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Map Post

The above image is the map of the world, or at least as much of it as is currently accessible. There are still many areas yet to be explored. If you wish to explore regions on this map, post a request in the Player Plot Request page.

The TL;DR explanation can be found by following this link.

How To Use This Page
The numbers beside the available Pokémon denote the chance of encountering and bonding with the selected species. Once a week, starting on Sunday, you may request to bond with a random Pokémon in a chosen area. The mods will reply with your generated number and the Pokémon you encounter. Any Pokémon marked "??????" will be revealed when it has been randomly encountered. Any Pokémon that has been encountered previously and is already revealed can be automatically bonded with unless that Pokémon is marked "Rare".

If you are seeking a specific, non-rare Pokémon simply post here with the Pokémon you are going to bond with and we will respond with the level of the Pokémon. You will not need an RNG or approval. If you have the Kindred Soul ability, please specify if you want to attempt to bond with two Pokémon in your post.

If your roll has revealed a wild Pokémon for the first time, you may request that the mods initiate an NPC Pokémon thread with you if you desire. In this case, the Pokémon will be kept hidden until we reveal it during the thread. Otherwise, if the Pokémon is already known, we encourage you to help NPC each other’s Bonding threads or ask one of our Wild Pokémon Helpers, who are available for just this purpose.

Searching and Rares

You may also declare you are intensively searching an area. If you intensively search, declare you are doing so when you comment here, and when your number is generated, we will only roll for Pokémon that have not yet been revealed. If you wish to encounter any Pokémon marked "Rare", even if they’ve been discovered before, you must intensively search. Intensively searching an area means you cannot level up any of your Pokémon or your own character this week. If you wish to intensively search for a revealed Rare, as with bonding with already revealed normal Pokémon, simply post that you are doing so. You will not need any mod approval beyond that.

Whether they randomly select or capture an already revealed Pokémon, a trainer may only bond with 1 Pokémon a week, with the exception of Ultra Commons. Look below for more information about Ultra Commons.

Intensive Searching and Shiny Pokémon
If desired, you may use an Intensive Search to marginally increase the chance of acquiring a Shiny Pokémon. This may be chained together to continually increase the chance of a shiny until it is obtained. It works as follows:
-Any week, you may select a revealed Pokémon and use an Intensive Search to attempt to find a Shiny.
-If the Pokémon is an Ultra Common, Common, or Uncommon, gain an additional 3% to this attempt. If the Pokémon is Rare, the first attempt is made at the standard Shiny Chance.
-If the attempt fails, each subsequent attempt in following weeks, be it for an Ultra Common, Common, Uncommon, or Rare, will gain an additional 1% chance to acquire a Shiny.
-These do not all need to be made in consecutive weeks. You may retain your chain after breaking it, but every time you do an Intensive Search for a shiny, you'll need to provide links to all other chained attempts whenever making a new request or your chain will be reset by the mods.
-Upon obtaining a Shiny, the chain resets.
-Chains apply individually to specific Pokémon and locations. If a Pokémon appears in multiple locations, you must continue to go to the same location to benefit from the chain.

If you are attempting to capture Pokémon in a high level area, you may be in danger. Every level will have a noted Danger Level, in addition to the available levels of Pokémon in the area. Usually, this will be the average Pokémon level. You or one of your Pokémon must be at least equal to the Danger Level, or you will have a chance of getting in over your head when you enter the area to look for Pokémon to bond with. For each level under the Danger Level you are, the chance increases by 10%, to a maximum of 100% if you are 10 levels under. Additionally, the greater the discrepancy, the more serious the situation may potentially be.

If we roll that your character becomes endangered, we will initiate a roleplay thread describing the scenario, and you will have to react in character to extricate yourself. Your character will be in danger of injury. Your character will be able to activate an SOS by posting in the main community. However, if you receive a response, the rescuers will not be able to arrive immediately, and we will specify when in the thread they can show up.

If you are traveling in a group, take the highest level Pokémon or Enlightened and add 2 to their level for each additional person when calculating how you stack up against the Danger Level. If an Enlightened has the God of War perk, add 5 to their level for how they stack up against the Danger Level.

