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Name:Brave New World Mods
Birthdate:Jan 18
In this world there are two forms of life. Men, weak of body but agile of mind, whose boundless ingenuity allows them to climb to dizzying heights never before experienced; and Pokémon, the mighty beasts of the land, whose mysterious powers maintain the balance of the natural world. Both were, for a time, equals, but the hubris and ambition of man led them to enslave and dominate Pokémon, declaring themselves the true master of the world. For this arrogance man paid a heavy price. The great gods rose up, leading an army of Pokémon against them, decimating them and leaving them scattered and weak.

The City of Union withstood the gods. For 500 years it has toiled to reclaim its former glory. The humans of Union have rebuilt, raising mighty spires to the skies. But the world beyond Union’s walls remains untouched, reclaimed by the land and by Pokémon. Until now. With waning resources and mounting technology, the humans of Union will again walk where no humans have tread for centuries. Blessed by the gods, they seek to once again reclaim some semblance of the former might of mankind and seek out any traces of humanity beyond their walls.

Brave New World is an AU Pokémon roleplay. Players take characters from existing canons and fandoms and alter them to fit the original setting created for this game. Additionally, while characters might not possess the powers they have in their original works, they instead gain the ability to wield the elemental forces formerly only available to Pokémon. In Brave New World, players set out to explore the ravaged lands, discover new frontiers, and uncover the mysteries behind the world of Pokémon.

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