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Citadel is a city built into an enormous living tree in the plains to the northeast. With the appearance of a great, fiery beast within their lands, the Valkyries of Citadel were forced to scavenge further south, resulting in a clash with the people of Union. While the great tree does house some permanent inhabitants, it primarily serves as a base of operations for the Valkyrie tribes, a group of nomadic herders notable for their female warrior class. Citadel is used as a meeting place and houses the Matriarch, the leader of the Valkyries. The Matriarch is chosen through a grand tournament every 10 years. The current Matriarch, Frea, has held the position for thirty years.

Citadel is home to the following major landmarks:
  • Air Arena: An open-air arena where Valkyries in Citadel constantly spar test their strength. The battles are exhilarating to witness given their speed and the additional dimension.

  • Air Market: The majority of the branches of the great tree are dedicated to markets selling all kinds of clothing, jewelry, leatherwork, and other goods.

  • Throne Room: Matriarch Frea’s throne room is an enormous hall within the heart of the tree itself. Her throne is shaped from the living tree. The chamber is dark and comfortable, lit by flameless green phosphorus lanterns.


Aside from the primary industries, there are many other businesses and amenities within the city. Players are encouraged to create their own by posting using the form below.

The Valkyrie tribes live by much different values than the people of Union. Wild, untamed and free, they tend to run by directive of the Matriarch, although they have a number of basic "rules" that they follow regarding property and punishment. Citadel itself is smaller than Caldera, but the accumulated tribes are roughly equivalent to Caldera in population. Citadel does, however, boast a significant amount of additional space that can accommodate the entirety of the Valkyrie population when they gather

The tribes are culturally matriarchal, with men typically performing most of the labor and craft duties and women holding the warrior and government positions. Each tribe has its own Elder to represent the tribe's interests. Much like that of the Matriarch, the position is determined via tournament. While ostensibly open to all, the Matriarch position has never been filled by someone who wasn't already an Elder. Each tribe has vastly different laws and regulations, but in general, theft, murder, damage of property, and violation of the code of combat between tribes are all punishable to varying degrees of severity. Exile is used in extreme cases, and the death penalty for the unpardonable.

Citadel’s economy is primarily based on trade and barter, though they do possess a money system, utilizing coins composed of precious metals of varying sizes that affect their value. There are no banks, but the coins, which can be as large around as a human head, are useful for particularly large transactions between two clans. The Valkyries don’t greatly value education, and the common script is a form of pictography, though the more learned, like priests, may use a more complex lettering system.

Religiously, the Valkyries of Citadel worship the tree that they live within above all else, as the tree is said to have appeared in their time of need to shelter them from the fury of the gods. Most legends of the gods are vague at best, and the religion itself is typically more naturist than anything. The priest class resides within the tree proper, keeping records and history, as well as invoking blessings for rituals and festivals.

The Valkyries have Enlightened, whom they refer to as Windblessed. Windblessed are most commonly Flying, Normal and Fighting types, although as in Union, a wide variety of typings can appear. The Valkyries have their own unique Enlightened ability, Child of the Howling Gale, that is available only to them and appears to derive from their affinity with the wind. For Enlightened mechanics, see the Enlightened Abilities page.

Want to suggest a holiday for Citadel? Fill out the form below!


Former Inhabitants: Yosuke Hanamura, Mami Tomoe

Have a question about Citadel society? Want to ask about a profession? Feel free to do so below and we will update the page accordingly.

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