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Located to the northwest of Union, the city of Caldera was discovered by Union when they sent out a desperate broadcast for aid in their ongoing siege by the armies of Gigas. Fortuitously, Union had expanded its technological capabilities just in time to pick up said signal. During the events of May 2014 (OOC date), Union was able to assist Caldera in repelling the Gigan troops, and Caldera became Union’s first and strongest ally. The relationship is mutually respectful; most recently, Caldera sought Union’s assistance once more in the liberation of their sister city, Sanctuary.

Caldera is home to the following major landmarks:
  • The Arena: A large sports stadium to observe the sport of Earthkin Clash.
    Steel Battalion Headquarters: The elite troops of Caldera are stationed here. Not all possess the powers of Earthkin, but all are highly trained and practiced in the art of war.

  • The Seekers Headquarters: Helmed by Max Akers, the main branch of the Seekers is located in Caldera, though they try to establish outposts in every city.

  • The Medical Center: The Calderan way of life tends to result in quite a few bumps and bruise; the Calderan Medical Center is similar in most respects to Union’s. A quiet nurse named Sarah may be found here.

  • Steel Batallion Headquarters: Located in the heart of Caldera, the Steel Batallion is the main military force within the city. Taking care of external affairs, the headquarters serves as a training grounds for new, old and future troops. Boasting one of the most well-funded educational institutions within the city, their focus is on preparing the next generation of soldiers.

  • Rock Legion Headquarters: Situated not too far from the Steel Batallion headquarters, the Rock Legion grounds serve to train the next generation of civilian police in the city. Sharing some space with the Steel Batallion, the Rock Legion headquarters also hosts some dormitory overflow for the Steel Batallion.

  • Seekers Headquarters: Located near the Medical Center, the Seekers Headquarters is a somewhat newer staple within Caldera. Offering classes to any and all who wish to learn, they have seen a recent rise in enrollment of young Calderans who wish to learn more about and explore the land.

  • Habitat and Signal Tower: A new addition as of May 2014 (OOC date), this tower allows for Warp Bands to function further out into the wilderness. It also acts as a place for Pokémon to live, similarly to Union's Habitat Tower. As a result, the Warp Bands have seen an increase in capacity, allowing people to bond with even more Pokémon than before.


Aside from the primary industries, there are many other businesses and amenities within the city. Players are encouraged to create their own by posting using the form below.

Caldera's history and culture differ greatly from Union. Though they have legends of a god native to their area, a red giant, they hold no particular reverence for it, as they believe it to have nearly eradicated Caldera during the time of the Savior. They have little ability to communicate with Pokémon, but work with any who would respect their strength. They, in turn, respect the abilities of their partners. The Calderans greatly value strength, honesty, loyalty, and tradition, and frown upon those failing to adhere to these virtues. They find Union’s reverent attitude towards Pokémon to be amusingly quaint.

Caldera's greatest assets are the steel mines located just outside the city; Caldera tends to churn out steel and machinery at a high rate. Gigas primarily sought control over these resources during their attack. Caldera's offensive forces are led by General Brand Ironborn and divided into three groups: the Battalion of Steel, the Rock Legion, and the Earthkin. The Battalion of Steel is composed of Caldera's crack troops, consisting of several hundred trained gunmen and swordsmen. The Rock Legion is the volunteer citizen's levy. The Earthkin are a form of Enlightened and are primarily attuned to the types of Fire, Steel, Rock, and Ground, though Earthkin of all types exist. Their unique Enlightened trait is called Child of Unyielding Steel and appears to derive from their natural affinity for steel and physicality. Enlightened mechanics can be found on the Enlightened Abilities page.

Like Union, Caldera is roughly representative of a meritocracy. They're arguably more successful at maintaining this social stratum because their culture tends toward valuing personal accomplishments and achievements. That said, there is a general class system, as warriors and craftsmen are usually highly valued whereas bureaucrats and scholars are a bit less so. Much of Calderan social class is dictated by personal accomplishments. The more titles and achievements you can add when you introduce yourself, the better. Additionally, unlike Union, Caldera lacks a proper aristocracy.

Caldera cremates their dead through usage of the conveniently placed volcano, which also plays a role in the death penalty, considered a suitable punishment for murderers.

The major headquarters of the Seekers are found in Caldera as well, and their leader, a man named Max Akers, resides there. The Seekers are an organization dedicated to investigating ruins and ancient artifacts in search of the truth behind the legends of old.

Finally, Caldera is home to a sport called Earthkin Clash, a battle of skill and strength between teams of Earthkin. The objective of the sport is to gain as much territory within the ring as possible within the confines of three minutes, or, alternatively, to drive the members of the opposing team over the edge of the ring. Because of Caldera's focus on strength and skill, this is a very popular sport and the best teams are held in high regard. Teams are only allowed three members on the court at a time, though teams can actually consist of multiple members, up to six. Some teams concentrate on specific types, while others go for a more mixed approach in developing a well balanced team. Unbeknownst to most, this is a holdover from the Pokémon Gym challenge of pre-Savior times.

Day of Fire (First day of Summer): The Day of Fire is a Calderan Holiday celebrated for the summer solstice. It takes place during a weekend in June and officially lasts for two days, though recovery may take longer depending on individual alcohol tolerance. It’s a day of celebrating friends and family, as well as life itself.

The first day starts early with the traditional throwing of colors. The markets of Caldera will line up with stands selling hundreds of different colorful powders and sands. The city enjoys a day of taking them and throwing them at anyone and everyone, human and Pokémon alike. The city becomes drenched in bright vibrant colors that persists for weeks to come (or until it rains, but when does it ever rain in Caldera). After spending the day warring with color, the city gets ready for the nightly festivities.

Once the sun goes down, the holiday becomes a festival with huge bonfires set up throughout the city. Hundreds of stands for food and drink are set up, and everyone enjoys a lively night of food, drinking, and fun until the sun comes up. Often at this festival, there are contests to test one’s abilities. Feats of skill like archery, axe throwing, smithing, and glass blowing are placed on display. Drinking contests and feats of strength are also not uncommon. That aside, many just choose the time to have unabashed fun and dance the night away.

The next day is mainly used to rest up and recover. That afternoon is reserved for a quieter family time where low-key activities like dinner or drinks are observed later in the afternoon after everyone has had a chance to sleep before everyone goes back to the usual daily grind of their lives.


Former Inhabitants: Frog, Lucca Ashtear, Danny Fenton, Fili, Kili, Hayato Ichimonji, Kazuya Taki, Tendou Souji, Honoka Kousaka, Excellen Browning, Kyosuke Nanbu, Sanger Zonvolt, Sanae Kochiya

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