Ultra Commons
Ultra Commons are so common in the various areas that you’re practically tripping over them. In addition to bonding with a Pokémon through the regular means, a trainer may bond with any one Ultra Common they so desire each week, for a total of two Pokémon bonds per week (one regular one Ultra Common).

The following Pokémon are Ultra Common:
Caterpie, Weedle, Rattata, Pidgey, Spearow, Ledyba, Spinarak, Hoothoot, Sentret, Wurmple, Zigzagoon, Kricketot, Starly, Sewaddle, Venipede, Pidove, Patrat, Lillipup, Scatterbug, Bunnelby, Zubat (Caves only)

TL;DR Explanation
1. Fill out the form at the bottom of the page with all the relevant information once a week.
2. If you wish to pick a specific Pokémon, no roll is required. We will simply note the Pokémon you pick and tell you its level. The exception to this are Rare Pokémon. See Step 8 for details.
3. If you wish to roll for a random Pokémon, we will do so. Kindred Souls get two rolls.
4. There is a chance that your character may be in Danger if they are underleveled. We will always inform you of this and ask you if you wish to proceed. Gods of War are less likely to succumb to Danger.
5. If your random roll lands on an already revealed Pokémon, we will not be able to thread with you, but you are free to ask a friend or a Helper to NPC the encounter for you on the Catch-All or elsewhere. If you wish to have a Helper, you will be placed into a queue, and the next Helper will help you at their convenience. If you would prefer not to wait, you may request a personality blurb for your Pokemon and the mods will fill one out for you. Or you may determine this as you wish.
6. If your random roll lands on an unrevealed Pokémon, we will ask if you wish to thread with us. You have the option to decline and simply have it revealed. Threads will take place on the Catch-All or in a separate thread if you wish. You will need to create a thread and link us when you are finished, at which point, we will begin the Bonding process. You may reject the random Pokémon you have rolled if you wish, but you cannot roll again this week.
7. You may, at any time, choose to roll with an Intensive Search. This means one of two things: either you will roll an unrevealed Pokémon from the list, or you are choosing to increase your chances of a shiny for a specific Pokémon. Intensive Searching means you don't get levels this week. You are also encouraged to note ICly that you are away from Union searching carefully and such.
8. If you Intensive Search for a shiny, you may search in successive weeks to progressively increase your chance of finding a shiny, similar to the game mechanic of chaining. Please link us every search you've made for the Pokémon in question or your 'chain' will reset.
9. If a Pokémon is marked as Rare and is already on the list, you must Intensive Search to pick it specifically.
10. At any time, you can add a Pokémon for free from the list of Ultra-Commons (scroll up a little.)
11. All Pokémon will come with a chance of Shininess, a chance of knowing Egg Moves, and a chance of holding a Held Item if they appear with one in the games.

The World Map
Verdant Forest: The Verdant Forest is an enormous forest that fully engulfs the city of Union. Teeming with life, it has slightly different Pokémon in the various areas but is home to a wealth of grass Pokémon.

Average Pokémon level: 3-7
Danger Level: 5

Verdant Forest North

Oddish (Common): 1-15
Bellsprout (Common): 16-30
Seedot (Common): 31-45
Budew (Common) : 46-60
Metapod (Uncommon): 61-70
Silcoon (Uncommon): 71-84
Deerling (Uncommon): 85-95
Scyther (Rare): 96-100

Verdant Forest West
Bellsprout (Common): 1-15
Pineco (Common): 16-30
Budew (Common): 31-45
Hoppip (Common): 46-60
Kakuna (Uncommon): 61-72
Taillow (Uncommon): 73-84
Silcoon (Uncommon): 85-95
Girafarig (Rare): 96-100

Fishing (Old Rod)
Magikarp (Common): 1-80
?????? (Uncommon): 81-100

Fishing (Good Rod)
?????? (Common): 1-33
Goldeen (Common): 34-66
?????? (Common): 67-100

Verdant Forest East
Oddish (Common): 1-15
Hoppip (Common): 16-30
Foongus (Common): 31-45
Seedot (Common): 46-60
Swadloon (Uncommon): 61-72
Cottonee (Uncommon): 73-84
Cascoon (Uncommon): 85-95
Pikachu (Rare): 96-100

