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Located to the northwest of Union, the city of Caldera was embroiled in a war with Gigas for two years and sent out a desperate broadcast for aid from any who were within range. Coincidentally, Union expanded its technological capabilities just in time to pick up said signal. During the events of May 2014, Union was able to help Caldera repel the Gigas troops - at least, for the time being. In gratitude, Caldera promised its assistance in any future endeavors.

Caldera's history and culture differ greatly from Union. Though they have legends of a god native to their area, a red giant, they hold no particular reverence for it, as it is believed to have nearly eradicated Caldera during the time of the Savior. Union's attitudes towards Pokemon are viewed as amusingly quaint. They have little ability to communicate with Pokémon, but work with any who would respect their strength. They, in turn, respect the abilities of their partners. The Calderans greatly value strength, honesty, loyalty, and tradition, and frown upon those failing to adhere to these virtues.

Caldera's greatest asset is its location relative to several mines in the area, and it churns out steel and machinery at a high rate. There are a form of Enlightened within the city known as Earthkin, primarily attuned to the types of Fire, Steel, Rock, and Ground, though Earthkin attuned to all types exist. The abilities of the Children of the Verdant Forest are foreign to them, and Kindred Souls and Shifters are rare. Calderans have their own unique Enlightened ability, the Child of Unyielding Steel, that is available only to them. For more on Caldera, see the entry in the Information Collective. Caldera also celebrates a holiday known as the Day of Fire.

Former Residents: Cliff Fittir, Lucca Ashtear, Tendou Souji, Elka, Kuvira, Fili, Kili, Hayato Ichimonji, Thorin Oakenshield, Estelle Bright, Umi Sonoda, Konoe Kikyo, Honoka Kousaka, Adell, Ranka Lee
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The Citadel is a city built into an enormous living tree. While it does house some permanent inhabitants, it primarily serves as a base of operations for the Valkyrie tribes, a group of nomadic herders notable for their female warrior class. The Citadel is used as a meeting place and houses the Matriarch, the leader of the Valkyries. The Matriarch is chosen through a grand tournament every 10 years. The current Matriarch has held the position for thirty years.

The Valkyrie tribes live by much different values than the people of Union. Wild, untamed and free, they tend to run by directive of the Matriarch, although they have a number of basic "rules" that they follow regarding property and punishment.

The tribes are decidedly Matriarchal culturally, with men typically performing most of the labor and craft duties and women holding the warrior and government positions. Each tribe has its own elder who represents the tribe's interests, the position is, much like that of the Matriarch, determined via tournament. While ostensibly open to all, the Matriarch position has never been filled by someone who wasn't already an Elder.

The Valkyries have Enlightened, whom they refer to as Windblessed. Valkyries are most commonly flying, normal and fighting types, although as with Union they have a wide variety of typings that can appear. The Citadel itself is smaller than Caldera, but the accumulated tribes are roughly equivalent to Caldera in population. The Citadel does, however, have a good amount of additional space built in which can accomodate all of the tribes when they gather. The Valkyries have their own unique Enlightened ability, the Child of the Howling Gale, that is available only to them. For more on the Citadel and the Valkyries, see the entry in the Information Collective.

Former Residents: Mami Tomoe, Yosuke Hanamura, Domri Rade, Kyoko Sakura, Gwendolyn
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Refuge is less a city and more of a vast collection of tunnels and caverns underground deep within the heart of the Wildwoods. The people there first took shelter from the war 500 years ago and never bothered to poke their heads out again, believing themselves to be the sole survivors. Hemmed in by the dangerous Wildwoods on all sides as they were, this was probably a good idea.

Refuge lives in harmony with several types of Ground and Rock type Pokemon; they've also developed a symbiotic relationship with some ghosts formerly residing in the forest, using Litwick to light their way in the dark. Their long hibernation underground has led to the development of a special connection with the earth. Many in Refuge with abilities like the Enlightened have developed the ability to manipulate earth regardless of their typing as well as the ability to sense and detect movement when touching the ground. Their Enlightened ability is called the Child of the Shifting Earth.

