there first took shelter from the war 500 years ago and never bothered to poke their heads out again, believing themselves to be the sole survivors of the war. Hemmed in by the dangerous Wildwoods on all sides as they were, this probably contributed to their survival.

Refuge lives in harmony with several types of Ground and Rock type Pokemon; they've also developed a symbiotic relationship with some ghosts formerly residing in the forest, using Litwick to light their way in the dark. Their long hibernation underground has led to the development of a special connection with the earth. Many in Refuge with abilities like the Enlightened have developed the ability to manipulate earth regardless of their typing, as well as the ability to sense and detect movement when touching the ground. Their unique Enlightened trait is called Child of the Shifting Earth and is derived from their affinity to the earth; the people of Refuge refer to Enlightened as Stoneblessed. Enlightened mechanics may be found on the Enlightened Ability page.

The Shattering (Mid-Late March): The Shattering is celebrated as a reminder of those who were lost in the ancient cataclysm. The people of Refuge light candles that are given to the native Litwick, Lampent, and Chandelure; the Pokémon then take them into the caves and place them in areas the people of Refuge have yet to explore. They use these candles as a beacon to guide them to new caves and expand their dwellings.

The Shattering serves two purposes: as a reminder of those lives lost, and the celebration of life born anew. During the early part of this holiday, the people of Refuge take time to reflect upon the past. Oftentimes, they will fast for days at a time, coming together with family young and old. After a week of reflection, the people of Refuge are encouraged to leave their places of meditation in search of new caves, using those candles that they sent out to guide the way.


Former Inhabitants: None

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