Fishing (Old Rod)
Magikarp (Common): 1-80
Basculin (Green)(Uncommon): 81-100

Fishing (Good Rod)
?????? (Common): 1-33
?????? (Common): 34-66
?????? (Common): 67-100

Verdant Forest South
Murkrow (Common): 1-15
Bellsprout (Common): 16-30
Budew (Common): 31-44
Foongus (Common): 45-60
Spewpa (Uncommon): 61-72
Cascoon (Uncommon): 73-84
Pineco (Uncommon): 85-95
Phantump (Rare): 96-100

Moss Rock: A mossy rock with strange power hidden deep within the Verdant Forest. The area is always calm and peaceful.

Average Pokémon level: 5 - 8
Danger Level: 7

Oddish (Common): 1-25
Bellsprout (Common): 26-50
Shroomish (Uncommon): 51-63
Petilil (Uncommon): 64-76
Skiddo (Uncommon): 77-89
Leafeon (Rare): 90-95
Chikorita (Rare): 96-100

Scorched Forest: The Scorched Forest is a large chunk of forest to the southwest of Union that was mysteriously burned away. For whatever reason, it doesn’t appear to be regrowing as normal, and has become the home to many Fire-type Pokémon.

Average Pokémon level: 5-8
Danger Level: 7

Houndour (Common): 1-15
Koffing (Common): 16-30
Murkrow (Common): 31-45
Pineco (Common): 45-60
Fletchling (Uncommon): 61-72
Magby (Uncommon): 73-84
Slugma (Uncommon): 85-95
Charmander (Rare): 96-100

Hot Springs: Hot springs deep underneath the Scorched Forest. An strange stone can be found in the center of the largest spring radiating heat. It may be the reason that the burned forest has never regrown. Despite their hidden location, the springs are well populated by Pokémon that enjoy the occasional soak.

Average Pokémon level: 10-14
Danger Level: 12

Mankey (Common): 1-15
Aipom (Common): 16-30
Slakoth (Common): 31-45
Darumaka (Common): 45-60
Ducklett (Uncommon): 61-77
Growlithe (Uncommon): 78-95
Togepi (Rare): 96-100

Forest Shrine: The Forest Shrine is a mysterious, tranquil place to the northwest of Union where those who enter feel immediately at peace. The Shrine was just recently discovered and Rangers swear they had passed by before and hadn’t noticed it. The shrine itself is a small stone structure with no markings. It consists of a large altar, about six feet in width, and a partially enclosed space around it with a sharply angular roof. Rangers whisper of people they had thought dead or lost reappearing, and being found laying upon the altar clothed in white robes with no memories of who they were. Although reticent, the clearing that houses the Shrine has a fair few Pokémon that call it home.

Average Pokémon level: 5-8
Danger Level: 7

Foongus (Common): 1-15
Seedot (Common): 16-30
Hoppip (Common): 31-45
Taillow (Common): 46-60
Deerling (Uncommon): 61-72
Cherubi (Uncommon): 73-84
Pineco (Uncommon): 85-95
Bulbasaur (Rare): 96-100

Lake Shrine: While the lake to the southeast of Union has existed for many centuries, the appearance of the Lake Shrine is very recent. Rangers report, much with the Forest Shrine, that it seems to have just appeared overnight, and that they never noticed it before. The Shrine itself is a small post with an angular construct sitting on a stone pole. There are wooden stakes surrounding it hanging thick, knotted ropes with white paper designs dangling from the rope. Many Shifters seem to feel a strong connection to this place, some may have first discovered their powers in the vicinity of the shrine. As with the Forest Shrine, there are any number of Pokémon that dwell within the area.

