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Breeding Center 2

The Breeding Center is a special part of the Pokémon Habitat dedicated to producing more Pokémon eggs. The Breeding Center is focused around bringing diverse Pokémon to the trainers of Union and beyond. Every two weeks, a new batch of eggs will be made available for characters to choose from. Each character may take one egg if they so desire. Eggs take 2 weeks to hatch, begin at level 1 and come with an egg move. These eggs are all drawn from the Starter Pokémon pool. To claim an egg, tag the appropriate week thread with the egg you wish to claim, with the journal of the character claiming it. Mods will not respond to requests to claim an egg, you may simply take it and add it to your roster.

Additionally, Trainers may submit Pokémon to the breeding center to broaden the Starter Pool. To submit a Pokémon, simply tag the appropriate week thread with the Pokémon you are submitting. The Pokémon will be inactive for two weeks when submitted to the Breeding Center, and will not be available for the Trainer to use. A Pokémon is added to the pool when 5 submissions of the same breed have been made.

A link to the old Breeding Center can be found here.

Starter Pool
Deerling x2
Squirtle x3
Cottonee x1
Baltoy x3
Inkay x2
Pancham x1
Riolu x5
Cubone x1
Swablu x2
Bagon x3
Gible x1
Spinarak x3
Bulbasaur x1
Timburr x1

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