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Player Plot Request

6/11: With the debut of the new map, expeditions to explore new areas will be limited. To encourage group exploration, only one proposal will be accepted every two weeks. ICly, exploration of new areas is too dangerous for the Council to allow multiple forays simultaneously. Additionally, you may not lead more than one expedition if you've already done one.

Players may request information for their own plots here. Players are highly encouraged to plan their plots using the Plotting comm first. Groups seeking events should elect a single player to act as the primary plot contact. We also strongly recommend keeping the number of involved players smaller or breaking larger plots into multiple logs to aid in log completion.

When requesting a plot, please fill out the form below:

The following information is for player plots with multiple people:

The moderators will respond to the post after reviewing the request. If approved, the mod team will respond to the request with an approval, and send a private message to the journal used to request the event with a basic outline of what will happen, what will be encountered, and what rewards will become available to the characters upon completion of the plot. The requesting player will have the power to move the plot along in the actual log, and run any NPCs that may be necessary. This responsibility can be shared among the other players at their discretion, the moderators will not typically run any of these plots. However, we do reserve the right to take over a plot if characters are getting close to a major plot point we wanted to unveil, and we also reserve the right to ask questions and request clarification of plots, as well as deny them if we don't feel they're appropriate or properly presented. We will, however, do our best to work with everyone so they can move their plots to a satisfying conclusion.

When the plot log has been completed, reply to the plot approval with a link to the finished log. The moderators will then respond with the full rewards (which can include extra levels, resources, special items, and the ability to bond with Pokémon, among other things). Rewards will not be granted until the log is finished.

When posting a log, please use the below format. All logs should be posted in the standard IC comm ([community profile] bravenewworld)

The following information is for solo player plots:

If you would like to have a solo player plot concerning something relating to personal character growth, we will speak personally with you to talk about how things should go. At the moment, the mods will help run these.

Open Sidequests:

The following are open sidequests that can be embarked upon by all players. Players are responsible for setting them up and completing them as any normal player plots, but these will potentially help advance the plot and open up new areas and Pokemon. Sidequest objectives may also tie into proposed player plots, depending on the circumstances.

Map Exploration
The signal range of the Warp Bands has been greatly expanded! There are many new areas out there to explore...

This objective is currently in-progress.

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