Average Pokémon level: 5-8
Danger Level: 7

Lotad (Common): 1-15
Slowpoke (Common): 16-30
Surskit (Common): 31-45
Bidoof (Common): 46-60
Volbeat (Uncommon): 61-72
Illumise (Uncommon): 73-84
Yanma (Uncommon): 85-95
Squirtle (Rare): 96-100

Fishing (Old Rod)
Magikarp (Common): 1-49
Bidoof (Common): 50-95
Squirtle (Rare): 96-100

Fishing (Good Rod)
?????? (Common): 1-33
?????? (Common): 34-66
Clauncher (Common): 67-100

Mountains: The mountains are tall spires well off the beaten path located to the east of Union. With treacherous winding paths that become even moreso during the frequent rainstorms that sweep them, at higher elevations they are known for heavy snow and are considered to be extremely dangerous.

Average Pokémon level: 10-14
Danger Level: 12

Geodude (Common): 1-15
Phanpy (Common): 16-30
Mankey (Common): 31-45
Teddiursa (Common): 46-60
Mawile (Uncommon): 61-72
Rhyhorn (Uncommon): 73-84
Mienfoo (Uncommon): 85-95
Larvitar (Rare): 96-100

Mountains - High Elevation

Average Pokémon level: 15-18
Danger Level: 16

Geodude (Common): 1-15
Swinub (Common): 16-30
Snorunt (Common): 31-45
Cubchoo (Common): 46-60
Vanillite (Uncommon): 61-70
Snover (Uncommon): 71-80
Smoochum (Uncommon): 81-90
Froslass (Rare): 91-95
Skarmory (Rare): 96-100

Ice Rock: An icy rock with strange power nestled within the mountains. There is always a swirling storm of snow and hail around it.

Average Pokémon level: 19 - 24
Danger Level: 23

Swinub (Common): 1-25
Vanillite (Common): 26-50
?????? (Uncommon): 51-63
Bergmite (Uncommon):: 64-76
?????? (Uncommon): 77-89
Glaceon (Rare): 90-95
Sneasel (Rare): 96-100

Magnet Cave: A strange cavern within the mountains filled with Nosepass aligned to a magnetic rock. The strength of the magnetic field here is strong enough that even the sturdiest of adventurers may feel a slight pull. The air is charged with static, and gemstones litter the ground. First discovered during the expedition to find the mines, the full expanse of the cave wasn’t properly explored until several months later.

Average Pokémon level: 18-22
Danger Level: 20

Nosepass (Common): 1-30
Magnemite (Common): 31-60
Plusle (Uncommon): 61-72
Minun (Uncommon): 73-85
?????? (Rare): 86-90
Magnezone (Rare): 91-95
Tynamo (Rare): 96-100

Caverns/Iron Mine: The caverns are a network of caves that cut deep into the base of the mountain. Dark and a bit dank, they descend deep underground and nobody is entirely certain how far down they go. Deep within the caverns, an iron mine was discovered on February 3rd, 2014. Due to the earthquakes, an opening leading straight into the mines has been formed, making for easier access. There also appears to be a connection to the Old City of Union from this area.

Average Pokémon level: 15-18
Danger Level: 17

Roggenrola (Common): 1-15
Sandshrew (Common): 16-30
Aron (Common): 31-45
Nosepass (Common): 46-60
Onix (Common): 61-72
Clefairy (Uncommon): 73-84
Carbink (Uncommon): 85-95
Steelix (Rare): 96-100

Deep Mines: Far beneath the iron mines where few ever tread, the world is black as night and the air so suffocating that breathing is difficult. Yet even at these depths, there is life to be found. The inhabitants of the deep mines generally leave each other alone, and visitors would be wise to do the same.

Average Pokémon level: 25 - 30
Danger Level: 27

?????? (Common): 1-20
Drilbur (Common): 21-40
Durant (Common): 41-60
Lairon (Uncommon): 61-75
?????? (Uncommon): 76-90
Tyrunt (Rare): 91-95
?????? (Rare): 96-100

Swamp: The northern swamp is thick with murky water and has little solid land to speak of. With thick vegetation, moving through the swamp is more of a slog than a walk. While there’s vegetation present, it’s not heavily populated and the risk of wild Pokémon attack is common.