Former Residents: Kuvira, Signless
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Sanctuary is an ancient city said to have withstood the cataclysm due to the divine blessings of the Holy Seer, a woman who foresaw the coming disaster and led her people to safety. The Magi who emerged in the days following the cataclysm took up the Holy Seer’s task, building up the city into a thriving center of learning and knowledge.

For the last forty years, Sanctuary has been under the rule of Gigas. While their own council was nominally able to retain autonomy, they suffered under the harsh rule of Gigas military. Sanctuary has been a conquered city for quite some time, but despite Gigas’s efforts, much of their culture remains.

Within Sanctuary itself, the city is very much a Mageocracy. Mages, with their great power and influence, control the opinions and directions of the city. The most powerful will move to remote locations for study. Culturally, the city has taken something of a guarded approach to knowledge, and many Mages zealously pursue their research in solitude and guard their secrets with utmost care. While Sanctuary is said to contain the greatest collection of knowledge known to man, due to those who control it, very little is available to the public.

Sanctuary shares a long alliance with the city of Caldera, and even under the Gigan occupation the two cities remain close, with regular trade between them. Caldera has always welcomed Sanctuary refugees, and in times of old, Calderan smiths worked with Sanctuary mages to create some of the greatest weapons known to mankind.

Sanctuary Enlightened have two designations, Magi and Sorcerers, although they typically use the more politically correct term of Earthkin, adopted from their Calderan allies. Magi are the ruling class, wise and learned with the capability of learning a wide array of spells. Magi are the most common Enlightened within Sanctuary, and the birth of a Magi is an auspicious occasion for any household. The oldest and richest houses are Magi houses, and they practice long-standing traditions steeped in history and the accumulated knowledge of unbroken lines that go back generations. Typically, Magi will only marry other Magi as that is the best way to produce an heir to the family’s craft. Sorcerers, or Earthkin, as they are often known, are more standard Enlightened. Sanctuary has a somewhat dimmer view on this expression of power, as they see it as more wild and untamed as opposed to the studious, knowledge-driven art that they practice.

Former Residents: Rincewind, Waver, Jack Frost
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A civilization and empire somewhere to the north of Union, beyond Caldera. Little is known about this empire at this time apart from that they are highly aggressive and possess extremely advanced technological capabilities. They claim to have been protected during the war by a great god from whom they take their name.

For more on Gigas, see the entry in the Information Collective.

Former Residents: N/A

Restricted application. Contact mods before attempting to apply. Applicants will generally have very little knowledge of Gigas for one reason or another.
This area cannot be accessed.

Team Evolution:
A group of common-minded individuals banding together for a single, noble cause: to restore humanity to the heights it once scaled prior to the great war. Or so they claim. Not localized to any one particular region, Team Evolution has a number of bases all across the northern part of the continent, including within Caldera and Gigas. The team is known for their work in attempting to create a machine that can induce normal evolution, as well as their knowledge of a secret they claim to have once been wielded by the people of their past - Mega Evolution. Most recently, they assisted in negotiating a peace between Caldera and Gigas.

For more on Team Evolution, see the Information Collective.

Former Members: N/A

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The Seekers:
Dedicated to learning more about ancient civilizations and the gods of old, the Seekers travel across the land in search of ruins to plunder and artifacts to retrieve. They've got bases all over and were first encountered in the city of Caldera. They've recently set up shop in Union with the apparent approval of the Council, perhaps due to their invaluable aid in calming Heatran.

For more on the Seekers, see the Information Collective.

Members: None

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The string of islands to the southeast of Union are home to several small villages that originally branched off from Union settlers. For one reason or another, they are particularly prone to mass destruction. From time to time, displaced peoples tend to wash up on the southern coast near Union. Following the construction of a seaworthy ship by Banzu, Union finally came into contact with these villages.

Former Residents: Sinbad, Isabela

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This area cannot be accessed until Union discovers it.

A village of Shifters initially founded by Yukari Yakumo and Tiki hundreds of years ago, it lived in peace until relatively recently, when a group of raiders captured many of its residents and scattered the rest to the winds. Several of the survivors found themselves in Union, where they vowed to uncover the truth behind the tragedy. Recent evidence has indicated that Gigas was behind the attack, to the surprise of nobody.

Former Residents: N/A

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This area cannot be accessed.

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