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Organization Members

This post exists for the purpose of keeping track of characters in similar occupations. If it would make sense for a character to know of or have prior CR with other characters in the same organization, please feel free to contact one another to hash out details. Though some of the organizations may be noted as difficult to enter, no formal application is needed; simply add your character below. For more information about the professions in Union, visit the Society and Culture page.

If you would like to create your own organization, make a note here and we will add it if there are a sufficient number of members to warrant such an inclusion.

Rangers: Rangers patrol the wilderness around Union tracking Pokémon migration and herd patterns, mapping the surrounding area, and sending advance signals to Union if they detect trouble. Rangers also try to help out any trainers in the area who may run into trouble. Almost all Rangers are trainers, Enlightened, or both. The role of the Ranger is quite dangerous, and not everyone who applies is allowed to serve in such a capacity.

Yuuna Sugasawa | [personal profile] rainsrespite
Returning after a long leave of absence, Yuuna Sugasawa has resumed active duties as captain of the 3rd Ranger Division. She's a veteran explorer, an inspiring figure, and a skilled field medic.


The City Guard: The City Guard operates on the wall and by the entrances to the Old City. They are tasked with protecting Union from rampaging Pokémon. Though their role is no less important than those of Rangers, the mortality rate is somewhat lower here.



The Swords of the Savior: The Swords of the Savior are a group of Inquisitors that uphold the tenets of Union law and faith. Although officially a church group, they tend to act more as a police force, and their office is with the magistrate in the Council Hall. Swords of the Savior are powerful combatants, but like all in Union, they are bound by the law not to take a life, although they can be authorized to do so in the most dire of circumstances. Their primary charge is protecting the peace.


James Gordon | [personal profile] commissionergrump
A senior member of the Swords, having been serving longer than some members have been alive. He is known for his leadership and built up a reputation as stubborn, having, despite not being one of the Enlightened, having held out for bonding with Pokémon until quite recently.

Saber | [personal profile] ofpromisedvictory
Though not a native of Union, Saber deeply respects the Savior's philosophy and seeks to protect humans and her fellow Pokémon in every way she can. That way is mostly fighting.


Delvers & Historians: Delvers descend into the depths of the Old City to find resources and materials for use in Union. Delvers are often trainers, and need to be prepared for just about anything. Expeditions often occur in groups, as it's dangerous to go alone. Delvers work closely with Historians, who analyze the artifacts found in the Old City and try to make sense of what came before the war. Historians are of great interest to the Council as they recover the history of humanity.

Ezreal | [personal profile] indy_wannabe
Ezreal was admitted to the Delvers early in life after mapping a large chunk of the Old City when he was a mere 8 years old and the fact that he received exceptional marks in the Academy but had no interest in formal research. He's been officially active for about 3 years, and was recently able to take it on full-time.


Union Scholars: Comprising the more intellectual side of Union, a significant number of people are in the field of disseminating knowledge. Professors teach in the university and many of the more renowned Professors are common names, as the citizens of Union all go through the university. Researchers, in contrast, focus primarily on research and creating new technology, though they occasionally give lectures or assist in teaching, Those in the Union Library keep track of books and work closely with the University of Union, the Laboratories, and even the government, archiving information for things like marriages, deaths, graduations, major business transactions, research findings, and so forth.

Ami Mizuno | [personal profile] allergictoloveletters
A girl genius, Ami is a researcher and constantly seeking information. She's been a scholar since she could read but has only just joined the Union Scholars as a researcher after having finished her medical studies for pokemon and people.


Medical Operatives: Doctors and nurses in the Medical Center are kept constantly busy by the flow of patients, whether Rangers injured in the field or more commonplace victims of accidents created by humans and Pokémon alike. They are generally equipped to deal with everything that comes across their path, though many of the physicians specialize in one thing or another due to the widely ranging physiologies of Pokémon.

Ami Mizuno | [personal profile] allergictoloveletters
Having finished her medical studies at the age of 17, Ami is now a member of the Medical Operatives. Using her analyst abilities, she has a keen ability to diagnose the situation and find the best possible treatment. Her lack of experience in the field is countered by her breadth of knowledge in the multiple subject areas.


Divine Defense Force: The Divine Defense Force is an ancient and secret order dedicated to the worship and protection of the gods. With the war, the gods are thought to have departed, so they instead work to protect the harmony between humans and Pokémon, as well as seek out the gods so they can serve once more.

Haruka Tenoh | [personal profile] actsmagnificent
Haruka has been in the Divine Defense Force for about a year; she usually partners with Michiru for missions. As a reincarnation of one of the Savior's companions, she takes her duties as a god-seeker very seriously and her thespian activities somewhat less so.

Michiru Kaioh | [personal profile] incousinswithyou
Michiru has been in the Force for about a year and has proven herself an effective and talented member. She's usually partnered up with Haruka.

Rise Kujikawa | [personal profile] celebrity_commentator
Rise is a new member of both the Defense Force and their cover. She's not really used to the serious mission of the group, but her abilities and her desire to help people and Pokémon make her a natural at coordinating the other members in the field.


Kurain School of Channelling: Open to new members. Originally a school limited to the instruction of the Kurain Channelling technique, the school has been open by its current leader, Maya Fey, to train mediums and psychics of other practices as well. Dedicated to the study of psychic and ghost techniques, channelling, and other associated practices, the school is old fashioned and located in the northwest district of Union. Though students may be trained to be or already be mediums (of a sort), onmyoji (spiritual assistants for channelling purposes), nuns, or the like upon request, they may also choose to simply benefit from the spiritual training.

Rei Hino | [personal profile] faithfulflame
Rei has joined the school officially only recently, but has been an associate and friend for a long time now. She's a skilled exorcist and seer, and gifted at reading fortunes by consulting flames.


The Seekers: Dedicated to learning more about ancient civilizations and the gods of old, the Seekers travel across the land in search of ruins to plunder and artifacts to retrieve. They've got bases all over and were first encountered in the city of Caldera. They've recently set up shop in Union with the apparent approval of the Council, perhaps due to their invaluable aid in calming Heatran.

Lux Crownguard | [personal profile] ladyofluminosity
Coming from a noble family, Lux was top of her class while she attended. Naturally gifted, she is quick to be able to pick up just about anything. Lux is a new recruit at the Union chapter.

Sinbad | [personal profile] conquerorofwaves
A natural adventurer by nature, the organization seemed like a good fit for him - especially in light of recent events. While he has an uncanny knack for detecting danger and a strong protective streak, he isn't very good at following rules.

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