Average Pokémon level: 10-14
Danger Level: 12

?????? (Common): 1-15
Croagunk (Common): 16-30
Stunfisk (Common): 31-45
Shroomish (Common): 46-60
?????? (Uncommon): 61-72
Wooper (Uncommon): 73-84
Marill (Uncommon): 85-95
Carnivine (Rare): 96-100

Fishing (Old Rod)
Magikarp (Common): 1-49
Basculin (Red) (Common): 50-95
Feebas (Rare): 96-100

Fishing (Good Rod)
Magikarp(Common): 1-32
Skrelp (Common): 33-64
Azurill (Common): 65-95
Feebas (Rare): 96-100

Ruins: The ruins are located deep within the swamp. Nobody is certain what the ruins used to be, but the construction is extremely odd, the proportions and layout don’t look right although it’s difficult to say exactly what is wrong. It is a shattered building that descends deep into the underground, and it’s uncertain how many floors as the Pokémon that inhabit it are quite powerful. They have a way of sneaking up on you as they start with a giant hole in the ground approximately one story in height. The outer edge is covered in vegetation so you’re more likely to discover it via falling in.

Average Pokémon level: 18-21
Danger Level: 20

Gothita (Common): 1-15
Woobat (Common): 16-30
Misdreavus (Common): 31-45
Unown (Common): 46-60
Golett (Uncommon): 61-70
Mr. Mime (Uncommon): 71-80
Sigilyph (Uncommon): 81-90
Solrock (Rare): 91-95
Lunatone (Rare): 96-100

Canyon: The canyon is an enormous expanse to the west of Union that spans several miles. It is rough and jagged, as if it was torn into the very earth with vicious claws. It’s difficult to move around, and no bridges really exist making it difficult to cross.

Average Pokémon level: 10-14
Danger Level: 12

?????? (Common): 1-15
Phanpy (Common): 15-30
Hippopotas (Common): 31-45
Diglett (Common): 46-60
Whismur (Uncommon): 61-72
Trapinch (Uncommon): 73-84
Shinx (Uncommon): 85-95
Gible (Rare): 96-100

Deep Canyon: The Deep Canyon is the area at the bottom of the canyon. The Pokémon are stronger and more aggressive, but traversing it is currently the only known way to cross to the other side.

Average Pokémon level: 15-18
Danger Level: 17

Dwebble (Common): 1-15
Cubone (Common): 16-30
Gligar (Common): 31-45
Sandile (Common): 46-60
Helioptile (Uncommon): 61-72
Kabuto (Uncommon): 73-84
Omanyte (Uncommon): 85-95
Aerodactyl (Rare): 96-100

Old City: The Old City is buried beneath Union. The remnants of the civilization destroyed in the war, Union was built as mankind’s last bastion of defense on top of the ruins. It is now primarily traversed for salvage, although there is still much left to be explored. There are rumors of pockets of much more powerful Pokémon within the Old City, but this is as of yet unverified. There appears to be some sort of route to the Iron Mines in the Mountains.

Average Pokémon level: 5-8
Danger Level: 6

Magnemite (Common): 1-15
Klink (Common): 16-30
Grimer (Common): 31-45
Purrloin (Common): 46-60
Scraggy (Uncommon): 61-72
Bronzor (Uncommon): 73-84
Klefki (Uncommon): 85-95
Porygon (Rare): 96-100

Trubbish (Special): Freely available for bonding .

Mausoleum: Deep within the Old City, the Mausoleum was discovered following the earthquakes of late January. An ancient, enormous crypt that seems capable of holding thousands of... occupants, it is well preserved due to its sturdy construction and a centuries-long seal only recently broken. Though there are many vaults, surprisingly few human remnants can be found within. There’s not much life in this place - but it teems with activity nonetheless.

Average Pokémon level: 10-14
Danger Level: 12

Shuppet (Common): 1-25
Drifloon (Common): 26-50
Misdreavus (Common): 51-75
Vulpix (Uncommon): 76-85
Zorua (Uncommon): 86-95
Rotom (Rare): 96-100

Oceans: Accessible to the south of Union, the oceans remain an enigma at this time. No expedition has ever been made to attempt to cross it, and it is unknown what, if anything, lies beyond the seas. In early March, a lone Shifter mounted a solo trip into the big blue yonder.

