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The City of Reclamation
Nestled on the western coastlines lies the great metropolis of Gigas. Modern in every sense of the word, the city is an enduring relic of an age long thought lost. With its great infrastructure, the city is the largest known concentration of humanity in the world, a veritable megacity with all of the conveniences of life produced within it. Gigas is a city of light and noise, a city that never seems to sleep for all the hustle and bustle within.

High technology, coupled with cars and various other modern accouterments have made Gigas an advanced, if somewhat unnatural seeming place. There are parks, but nothing like Union's own. The city is extremely clean, well cared for, and tidy. Everything in it's proper place, with old structures being removed and rebuilt with some regularity.

Capitol Building: The shining white halls of the Capitol Building house the Gigan Senate, the seat of power within the city. While nominally the puppets of the Emperor, his touch wasn’t felt in much of the day-to-day life as the city continued to grow and evolve even beyond his vision. Lawmakers regularly meet, argue and discuss policy, holding votes and often, as the jokes go, resolving very little for all the proceedings. It is open to the public and people will often go to protest or give statements on the floor, which is immediately proceeded by the lawmakers doing what they intended to do all along.

Public Library: Gigas maintains a strong public library system, with the main branch housed in the heart of the city itself. A beautiful marble structure with a full six floors (and purported underground archive) that hold every book published within the city contained within its walls, the Public Library is indispensible to the knowledge and learning, as well as entertainment of Gigan civilizations.

Station Alley: All television broadcasts and movie production can be traced to Station Alley, a veritable neighborhood of television stations all vying for broadcast power. Young aspiring stars will often take up residence in this affluent sector, waiting tables and gigging to eke out a meager existence as they wait to be discovered and carried into stardom, but the actual occurrences of this are rare.


Aside from the primary industries, there are many other businesses and amenities within the city. Players are encouraged to create their own by posting using the form below.

Society and Culture
Gigans are a busy people, often rushing through life with a phone in hand and an eye on the time. They lead very structured lives, going through school and finding a job are big milestones in their lives and a Gigan can expect to work as much as they can to save up for a retirement of leisure. Very much impressed with wealth and status, Gigans often show a marked preference for expensive clothing and jewelry, cars and watches, as well as any number of high-tech gadgets that display their wealth and prestige within society.

Gigans can also be quite fractious, the Empire at its height was quite large and immigration is not uncommon. Gigas is home to many different cultures, and they all come together, blending and clashing in a wild cacophony. Life in Gigas is many things, but it is never boring.

Gigans to not presently have the ability to become Enlightened, therefore the only choices for them are Far from Ordinary, or gaining abilities through being Enhanced or Homunculi. Moreover, Gigans still tend to use Pokeballs instead of Warp Band Technology, though Warp Bands are becoming more in vogue among the population.


None as of yet.


Former Inhabitants:

Nero Claudius
Elhaym van Houten
Char Aznable


Want to suggest a holiday for Gigas? Fill out the form below!


Have a question about Gigan society? Want to ask about a profession? Feel free to do so below and we will update the page accordingly.

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