Average Pokémon level: 5-8
Danger Level: 6

Fishing Only (Old Rod)
Finneon (Common): 1-50
Luvdisc (Common): 51-99
Trubbish (Ultra Rare): 100, changed due to Player Plot

Fishing Only (Good Rod)
Krabby (Common): 1-15
Goldeen (Common): 16-30
Shellder (Common): 31-45
Horsea (Common): 46-60
Remoraid (Uncommon): 61-72
Mantine (Uncommon): 73-84
Corsola (Uncommon): 85-95
Wailmer (Rare): 96-100

Tropical Island: An uncharted island three hours to the southeast of Union as the Inkay swims. It’s just about as beautiful and balmy as one could expect a tropical paradise to be. However, no humans have set foot there in years, and the native wildlife are understandably displeased with the intrusion. The island is surrounded by high cliffs on all sides save for the northwest beach, making it impossible to land anywhere else. From time to time, a wave of heat rolls down from the cliffs and makes it unbearably hot for a few hours... It may be possible to explore further inland by scaling the cliffs.

Until a port is built and maritime technology has been developed further, the Tropical Island is difficult to reach for anyone without a large Water-type Pokémon.

Average Pokémon level: 21-25
Danger Level: 23

Pansage (Common): 1-15
Staryu (Common): 16-30
Barboch (Common): 31-45
Panpour (Common): 46-60
Inkay (Uncommon): 61-72
Tropius (Uncommon): 73-84
Exeggcute (Uncommon): 85-95
Totodile (Rare): 96-100

Fishing (Old Rod)
Finneon (Common): 1-33
Remoraid (Common): 33-66
Luvdisc (Common): 66-100

Fishing (Good Rod)
Krabby (Common): 1-15
Goldeen (Common): 16-30
Shellder (Common): 31-45
Horsea (Common): 46-60
Remoraid (Uncommon): 61-72
Mantine (Uncommon): 73-84
Corsola (Uncommon): 85-95
Wailmer (Rare): 96-100

Volcano: An active volcano deep within the interior of the island, accessible only by a grueling hike through the jungle. In addition to the dangers posed by the environment, the Pokémon in this harsh climate are fierce and hostile to visitors. Keep your distance – convection exists, no matter what you see in movies.

Average Pokémon level: 29-33
Danger Level: 31

Torkoal (Common): 1-20
Pansear (Common): 21-40
Numel (Common): 41-60
Vullaby (Uncommon): 61-75
Heatmor (Uncommon): 76-90
Cyndaquil (Rare): 91-95
Larvesta (Rare): 96-100

Flower Grove: This mysterious flower grove is always in bloom with beautiful flowers. Sweet scents abound, and it feels perpetually safe and at peace. Those from Union may recognize the strange, pink blossoms.

Average Pokémon level: 21-25
Danger Level 23

Buneary (Common): 1-20
Jigglypuff (Common): 21-40
Combee (Common): 41-60
Spritzee (Uncommon): 61-75
Flabébé (Uncommon): 76-90
Whimsicott (Rare): 91-95
Eevee (Rare): 96-100

West Desert: An enormous expanse of hot, arid, sandy desert stretches as far as the eye can see. With intense heat and little rainfall, the entire area is oppressive, both in terms of heat and the dangerous Pokémon that call it home.

Average Pokémon level: 36-40
Danger Level: 38

?????? (Common): 1-15
Maractus (Common): 16-30
?????? (Common): 31-45
Cacnea (Common): 46-60
Ponyta (Uncommon): 61-72
Baltoy (Uncommon): 73-84
Camerupt (Uncommon): 85-95
?????? (Rare): 96-100

Caldera: The city of Caldera lies on the side of an enormous mountain. Thought to have been a volcano in ancient times, it is now completely dormant, but there are veins of lava flowing through just below that the citizens have harnessed for power. The mountainside holds a number of wild Pokemon who have acclimated to the increased temperatures.

Average Pokémon level: 15-18
Danger Level: 17

Pancham (Common): 1-20
Darumaka (Common): 21-40
Makuhita (Common): 41-60
Machop (Uncommon): 61-75
Tyrogue (Uncommon): 76-90
Torchic (Rare): 91-95
Riolu (Rare): 96-100

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